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Trucks And Shovels At Bingham

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(This is a work in progress; research continues -- these timelines focus on the companies and specific models of trucks and shovels used by Kennecott at Bingham.)


Utah Copper was one of the pioneers in using steam shovels to mine low grade copper ore, beginning in 1906. They electrified the shovels in the mine in 1923, and the shovels being used have grown steadily since.

The earliest shovels at Bingham were steam shovels, mounted on railroad wheels. These were replaced in 1923 by similar railroad shovels that had been converted to use electric motors, but using the same digging mechanisms. Within a year the railroad wheels were replaced by four crawler treads. In later years, up to today, those early railroad shovels were replaced by full-rotation electric shovels mounted on two crawler treads. Today these are known as electric cable excavators.

Kennecott Copper was a pioneer in the use of large haulage trucks for mining, when in 1963, trucks arrived at Bingham to reduce the cost of moving waste material, replacing some of the rail operations. In 1983, trucks replaced rail completely for the removal of waste rock, and by 2001, all rail had been removed from the mine.

Trucks at Bingham

Trucks at Bingham -- Narrative history of the use of haulage trucks at Kennecott's Bingham Canyon copper mine.

Equipment Roster Listings -- Number-by-number listings of the trucks at Bingham.

Truck Builders Timelines -- Brief histories of Dart, Haulpak, Lectrahaul, Caterpillar and Euclid trucks.

The Unit Rig Story -- A history of Unit Rig & Equipment Company, by Jerry A. Shelton, Retired Vice President Sales

Shovels at Bingham

Shovels at Bingham -- Narrative history of the use of shovels at Kennecott's Bingham Canyon copper mine.

Equipment Roster Listings -- Number-by-number listings of the shovels at Bingham.

Shovel Builders Timelines -- Brief histories of Bucyrus, Marion, and P&H steam and electric shovels.

Industry Milestones

Milestones in the development of earthmoving equipment that likely affected operations in Bingham Canyon were:

1912 The crawler-mounted power shovel
1934 The modern heavy-duty, off-highway truck (Euclid Road Machinery Company)
1958 LeTourneau-Westinghouse Haulpak off-highway truck with a new mainframe concept, suspension system, and body style
1958 R. G. LeTourneau electric wheel-equipped earthmoving products
1963 Caterpillar 769 truck, oil-disc brakes on earthmoving equipment
1964 Unit Rig M-85 electric-drive off-highway truck
1972 WABCO 3200 off-highway truck of more than 200 tons
1978 Caterpillar D10 track-type tractor with elevated- sprocket, flexible undercarriage
1995 Komatsu 930E off-highway truck of more than 300 tons
  (Source: William Haycraft, Yellow Steel, pages 384-387)


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