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Chicago & North Western Railway

Diesel Locomotives, 1926-1995

This page was last updated on December 5, 2014.

This roster information is based on the original manuscript for the roster used for "Diesels of the Chicago & North Western" by Paul K. Withers, Roster by Don Strack. (ISBN1-881411-07-0)

The 320-page book was published in December 1995, with 479 black & white photographs and 93 color photographs, and includes a two-page introduction by Mike Iden, C&NW's assistant chief mechanical officer-locomotives. Also included is a 26-page narrative of the history of C&NW diesel motive power, along with three appendices. Published by Withers Publishing Co., (717-896-3173), as of November 2014, the book is no longer available. If you can find a copy, the photos alone make this book worth every penny to purchase.


C&NW Diesel Roster — A complete number-by-number roster listing of Chicago & North Western diesel locomotives from 1926 to 1995.

C&NW Roster Updates — Updates and corrections to the C&NW roster.

C&NW Timeline — A chronology timeline of Chicago & North Western diesel locomotive deliveries, rebuilding, and retirement, from 1926 to 1995.

C&NW Model Summary — A summary listing of diesel locomotive models on the Chicago & North Western.

C&NW Roster Notes — A group of notes covering the diesel roster of Chicago & North Western.

C&NW Roster Sources — A listing of some of the sources used to compile this C&NW roster.

C&NW's GP7s and GP9s — An edited version of the original text used for an article published as "Chicago & North Western GP7s and GP9s" in Diesel Era, Volume 7, Number 2, March-April 1996

C&NW to UP Index — An index page to the former Chicago & North Western locomotives that came to UP during the 1995 control of C&NW by UP, including C&NW units both assigned new UP road numbers, and C&NW units that were not assigned new UP road numbers.

Miscellaneous C&NW Information