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Salt Lake Union Stockyards

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There was an item in Deseret News in 1906 about a new packing plant to be built in North Salt Lake adjacent to the existing "Union Stock Yards", which themselves had been organized in 1901. They were first built in 1891 near Beck's Hot Springs (just south of today's Chevron oil refinery), and expanded in 1896 when they were purchased by the Kansas City Stock Yards company. In 1901 the stockyards were moved about 2 miles north, across the Salt Lake-Davis county line to a 300-acre plot that was served by OSL, RGW and Bamberger by way of a joint trackage agreement.

The site was adjacent to a point that OSL and RGW tracks were very close to each other (Center Street in North Salt Lake, if you know the area) and was already served by Bamberger spur because it was the site of the first Salt Lake City dump. Bamberger provided service to the city dump as a shuttle from a wagon dump at 1000 North in Salt Lake City, adjacent to its tracks that also served the city gravel beds.

The Salt Lake Union Stockyards was one of two locations in Utah (Ogden was the other) that originated large-scale livestock movements in Utah.

In 1925, the Salt Lake Union Stockyards held the eighth annual Intermountain Livestock Show. (Iron County Record, April 10, 1925, page 7, "News Notes From All Parts of Utah")

Back in 1989 a co-worker overheard some comments I made about my interest in Utah railroads, and related to me his own experiences. The following is the result. (Information from Glen D. Lowe, July 12, 1989. Glen worked in the stockyards during the summers of 1952 and 1953.):

Glen Lowe's uncle Joe Magelby, with his son "Bud" (real name Gale?) had a contract for cleaning and sanding of stock cars at Salt Lake Union Stockyards until the stockyards were closed in 1976. Then Bud Magelby moved to Las Vegas and took the contract for watering at Dry Lake, Nevada.

UP's movement of hogs is covered in the June 1988 issue of CTC Board magazine, called "All Aboard Hamtrak" by Mark Wayman.

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