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Modeling UP Passenger Trains

This Page was updated on February 10, 2008.

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Jeff Aley wrote to the Union Pacific Modelers discussion group on February 9, 2008:

If you're modeling in HO scale, I'd have a look at the following:

For the sleepers, I'd go with

10-6: Walthers Budd 10-6 (932-6354)

6-6-4: Walthers Pullman-Standard 6-6-4 (932-6731)

10-1-1: Branchline 10-1-1 (5533, 5534, or 5535).

I don't really know about the other cars, but I'm going to guess that they were heavyweights and not streamlined.

For the RPO, use the MDC Harriman RPO. See UP Modeler Vol. 3 on how to detail it.

Or, you could use the SC&F Harriman Postal-Bagge (see www.southerncarandfoundry.com).

For the Baggage-Express cars, I'd use the SC&F 60' baggage. You can use the MDC Harriman baggage instead if you're not up to painting & decaling the SC&F kit (but the SC&F kit is a much more accurate car).

The Storage Mail can be either another 60' baggage, or you could try the SC&F "60' Railway Post Office Car".

For coaches, a Model Power Harriman coach might do, or you could go with a Walthers heavyweight paired-window coach. You could even add a Harriman roof to the Walthers coach for more variety (see Steve Orth's article in RMJ).

I don't know what to recommend for the café-lounge. If you just want a stand-in, perhaps a Walthers heavyweight would do.

If you're in N-scale, I'd check out www.wheelsotime.com for their coaches and "all day lunch" car. I thought they did some head-end cars, but I don't seem them on their website.