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Bingham Canyon

Copper & Nickel Electrics -- An article about the sale of eight of Kennecott Chino's electric locomotives to International Nickel Company in Canada, from Traction & Models magazine, May 1971; includes scale drawings from the March 1976 issue of the same magazine. (PDF; 7 pages, 7.1MB)

Kennecott Copper's Utah Mine -- An article about the last operation of electric locomotives at Kennecott Copper's Bingham Canyon copper mine, from Traction & Models magazine, March 1976. (PDF; 5 pages; 7.4MB)

The Utah Copper Enterprise -- A digital version of a 1919 reprint of several articles in Mining & Scientific Press. (PDF; 94 pages; 70MB)

The Utah Copper Story, 1961 -- A digital version of a pamphlet published by Kennecott in 1961, describing its history and operations. (PDF; 36 pages, some color; 31MB)

Locomotive Information

Diesel Traction in U.S.A. -- A PDF file (8MB) of a 16-page article in the March 1961 issue of the British magazine "Diesel Railway Traction." This was scanned from a chemical photocopy of the article that I've had for many, many years. The photocopy was reversed, with white letters on a black background. (PDF; 17 pages; 8.6MB)

EMD's 567, History and Development -- A 1951 history of the development of EMD's 567 diesel engine, by E. W. Kettering, Chief Engineer at Electro-Motive Division, General Motors Corporation. Presented at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Atlantic City, New Jersey, November 29, 1951. (PDF; 85 pages; 36.1MB)

EMD's HT-C Truck -- A PDF file of the original ASME paper from 1972, presented at the ASME-IEEE Joint Conference in March 1972; describing the development and design of the HT-C truck first used in large numbers on EMD's Dash 2 line in 1972. (PDF; 11 pages; 7.0MB)

The following PDF files have been scanned from specification and drawing sheets that were included with EMD's locomotive specification books, distributed to existing and potential customers.


Brill Magazine, March 1915 -- Includes an article about Ogden, Logan & Idaho's 500-series cars, built by American and equipped with Brill trucks (see page 19/81). Also included are articles about: Indianapolis, Indiana; Springfield, Ohio; Lehigh Valley Transit in Easton, Pennsylvania; Springfield, Massachusetts; and San Diego, California. (PDF; 38 pages; 13.2MB)

Salt Lake City Trackside Guide -- Trackside Guide for Salt Lake City, lifted from Trains magazine, November 2012. (PDF; 1 page; 500KB)

The Magnet, Iron Ore In Iron County -- A digital version of an excellent 75-page history of iron mining in Iron County, Utah; written and self-published in 1991 by Graham D. MacDonald, mining engineer and later General Superintendent of the U. S. Steel iron mining operations. (PDF; 76 pages; 16.3MB)

Thirty Years of Coal Mining -- A digital version of a book about coal mining, published in July 1946 by United States Fuel Company. (PDF; 32 pages; 7.2MB)

Union Pacific

Emil Albrecht's UP Small Steam -- A full PDF version of the book "Emil Albrecht's Union Pacific Small Steam Power", published in 1985 by Motive Power Services. (presented here with the permission of the copyright holder) (PDF; 114 pages; 68MB)

UP's Form 70 Accounting Books -- PDF versions of a series of books issued regularly by UP's accounting department. The books contained listings of agencies, stations, and equipment. There were sections with listings for locomotives and locomotive service facilities, and passenger equipment and freight equipment. The books also included listings of officials, managers, physicians, hospitals and time inspectors.

The Last Car Is Changing -- An article from the February 1979 issue of INFO, Union Pacific's employee magazine. The article talks about UP's new CA-11 bay-window cabooses, and includes data about the costs to operate and maintain its caboose fleet. (PDF; 4 pages; 1.9MB)

Omaha GP20s -- An article published in the November-December 1996 issue of Diesel Era, about Union Pacific's turbocharged GP9s, detailing the program that added Elliott, AiResearch and EMD turbochargers to GP9 cab units and to GP9 cabless booster units. (PDF; 14 pages; 11.6MB)

Specification CS-22 Book -- A reprint of Union Pacific's Common Standard No. 22 Paint Guide, dated 1903-1930. The book was published by the original Union Pacific Railroad Historical Society in June 1981. In addition to the CS-22 book, the reprint included a few photos, and several painting diagrams, as well as an attempted reproduction of the Common Standard Colors. (PDF; 114 pages; 52.2MB)

Train Consists, May 1957 -- A listing of consists of Union Pacific passenger trains passing through Salt Lake City in April and May 1957, including changes in the consists at several terminals. (PDF, 18 pages; 3MB)

Reestablish Trains 107-108 -- A notification about Trains 107-108, The Challenger, being reestablished for the Holiday season, December 12, 1957, to January 15, 1958. (PDF; 2 pages; 900KB)

OSL 1926 Freight Car Diagram Book -- A scanned copy of the Oregon Short Line RR's 1926 freight car diagram book. Includes many Union Pacific cars of the period, including many Common Standard cars. (PDF; 76 pages; 26MB)

UP Mechanical Instructions, 1947-1953 -- A compiled set of mechanical instructions for the inspection and maintenance of Union Pacific's steam locomotives. Sheet L-99 shows the correct cab side stenciling. (Courtesy of Matt Austin) (PDF; 167 pages; 7.1MB)