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...being a technical discussion of how this UtahRails web site works.

This page was last updated on April 19, 2015.

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Here at Utahrails.net, we use Dreamweaver CS3, not for any of the features of the program itself other than the way it makes editing HTML tables a lot easier. I do a lot of hand-coding, mostly because I know how and I understand what is needed. Everything I know about web sites, HTML and CSS is self-taught, from books and from examples and tutorials on other web sites. The past 10 years have been an interesting journey.

UtahRails uses PHP server-side includes for a common page header, menu, and page footer, and we use CSS to control the actual appearance of the web pages.

There are hundreds of locomotive roster pages. They are formatted as standard HTML tables, with CSS to control the actual appearance of the tables.

What is PHP?

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What is CSS?

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What is HTML5?

Dive Into HTML5 -- A good discussion about what HTML5 is.

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