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Union Pacific Diesel Locomotives

This page was last updated on March 7, 2014.

Diesel Locomotive Roster -- An index page for the Union Pacific diesel locomotive roster, with full and complete coverage of the period of 1934 through 2001, including all merger.

Heritage Fleet Diesel Locomotives -- Information about the diesel locomotives UP has kept to honor its heritage, includes information about UP 949, 951, 963B and 6936.

Union Pacific Switchers and Slugs -- Edited versions of the original text used in 1996 for the publication of "Union Pacific Switchers and Slugs", published by Withers Publishing Co. The book has 116 pages; 238 black and white photos; 37 color photos; and full rosters of all of UP's EMD, Alco, Baldwin, and GE switchers, plus its yard slugs and road slugs, and is still available from the publisher.

"Serves All The West" -- A history of Union Pacific dieselization, from 1934 to 1982. An edited and updated version of the text used in Diesels of the Union Pacific, 1934-1982, The Classic Era, Volume 1 (ISBN 1-881411-24-9), and Diesels of the Union Pacific, 1934-1982, The Classic Era, Volume 2 (ISBN 1-881411-29-X), both by Don Strack (Withers Publishing Co., 1999 and 2005)

Union Pacific Diesel Articles -- A listing of 31 separate articles about Union Pacific diesel locomotives.

Union Pacific SD40N Locomotives -- A brief description of the features of UP's on-going SD40-2 Modernization Program, started in 2011.

Union Pacific MP&M Men -- Brief biographical information about the men in UP's Motive Power & Machinery department (under construction).

UP Diesel Locomotive Painting Lettering & Numbering -- An index page to pages about Union Pacific's diesel locomotive painting, lettering and numbering.

UP Diesel Locomotive Features -- Information about internal and external features that have been added to UP locomotives.

UP Diesel Locomotive AFEs -- The text for research notes taken from Union Pacific Authorities For Expenditures, corporate-level funding authority for changes and improvements to Union Pacific's fleet of diesel locomotives in the period 1940 to 1956. This is raw UP locomotive history at its best.

UP E8s and E9s -- Information about UP's fleet of 46 E8 units, and 69 E9 units, including the three units (UP 949, 951, 963B) still in service.

UP F3, F7, F9 Units -- A compiled list of the carbody features of UP's EMD F units.

Bunker 'C' -- A separate page about Union Pacific's use of heavy-grade residual fuel, known as Bunker 'C', in its steam locomotive, Gas Turbines, and turbocharged GP9s.

Fuel Tenders -- A separate page about the tenders used in UP's natural gas program, and the diesel fuel tender program.

Miscellaneous Notes -- Random information concerning Union Pacific's fleet of diesel locomotives.

Union Pacific Locomotive Directories -- A page of information about the UP diesel locomotive roster books.