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Other Companies of Interest Incorporated in Utah

This page was last updated on October 4, 2012

The following non-railroad companies were incorporated as Utah corporations.

(Earlier version done in October 1979; this information compiled on July 18, 1981)

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Armor Car Lines 1910-1974
Geneva Steel Co. 1943-1951 (to United States Steel Corp., 1951)
Knight Investment Co. 1906-(?) (to Atlas Realty & Investment, Inc.)
Lagoon Co. 1941-(?)
Lagoon Amusement Co. 1928-1941
Lagoon Resort Co. 1903-1941
Lake Park Resort Co. 1886-1896 (buildings moved to Lagoon)
Lynndyl Townsite Co. 1910-(?) (ex Millard Townsite Co., from 1909)
Morse Brothers Machine & Supply Co. 1927-1931
Morton Salt Co. 1918-(?)
National Park Transportation & Camping Co. 1917-1922 (to Zion's National Park Co.)
Newhouse Mines & Smelters Co. 1903-(?)
Ogden Electric Co. 1908-1958
Saltair Beach Co. 1891-1941
Simon Bamberger Co. 1903-1941 (to Lagoon Co.)
Utah Construction Co. 1900-1957 (reorganized in Delaware, 1957)
Utah Iron Ore Co. 1923-(?)
Utah Power & Light Co. 1899-1904
(reorganization of Union Light & Power Co., 1899)
(to Utah Light & Railway Co., 1904)