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Salt Lake & Alta Railroad (1913-1917)

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The Salt Lake & Alta also leased Salt Lake & Mercur Shay No. 9, probably in 1913 and until it was sold in March 1914.

Salt Lake & Alta operations ended in September 1917 when D&RG took over the operation of the line between Sandy and Wasatch. (Salt Lake Mining Review, September 15, 1917, page 43; LeMassena, p. 131)

The D&RG Official Roster No. 10, dated April 1, 1916, shows part of the Little Cottonwood Branch from Sandy to Granite Quarry, as "leased to Salt Lake & Alta RR." The D&RG Official Roster No. 11, dated April 1, 1923, does not show the line as being leased.

Description Builder Builder
SL&A 1 42 Ton Two Truck Shay Lima 2715 Nov 1913 1
(SL&M 9) 60 Ton Three Truck Shay Lima 1787 Dec 1906 2

General Notes:

a. Salt Lake & Alta no. 1 had 10x12" cylinders and 29-1/2" wheels, and was shipped from the Lima factory on November 8, 1913.
b. Salt Lake & Alta leased Salt Lake & Mercur no. 9 for an unknown period of time; built as Salt Lake & Mercur Railroad no. 9; leased to Salt Lake & Alta Railroad (both roads were owned by J. G. Jacobs)


1. Salt Lake & Alta no. 1 was sold to Winton Lumber Company, Bovill, Idaho, before February 1920 when it was shown in Lima records as being converted to burn oil; sold in February 1922 to Deer Park Lumber Company, Deer Park, Washington; sold in February 1930 to Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation no. 4, Rock Island, Washington; sold to Washington Electric Company (same location); sold in July 1938 to Star Machinery Company (dealer), Seattle, Washington; sold in April 1939 to Jose Soriano & Company, Manila, Philippines. (source at ShayLocomotives.com)
2. Salt Lake & Mercur no. 9 was leased to Salt Lake & Alta; sold in March 1914 to J. H. Chambers & Son no. 9, Cottage Grove, Oregon; sold to U. S. Logging Company, Cottage Grove, Oregon; sold in September 1919 to Brown Lumber Company, Cottage Grove, Oregon; sold to Western Lumber & Export Company no. 9, Cottage Grove, Oregon by May 1920; sold in September 1924 to Anderson & Middleton Lumber Company no. 9, Cottage Grove, Oregon; sold to Oregon, Pacific & Eastern Railroad no. 9, Cottage Grove, Oregon; sold in 1941 to The Dalles Locomotive & Machine Company (dealer), The Dalles, Oregon. (source at ShayLocomotives.com)

George Pitchard found the following:

Information from the Lima "drawing card index" for construction number 2715:

Locomotive No. 2715 Order No. 557 Plan No. 2066
Built for: J. G. Jacobs, Salt Lake City, Utah
Road No.: 1 Name: Salt Lake and Alta
Shipped to: Midvale, Utah Date shipped: 11/8/13
Gauge of track: 56-1/2"
Style of Locomotive: 42-ton Shay, 2 truck Cylinders: 3 - 10x12"
Wheels, diameter: 29-1/2" Total empty weight: 69,500 lbs.
Working pressure: 180 lbs. Fuel: Coal Tank capacity: 1560 gallons water
Rebuilt to oil-burner: Feb. 1920 (apparently by the Winton outfit in Idaho)