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Salt Lake & Mercur Railroad (1894-1913)

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Date To
Builder Lima
Description Builder
SL&M 1 OLCo 10 12 Oct 1894 Lima A 20-2 Class A, 20 Tons, Two-trucks 295 Jul 1890 1899/1900 1
SL&M 2   18 May 1895 Lima B 28-2 Class B, 28 Tons, Two-trucks 489 May 1895 about 1905 2
SL&M 3     Lima B 28-2 Class B, 28 Tons, Two-trucks 513 Jun 1896 about 1905 3
SL&M 4 (not used)                
SL&M 5   20 Dec 1898 Lima B 50-3 Class B, 50 Tons, Three-trucks 563 Dec 1898 29 Apr 1914 4
SL&M 6 (not used)                
SL&M 7     Lima B 50-3 Class B, 50 Tons, Three-trucks 598 Apr 1900 Dec 1900 5
SL&M 8 (not used)                
SL&M 9     Lima B 60-3 Class B, 60 Tons, Three-trucks 1787 Dec 1906 Mar 1914 6

General Notes:

a All six locomotives were built by Lima Locomotive Works, Lima, Ohio.
b. "Light Weight" given above is the "empty" weight as shown on Lima's "Drawing Card Index" sheets.
c. Individual locomotive specifications:
Trucks Cylinders Drivers Light
  SL&M 1 2 (3) 9x8 inches 26 inches 37,500 pounds
  SL&M 2 2 (3) 10x10 inches 28 inches 54,000 pounds
  SL&M 3 2 (3) 10x10 inches 28 inches 55,100 pounds
  SL&M 4        
  SL&M 5 3 (3) 12x12 inches 32 inches 89, 820 pounds "50-Ton Shay"
  SL&M 6        
  SL&M 7 3 (3) 12-1/2x12 inches 32 inches 90,310 pounds
  SL&M 8        
  SL&M 9 3 (3) 12x12 inches 32 inches 100,900 pounds "60-Ton Shay, 3-Truck"



SL&M number 1 was built as Ogden City Railway 10 in 1890; to D. Eccles & Company for Oregon Lumber Company 10 in January 1891; sold to Salt Lake & Mercur on October 12, 1894 first as SL&M number 10 and then as SL&M number 1; sold in late 1899 or early 1900 to Dabob Bay Logging Company, in Dabob Bay, Washington; then sold in January 1921 to Devitt Lumber Company, Devitt, Oregon; then sold to Bade Lumber Company; then sold to Shanghai Building Company; then sold to Shanghai Lumber Company, all in Devitt, Oregon; last date given being July 1927; after Shanghai Lumber it was sold to Mowry Logging Company in Glenwood, Oregon. (source at ShayLocomotives.com)

The Salt Lake Tribune of October 13, 1894 noted the sale of the Shay to the Salt Lake & Mercur by the Oregon Lumber Company, and that it was run down to Fairfield station, junction of the Union Pacific's old Salt Lake & Western, and the newly completed Salt Lake & Mercur.


SL&M number 2 was built in 1895 for Henry Hoecke, Marshfield, Oregon, not delivered; sold to SL&M, shipped on May 2, 1895, received on May 15, 1895; vacated in about 1905; sold to M. T. O'Connell Lumber Company, Winlock, Washington; then sold to Smith Powers Logging Company number 4, Fowers, Oregon; then sold to Coos Bay Lumber Company number 4, Powers, Oregon in October 1921. (source at ShayLocomotives.com)

The Salt Lake Tribune of May 18, 1895 noted the arrival of Shay number 2.

3. SL&M number 3 was built in 1896 for SL&M, received in July 1896; vacated in about 1905; sold to Gardner Timber and Land Company, Discovery Bay, Washington; then sold to Hofius Steel & Equipment Company, Seattle, Washington, a dealer, in 1921; then sold to E. E. Overton & Company, Allyn, Washington; returned to Hofius, and scrapped in October 1929. (source at ShayLocomotives.com)

SL&M number 5 was built in 1898 for SL&M, received on December 20, 1898 in Salt Lake City; vacated in April 1914; sold to Zimmerman Wells & Brown Company, Portland, Oregon, a dealer, on April 29, 1914; then sold to Eastern Railway & Lumber Company number 5, in Centralia, Washington; then sold to S. A. Agnew Lumber Company number 5, also in Centralia. (source at ShayLocomotives.com)

The Salt Lake Tribune of December 20, 1898 noted the arrival of Shay number 5. This item says the new Shay, number 5, weighs 40 tons, the Shays 2 and 3 weighed 28 tons, and the 'dinkey' (SL&M number 1) a mere 20 tons.


SL&M number 7 was built in April 1900 for SL&M; transferred to the Copper Belt in January 1901, as their number 1; to D&RG number 1 after 1908 consolidation of D&RG and RGW interests; still shown on D&RG roster as of April 1, 1923. (Read more about Copper Belt Railroad)

The Lima "drawing card index" shows that SL&M number 7 received "3 new cylinders, complete" in February 1921. (source at ShayLocomotives.com)

Contrary to information published in Koch's Titan of the Timber, D&RG/D&RGW record of "Locomotives Retired" shows that D&RGW retired Shay number 1 in August 1924, and in September 1924, sold it to Morse Brothers in Denver, Colorado for $816.75; another D&RGW list shows Shay number 1 as being on the list to be scrapped when retired in August 1924. Other than the note in Koch's list, there is no other record of the locomotive ever being actually owned by Utah Construction Company.

6. SL&M number 9 was built in 1906 for SL&M; leased for a time to the Salt Lake & Alta, likely in 1913 and in 1914 up to the time it was sold in March of 1914 to J. H. Chambers, in Cottage Grove, Oregon; later sold to Western Lumber & Export Company number 9, then sold to Anderson. & Middleton Lumber Company number 9, and then sold to Oregon, Pacific & Eastern RR number 9, all the foregoing being in Cottage Grove, Oregon; then sold to Dallas Machine & Locomotive Company, a dealer, in Dallas, Oregon in 1941. (source at ShayLocomotives.com)