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San Pete Valley Railway (1874-1908)

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The San Pete Valley Railway Company was incorporated June 29, 1874, somewhat before the standard-gauge Utah Southern Railroad, which was to be the S.P.V.'s connection to the outside world, arrived at Nephi, the S.P.V. 's intended western terminus and connection with the Utah Southern. Grading appears to have been undertaken in early February 1875 (Salt Lake Herald, February 7 and 14, 1875), but evidently this work ended until late 1879 (Salt Lake Herald, November 4, 1879), and was completed from Nephi to Wales (and its coal mines) by mid-1880 (Salt Lake Herald, July 2, 1880).

Although ties were apparently set on some of this 30-odd miles of grade, no rail was immediately laid; indeed, it seems that rail was not acquired in any quantity until mid-1881. Tracklaying finally began in September of 1881 (Salt Lake Tribune, September 21 and 25, 1881), and seems to have proceeded rather slowly, there being no motive power yet on hand, and probably not yet any cars, either, until the S.P.V. acquired nine flat cars and one box car ($2,500 the lot) from the Utah & Northern in October of 1881, with the rolling stock apparently being delivered in late November 1881 (Salt Lake Tribune, November 2, 1881).


June 29, 1874
San Pete Valley Railway was organized. (Reeder, page 418)

February 7, 1875
"Railroad into San Pete", having slight reference to the San Pete Valley, to be built soon. (Salt Lake Herald, February 7, 1875)

February 14, 1875
Grading is in progress on the San Pete Valley Railroad. (Salt Lake Herald, February 14, 1875)

September 17, 1878
"The Provo and San Pete railroad has one and a half miles of track laid, and the first engine was put on yesterday." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, September 17, 1878)

November 4, 1879
"Work on the narrow gauge road up Salt Creek Canyon was commenced on Thursday last. The company intends pushing it right along." (Salt Lake Herald, November 4, 1879)

March 18, 1880
"The Wales and Nephi railroad is graded four miles beyond Wales." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, March 18, 1880)

June 15, 1880
An article by C. R. Savage in regard to San Pete Valley, and the new railroad. He was down that way recently, and reports that 500 tons of 40-lb. rail is on the way, engines and cars are ordered, and the grade to Wales (from Nephi), some 30 miles, is to be completed by the 4th of July. Ties are now arriving along the route of the railroad. (Salt Lake Herald, June 15, 1880)

June 23, 1880
"San Pete Valley Railroad" item, says grade between Nephi and Wales will be done next month; also, that the rails have been ordered. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, June 23, 1880)

July 2, 1880
The grade of the San Pete Valley railroad has been completed from Nephi to Wales. (Salt Lake Herald, July 2, 1880)

September 15, 1880
Seven cars of rails passed over the Utah Southern on Monday, for the San Pete Valley at Nephi. (The Territorial Enquirer, Provo, September 15, 1880)

July 9, 1881
Item from Provo Enquirer, regarding the San Pete Valley indicates that two engines and some cars 'are said to be on the way'. (Ogden Herald, July 9, 1881)

September 6, 1881
Iron is arriving daily for the San Pete Valley Railroad. (Ogden Herald, September 6, 1881)

September 21, 1881
Two engines and a number of flats expected to arrive this week for San Pete Valley; the track now being laid. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, September 21, 1881)

September 25, 1881
"San Pete Railroad"; an interview with Bamberger yesterday; rail is 40-pound; yard at Nephi is laid, and track easterly is started; "A locomotive is expected next week..." and "Another locomotive is expected in a month..." 30 coal and a number of flat and other cars also supposedly on the way. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, September 25, 1881)

October 16, 1881
"Mr. S. Bamberger ... reports the work of imbedding the ties on the San Pete Railroad is progressing well, and thinks they will be all laid before the frost can interfere with the work. When they are down, the iron can be laid at any time. The managers are impatiently waiting the arrival of their iron and rolling stock, which have been on the road for an unreasonable length of time." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, October 16, 1881)

October 16, 1881
San Pete Valley equipment has not yet arrived. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, October 16, 1881)

October 22, 1881
San Pete Valley iron has arrived, and three miles laid, and Simon Bamberger has gone East to find the equipment. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, October 22, 1881)

November 5, 1881
"Track has been laid on the San Pete Valley Railroad for a distance of six miles. The engines and cars ordered in the East some time ago have not arrived." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, November 5, 1881)

November 9, 1881
Simon Bamberger getting married, in Cincinnati, Ohio! (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, November 9, 1881)

January 1, 1882
"Big Coal Enterprise" "The Progress of the San Pete Valley Railway" Item discusses at some length the operations of the Central Pacific Coal & Coke Company, the mines of which are located in Big Canyon, near Wales; the railroad is owned by the coal company. "Much delay has been experienced during the past three months, through the impossibility of procuring the necessary cars and locomotives -- a significant comment, by the way, on the activity of the country. At length, last month, a sufficient supply of flat and box cars for construction, about thirty coal cars and a new Baldwin locomotive of the Mogul pattern, weighing 48,000 pounds, were procured -and delivered; and another locomotive, together with a full supply of passenger and mail coaches, as well as additional box and flat cars, is expected daily." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, January 1, 1882)

May 26, 1882
"Central Pacific Coal and Coke Company Railroad." "The Sanpete Valley narrow-gauge railway has passed into the hands of the above new company, and is being successfully managed. This little road runs from Nephi to the coal fields near to the settlement of Wales, in Sanpete Valley, a distance of some twenty-eight miles,..." (Salt Lake Daily Herald, May 26, 1882)

May 30, 1882
"SANPETE VALLEY R. R." timetable, as of 1 June 1882: lv. Wales at 9:05 a.m., arr. Nephi at 11:20 a.m. Iv. Nephi at 2:05 p.m., arr. Wales at 4:20 p.m. dated 28 May 1882, over the signature of F. S. Cahill, Sup't. This ad was published daily for some weeks. (Salt Lake Daily Herald, May 30, 1882)

June 13, 1882
"Another Railroad" filed its articles of Incorporation on the 12th, this being the "California Short Line Railway Company," some of whose incorporators were the Bambergers, J. E. and Simon, and Geo. A. Lowe. (Salt Lake Daily Herald, June 13, 1882)

January 1, 1883
The Central Pacific Coal and Coke Company is the name of the English organization that owns the San Pete Valley Railway, which in 1882 built some 20 miles of track, and "A new passenger coach has lately been added." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, January 1, 1883)

July 17, 1883
"Superintendency Abolished." "Office of the Sanpete Valley Railway. "F. C. Hand having resigned as Superintendent, the office of Superintendent at Wales is abolished, and all business hereafter will be transacted by the undersigned at the general office in Salt Lake City." "S. Bamberger, Manager "F. R. Morris, Secretary "Salt Lake City, July 16th, 1883." (Salt Lake Daily Herald, July 17, 1883)

August 21, 1883
"Accident on the Sanpete Valley R. R." "An accident on the Sanpete Valley railroad occurred on Friday, fortunately not doing any fatal harm. The mixed train was coming north, and at the summit between Fountain Green and Nephi, the conductor had orders to leave freight cars. The cars were switched off as per orders, and a man instructed to drop one at a point a short distance below the summit. The man got on the car and started down grade, but discovering that the brake was faulty and that he could not manage the car, he jumped off and let the car go. The mixed train had gone on at a lively rate with the passenger car in the rear. The conductor had noticed the car and feared it might get away from the man, but was forced to let it go. However, he kept a close watch. At the mouth of Salt Creek canyon, the runaway car overtook the passenger, just as it was rounding a curve, and crashed into it. The passenger coach was broken and several cars were damaged. There were four passengers in the coach, one a lady, and all were somewhat bruised, the lady being injured most, but not seriously. Had it not been for the apprehension and care of the conductor in sending his train forward at a lively rate, thus materially weakening the force of the concussion, the whole train would have been wrecked and the passengers and crew probably killed." (Salt Lake Daily Herald, August 21, 1883)

April 27, 1884
"Railroad Racket" "Superintendent Bamberger, of the San Pete Valley road, informs us that it is the intention to extend this road from Wales to Manti, a distance of twenty miles, this season, and that it is probable other extensions to the road may be made before winter, but in which direction Mr. Bamberger does not state." (Salt Lake Daily Herald, April 27, 1884)

May 11, 1884
The San Pete Valley is quite seriously washed out, some several thousand dollars worth of grade and bridges gone. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, May 11, 1884)

May 8, 1885
Mr. Kerr says there is enough rail at Moroni for four or five miles of San Pete Valley track -- to build towards Ephraim. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, May 8, 1885)

May 15, 1885
San Pete Valley Timetable of 8 December 1884, shows service from Nephi to Moroni, leaves Moroni at 9:00am, arrives at Nephi 11:00am, leaves there at 12:09pm and arrives back at Moroni at 2:00pm; no Sunday service; S. Bamberger, mgr., and H. S. Kerr, agent. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, May 15, 1885)

May 29, 1885
"News from Moroni" "The S. P. V. Railroad employees are putting in a 'Y', or main, and they promise ere July smiles her heated smile that Chester, her future coal yard., shall greet her engine No 2." (The Home Sentinel, Manti, May 29, 1885)

June 15, 1885
Track is about one mile south, beyond Moroni; the old track to Wales mines is being taken up and relaid on the extension beyond Moroni; H. S. Kerr is the agent of San Pete Valley as well as Construction Engineer. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, June 15, 1885)

August 21, 1885
New Timetable on the S. P. V. as of August 17, 1885:

lv. 8:25am Chester 2:00pm arr.
arr 8:40 Moroni 1:50 lv.
lv. 9:00 Moroni 1:30 arr.
  9:15 Draper 1:20  
  9:40 Fountain Green 1:00  
  9:50 Pleasant Hill 12:45  
  10:13 Hollaway 12:25pm  
arr 10:40am Nephi 11:55am lv.

Note: "nothing but car load lots will be received at Chester until completion of Station House." S. Bamberger, Manager

September 18, 1885
More than a column, largely editorial, based upon a few remarks by Bamberger -- the road is "scarcely paying expenses"; the road will extend to Manti, if the people in the county will grade the route. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, September 18, 1885)

November 13, 1885
Reference made to an accident on the San Pete Valley, by way of a wheel, 'under the passenger coach' breaking, near Divide on the down run. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, November 13, 1885)

February 5, 1886
San Pete Valley taxes for 1885 in county were $227.50. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, February 5, 1886)

April 30, 1886
Flatcars being fitted out as excursion cars for May Day trip. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, April 30, 1886)

December 16, 1887
Another interview with Bamberger; only item of note is that most San Pete Valley shop work and the like is now being done in Salt Lake City. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, December 16, 1887)

December 16, 1887
San Pete Valley timetable of August 17, 1887 is finally printed in paper -- one train a day from Nephi to Chester. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, December 16, 1887)

January 13, 1888
"The people of this vicinity will be glad when friend Bamberger gets a new engine on the road..." in reference to the numerous delays.

"Moroni Items" "The S.P.V.Ry. failed to make mail connections at Moroni yesterday; cause: an unusual deposit of snow on the Divide. An engine as helper had to be sent. This morning the train consisted of two engines and one coach." (The Home Sentinel, Manti, January 13, 1888)

January 20, 1888
San Pete Valley 'completely snowed up' the past week -- no trains, and had to use teams to pull cars and an engine back to Moroni. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, January 20, 1888)

February 1, 1888
San Pete Valley is running 'on time' again; and "Mr. Walter Stringham, of the Temple Bazaar...", Manti, is out taking pictures once again. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, February 1, 1888)

March 21, 1888
$285 raised yesterday towards purchase of depot grounds in Manti. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, March 21, 1888)

April 4, 1888
On the San Pete Valley, Simon Bamberger has been replaced as the general manager by Theodore Bruback, by order of the English owners, done at a meeting held over in England on the 25th of February. To that point, Bruback had been secretary of the company. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, April 4, 1888)

April 4, 1888
Iron is piling up at Junction [Nephi] for the extension to Manti; Bamberger replaced as manager and Superintendent; all passes issued to date are recalled; Theodore Bruback is new manager, and Kerr is superintendent, by order of the English owners. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, April 4, 1888)

August 31, 1888
"The S.P.V.Ry. received a first-class engine yesterday from the Utah & Northern Ry. Company. It made its pioneer trip into San Pete last evening." (Ensign, Nephi, August 31, 1888)

September 12, 1888
Bamberger and Morris are suing the San Pete Valley for $70,000.00. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, September 12, 1888)

November 16, 1888
San Pete Valley timetable No. 3, in effect Monday 22 October 1888, is printed in the paper, replacing one effective 17 August 1887 that had appeared up through 9 November 1888. (Ensign, Nephi, November 16, 1888)

April 18, 1890
"S.P.V.R.R. SOLD -- The Union Pacific Co. being the Purchasers -- It will be Extended" "...the bargain was completed last week, when the first installment was paid over,..." "The price is stated to be $120,000.00." (The Home Sentinel, Manti, April 18, 1890)

May 30, 1890
H. S. Kerr tells paper that the Union Pacific will take possession of San Pete Valley on June 1, 1890. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, May 30, 1890)

June 20, 1890
The San Pete Valley to go into UP hands. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, June 20, 1890)

July 11, 1890
"The transfer of the S P V Railway was made last Tuesday. We may now expect to hear of the extension of the road at some time in the near future." (The Home Sentinel, Manti, July 11, 1890)

July 15, 1890
Ownership of the San Pete Valley transferred to the Union Pacific yesterday (Salt Lake Evening Times, July 15, 1890; Salt Lake Journal of Commerce, Volume 4, Number 1, July 15, 1890)

January 1, 1891
In April of 1890 the U.P. took over the San Pete Valley Railroad. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, January 1, 1891)

December 24, 1891
It is reported that the San Pete Valley Railway will cease operations on and after January 1, 1892. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, December 24, 1891)

January 11, 1893
"A San Pete Raise." "Since the San Pete railroad went into winter quarters, ... the Rio Grande Western has taken advantage of the situation and slapped-up rates several notches. ...President Bruback ... is now in London trying to negotiate for money to operate and extend the line,..." (Salt Lake Daily Herald, January 11, 1893)

March 26, 1893
"Rumbles of the Railroads." "Temporary operations on the San Pete Valley Railroad will be resumed April 1st,... The rolling stock of the road has been lying idle in the shops at Moroni since the first of the year. ...Parry, Watson and several other old employees ... will operate the trains." (ed. note: At the time, the San Pete Valley road shut down every year from December to April.) (Pitchard, Salt Lake Daily Tribune, March 26, 1893)

April 12, 1893
The San Pete Valley railway, closed down in December of 1892, reopened about April 1st, primarily for conference traffic, and will continue running for the foreseeable future. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, April 12, 1893)

June 3, 1893
Bruback says he has paid off every dollar of the San Pete Valley's debts since his return from London. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, June 3, 1893)

June 23, 1893
"The Union Pacific sent down a narrow gauge engine to Nephi yesterday for use on the San Pete Valley branch." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, June 23, 1893)

August 14, 1893
"One of the San Pete Valley engines was turned out of the Union Pacific shops yesterday, having been entirely overhauled and repaired. It was tried on the Garfield run and proved satisfactory to Master Mechanic Patterson." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, August 14, 1893)

September 6, 1893
Big celebration in Ephraim on the 5th to welcome the San Pete Valley to town. Theodore Bruback is the president and General manager. Regular trains are now running and expect to be in Manti in two weeks. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, September 6, 1893)

September 9, 1893
UP and San Pete Valley versus the RGW in Ephraim, regarding the San Pete Valley crossing the Rio Grande Western. The UP is still 'interested' in the San Pete Valley, as Clinton & Kerr of San Pete Valley are huddled with Eccles of UP in Manti. (The Home Sentinel, Manti, September 9, 1893)

September 13, 1893
San Pete Valley Timetable No. 11 effective Monday 11 September 1893. Two daily trains, one freight (in am) and one passenger (in pm), with timing so arranged that one engine could do it all. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, September 13, 1893)

September 13, 1893
The RGW does not want the San Pete Valley to get to Manti. San Pete Valley right-of-way is to the west of RGW all the way to Manti, so the RGW built a spur at Ephraim across the San Pete Valley route, and parked several empty boxcars thereupon, with a loco standing by. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, September 13, 1893)

November 2, 1893
The San Pete Valley is negotiating for more cars and locomotives. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, November 2, 1893)

November 3, 1893
Dallas & Hedges, architects, have drawn up plans for the new San Pete Valley depots at Ephraim and Manti, which are about to be built. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, November 3, 1893)

November 3, 1893
Rails for 10 miles of track are en route, and "Some new locomotives and passenger coaches are being purchased..." (Manti Messenger, November 3, 1893)

November 11, 1893
Eighteen cars of rails for the San Pete Valley have arrived from the Carnegie works, Pittsburgh, and were sent on to Ephraim yesterday. The grade to Manti completed, and ties nearly all laid. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, November 11, 1893)

November 17, 1893
H. S. Kerr, of S.P.V., is in Manti arranging for depot grounds, and so forth; rail has arrived at Ephraim, and will likely have track into Manti by December 1st. The rail came by way of Nephi, about 20 cars in all. (Manti Messenger, November 17, 1893)

November 22, 1893
No. 1 runs Nephi to Ephraim; No. 2 runs the other way, naturally enough. (Ephraim Enterprise, November 22, 1893)

November 22, 1893
New depot at Ephraim, San Pete Valley, is nearly done, and then the crews will go to Manti and build the one there. (Ephraim Enterprise, November 22, 1893)

November 24, 1893
Plans for the depot at Manti are done, and the building will start soon; there are about 80 men at work on the extension to Manti. (Manti Messenger, November 24, 1893)

November 28, 1893
San Pete Valley to be completed to Manti today. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, November 28, 1893)

December 1, 1893
The San Pete Valley Railroad arrived in Manti on Wednesday the 29th of November 1893;at 4:00pm the first passenger train arrived, with conductor Charles Abbott in charge; San Pete Valley president Theo Bruback, V.P. James Clinton, secretary R. L. Scannell, director George Cullins and many others on board. The depot will be completed in a few days, and the water tank, sidings, and such, are being built now. (Manti Messenger, December 1, 1893)

December 2, 1893
Item on celebration at Manti, on 29 November, when last spike was driven on the San Pete Valley. Item indicates that depot was already finished. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, December 2, 1893)

December 15, 1893
Pacific Express opened an office in Manti. (Manti Messenger, December 15, 1893)

December 15, 1893
Dr. E. T. Hosford is appointed surgeon for the S. P. V. RR. (Manti Messenger, December 15, 1893)

January 1, 1894
The San Pete Valley added 17 miles in 1893, Chester to Manti. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, January 1, 1894)

January 9, 1894
The San Pete Valley has issued $75,000 in $1,000 bonds. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, January 9, 1894)

January 10, 1894
There was a meeting at Manti on the evening of the 9th, at which Bruback spoke, and this is where he says what equipment he has recently purchased: a locomotive, a passenger coach, ten box cars, six stock cars and four flat cars. (Ephraim Enterprise, January 10, 1894)

January 11, 1894
Bruback said yesterday that he has bought one locomotive, one passenger car and 10 box cars. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, January 11, 1894)

January 12, 1894
The San Pete Valley has purchased, according to Pres. Bruback: one new locomotive, one new coach car, 10 new box cars, and 'some' stock and flat cars. (Manti Messenger, January 12, 1894)

January 16, 1894
Secretary of San Pete Valley, Scannell, interviewed in SLC yesterday, 15th, said the narrow gauge engine was purchased for cash. It was tested in SLC on the 15th, and was to go down to Nephi this day via the Union Pacific. Also purchased a combination coach and 10 boxcars, which have all been paid for. At present, U. P. and RGW are in league with each other in trying to freeze out the San Pete Valley, so all freight and passengers on the San Pete Valley, going between Manti, Ephraim and Nephi, are carried free. Local rates remain. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, January 16, 1894)

January 19, 1894
The new San Pete Valley engine went down yesterday - will be used at once. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, January 19, 1894)

January 26, 1894
Letter from Manti, dated 25th, notes in passing that the new equipment is being painted and lettered. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, January 26, 1894)

January 26, 1894
"The San Pete Valley railway is now fitted up with new and complete rolling stock. The new engine and combination coach make a fine appearance as they glide over the little road with their loads of passengers." (Manti Messenger, January 26, 1894)

January 26, 1894
Timetable No. 12, effective 14 December 1893, shows service to Manti. (Manti Messenger, January 26, 1894)

January 28, 1894
"Railway Notes." "The Sanpete Valley Railway company have lately received a new engine, a new passenger coach, ten new freight cars and a number of cattle cars.-Ephraim Enterprise." (Salt Lake Daily Herald, January 28, 1894)

April 20, 1894
C. V. Clinton resigns as agent of San Pete Valley at Manti and goes to U.P. at Juab; Owen Taylor takes the Manti job. (Manti Messenger, April 20, 1894)

July 29, 1894
San Pete Valley -- contracts let for extension to Morrison -- Henry Beal of Ephraim to do grading, and ties for the eight mile line, 25,000 of them, are contracted for. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, July 29, 1894)

August 31, 1894
Grading on the S.P.V. -- contract to expire on Sept 15th. Tracklaying to begin soon on line to Morrison; complete by 1 October 94. (Manti Messenger, August 31, 1894)

September 7, 1894
From Timetable No. 13, effective February 18, 1894. (Manti Messenger, September 7, 1894):

South Stations North
11:25am Nephi 10:40am
11:30 Gypsum 10:35
12:10pm Holloway 10:00
12:25 Phoenix 9:53
12:27 Fntn Grn 9:48
12:40 Draper 9:30
12:55 Moroni 9:15
1:06 Chester 9:00
1:23 Sand Ridge 8:45
1:40 Ephraim 8:35
  RGW crossing  
2:05pm Manti 8:00am

Train runs daily.

H. S. Kerr, Gen. Supt.

Theodore Bruback, President.

September 21, 1894
Grading on line to Morrison about done, and tracklaying about to begin. Every third tie is supposed to be a standard gauge one. (Manti Messenger, September 21, 1894)

October 19, 1894
Robert L. Scannell, secretary of the San Pete Valley, while on a business trip to London with Bruback on railroad matters, died in London on the 6th of October, and was buried there. (Manti Messenger, October 19, 1894)

November 2, 1894
Five miles of the track to Morrison is laid, and now awaiting more rail. (Manti Messenger, November 2, 1894)

November 3, 1894
The last rail on the San Pete Valley road's extension to Morrison was laid yesterday. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, November 3, 1894)

November 8, 1894
First passenger train over new line to Morrison was yesterday. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, November 8, 1894)

November 9, 1894
Line to Morrison is completed; the first train was on the 7th; there are at least two locomotives in operation at this time. Walter Stringham took photos of "The first train over the San Pete Valley to Morrison", one on bridge over Six Mile Creek, another in the canyon, and others. (Manti Messenger, November 9, 1894)

Timetable No. 15 in effect 11 August 1895.

Timetable No. 16 in effect 17 November 1895.

January 1, 1895
San Pete Valley -- 25 miles of track laid in 1893 and 1894, most of it, according to the paper, on standard gauge ties; S. T. Pearson is now the secretary, etc., to replace R. L. Scannell, who died in London in October 1894. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, January 1, 1895)

February 5, 1895
Stringham & Stringham, Manti photographers, have put out an 1895 calendar, illustrated with 'numerous' views of the San Pete Valley railroad, and some of the Sterling coal mine operation (which, as I recall, the San Pete Valley operated themselves.) (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, February 5, 1895)

October 1, 1895
"The Union Pacific sends down another narrow gauge passenger coach on No. 1 this morning for use on the conference specials an the San Pete Valley, which start today." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, October 1, 1895)

Converted To Standard Gauge

July 2, 1896
"Sanpete Engines Arrive" "Nephi, Utah, July 1.-- This afternoon's freight brought in two new engines for the Sanpete Valley road from the Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia. They are eight- wheelers, monsters, and will do the work. A machinist from the Baldwin shops came through with them, and will remain here to set the engines up. A big crowd came down to see their arrival." The locomotives were standard gauge. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, July 2, 1896)

July 3, 1896
The two new standard gauge engines were shipped from Baldwin on 18 June 1896; and this paper says that they arrived in Nephi yesterday. (Manti Messenger, July 3, 1896)

July 7, 1896
Widening of the San Pete Valley to begin today and be done by Thursday night, the 9th. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, July 7, 1896)

July 10, 1896
"Now a Broad-Gauge" is the San Pete Valley, the widening between Nephi and Manti being completed yesterday. Crews are now at work lining and straightening that section, reballasting, etc., and then will widen that part of the road from Manti to Morrison, which remains narrow gauge at the moment. The two new engines, consolidations, work quite well and are 'highly satisfactory.' (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, July 10, 1896)

July 22, 1896
The San Pete Valley is aligning and ballasting its new standard gauge track, and they have just received a bunch of new standard gauge boxcars. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, July 22, 1896)

August 1, 1896
The San Pete Valley depot at Manti broken into and robbed of $125.00 sometime on the night of July 30th or morning of 31st. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, August 1, 1896)

January 1, 1897
San Pete Valley widened itself, and got new equipment, leaving two narrow gauge roads in Utah, the Utah Central and the Utah & Nevada line of the OSL&UN. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, January 1, 1897)

March 28, 1897
San Pete Valley's H. S. Kerr's first name is Halbert. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, March 28, 1897)

January 22, 1898
The S.P.V. has its old narrow gauge equipment stored at Manti; the paper thinks that both the Utah Central and the Garfield line will be widened this year, so "Narrow gauge equipment will soon be cheap in Utah." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, January 22, 1898)

October 19, 1898
"The Sanpete Valley is overhauling and refitting a passenger coach at its Nephi shops. The old passenger schedule is to be resumed, and the new coach will be placed in service." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, October 19, 1898)

April 14, 1899
The San Pete Valley is to build a six-mile branch up Andrews canyon to stone quarries. David Eccles (Oregon Lumber Co.) is to supply the ties and other timber, and rail is to acme from the OSL. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, April 14, 1899)

April 15, 1899
"San Pete Engines Sold" "The San Pete Valley railway yesterday sold to the Sumpter Valley railway two narrow-gauge locomotives. They will be shipped to Baker City early next week. These two engines are the 106 and 107, and were in service on the road up to the time it was broad-gauged, since then being in the sheds at Manti. Both are in good condition and are well adapted to mountain work. They will be put in service at once on the Sumpter Valley line. It will break the hearts of Billy Watson and Sam Parry to see old 107 go to Oregon, for they declare her to be the best narrow-gauge that ever climbed a mountain." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, April 15, 1899)

April 22, 1899
"The S.P.V.Ry. have sold two of their narrow gauge locomotives. They will be shipped to Oregon before long." (Manti Messenger, April 22, 1899)

April 24, 1899
"The two San Pete Valley engines sold to the Sumpter Valley road will go north in a day or two." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, April 24, 1899)

May 9, 1899
"Ties & rails are being delivered to the Sanpete Valley at Nephi."(Salt Lake Daily Tribune, May 9, 1899)

May 20, 1899
Tracklaying on the San Pete Valley's Mt. Nebo Branch, up Andrews Canyon, began yesterday. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, May 20, 1899)

May 25, 1899
A mile of track has been laid on the SPV's new branch up Andrews Canyon. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, May 25, 1899)

June 26, 1899
The San Pete Valley's Mt. Nebo branch, up Andrews canyon, is nearing completion. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, June 26, 1899)

September 18, 1899
The San Pete Valley is doing a good business on its new Mt. Nebo branch to the quarries in Andrews canyon. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, September 18, 1899)

December 31, 1899
S.P.V. have two engines and 26 cars. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, December 31, 1899)

February 21, 1900
The San Pete Valley road operates its own telegraph lines. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, February 21, 1900)

March 20, 1900
It is said that the San Pete Valley will build an 18-mile extension. (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, March 20, 1900)

April 4, 1900
"New Stone Industry." "San Pete Valley Railway Creating Heavy Traffic." "The San Pete Valley railway has been developing a good traffic in building stone. Ever since constructing the Mount Nebo quarry spur last year,... Its latest contract is for transporting the 1,200 tons of white oolite stone to be used in the erection of Thomas Kearns' palatial residence. This stone will be quarried by E. L. Parry & Sons, of Ephraim."(Salt Lake Daily Tribune, April 4, 1900)

January 10, 1901
In an item commenting upon the extension of the Sumpter Valley line: "The Sumpter line is owned by David Eccles, C. W. Nibley and others of Utah, and they have had the foresight to greatly add to their equipment by purchasing at a reasonable figure all the rolling stock of the Sanpete Valley and Utah Central roads as soon as they were broad gauged." (Salt Lake Daily Tribune, January 10, 1901)

D&RGW San Pete Valley Branch

After the San Pete Valley Railway, Nephi to Ephraim, became part of Denver & Rio Grande Railroad in July 1908, the former San Pete Velley Railway became D&RG's San Pete Valley Branch, which D&RGW abandoned in December 1947.

The western portion, 1.9 miles in length, between the UP connection at Nephi and the plaster mill of U. S. Gypsum Company at the mouth of Salt Creek Canyon, was sold to Union Pacific. UP continued to serve the plaster mill until October 1953, when they abandoned the spur, which ran down the middle of Nephi's main east-west thoroughfare, First North Street, which was also desigated as Utah Highway 132.


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