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UtahRails Locomotive Rosters

This page was last updated on June 30, 2013.

(Companies are listed alphabetically.)

Bamberger Railroad(1952-1959) (steam, electric and diesel)

Bingham & Garfield Railway (steam only)

Carbon County Railway (1923-1982)

Castle Valley Railroad (1910-1917)

Ogden & Northwestern Railroad (1904-1911)

Salt Lake & Utah (electric only)

Salt Lake, Garfield & Western Railway (1917-present) (steam, electric and diesel)

Savage Bingham & Garfield (2007)

Southern Utah Railroad (1910-1917)

Tintic Southern Railroad (2009-2015)

Utah Central Railway (1992, sold to Patriot Rail in 2008)

Utah Idaho Central (electric only)

Utah Southern Railroad (2006, to CML Railroad in 2011)

CML Railroad (2011)