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(The UtahRails YouTube channel was discontinued in February 2014, after the content was removed in October 2013 at the request of Union Pacific Railroad.)

The UtahRails YouTube channel was started in August 2012 to share and to preserve a group of 45 Union Pacific television commercials which had been released more than 20 years ago by the Union Pacific museum on a laser disk.

In October 2013, I added a series of digital videos converted from more than 50 VHS tapes produced by Union Pacific for employee training and orientation, including 45 of the 57 Rail Views programs produced by Union Pacific in the 1993 to 1996 time period. Three days later, a request was received from Union Pacific Railroad to remove the videos.

(Read about Union Pacific's Rail Views videos)

Union Pacific

Lifeline To The Country -- UP's music video from 1990, about two brothers who dreamed of working for Union Pacific. (MP4; 10:07 minutes; 67.2MB)

Lifeline To The Country -- The music portion of the above video. (MP3; 6:18 minutes; 5.9MB)

Lifeline To The Country -- Background information about UP's music video from 1990, about two brothers who dreamed of working for Union Pacific.

Kennecott - Bingham Canyon

CAUTION. Some of these are very large files and will need a long time to download, or view.

These videos use the AVI format/container and can be viewed using Windows Media Player. For a player with more features, try the free VideoLan (VLC) Player, which works on Windows and Mac.

Utah Copper Railroads -- A video produced by Rio Tinto to commemorate the last ore train from the Bingham Canyon mine in 2000. (AVI - 640x480 Standard Definition; 11 minutes, 42 seconds; 171MB)

1988 Cab Ride -- A video produced by an employee who took his video camera to work in 1988. The video shows switching around Magna and the smelter, along with a trip from Magna to Copperton, and up Bingham Canyon to Central Yard to leave a few empty ore cars. (AVI - 640x480 Standard Definition; 1 hour, 49 minutes; 1.7GB)

More Information

Tech Talk - Video -- Information about how I capture and convert video.