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This page was last updated on October 29, 2019.

Here at UtahRails.net, the puposeis to provide in-depth historical information about railroading in Utah.

Any story about Utah's railroads must also include background information about the industries the railroads serve, so you will also find information about mining companies, canning companies, and grain and flour mills and elevators, and eventually, any company that shipped anything in a railroad car.

You will also find extensive research and information about the various mining districts in Utah, and the railroads that served them directly.

Along with Utah's fascinating railroad history, we also have available lots of history of the equipment of Utah's railroads, such as locomotives, cabooses, passenger cars, and freight cars, for railroads that operated in Utah, including Union Pacific, D&RGW, Utah Railway, and Kennecott Copper.

At times it seems we've only scratched the surface, but progress is being made. This is truly a work in progress, so please come back often.

UtahRails.net is a private, non-commercial web site owned and maintained by Don Strack. It is a one-man-show.

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Why UtahRails.net?

During the last half of the year 2000, I became a bit disillusioned with publishing in printed books and magazine articles, realizing that it was not as satisfying as I had first imagined it could be. I wanted to share my research at a much quicker pace than the realities of printing to paper would allow. Financial compensation is not really an issue, since I have come to realize that my particular fields of interest have such a small potential market.

I have always been interested in railroad history (especially Utah railroads), railroad locomotives (especially UP and D&RGW locomotives), and business and industrial history (especially as they apply to railroads in Utah). With many file boxes and three-ring binders full of research, and a seemingly endless number of potential publications to get out, publishing to the internet soon became very attractive.

In early 2002, an opportunity came for a dedicated domain name (UtahRails.net), and on May 12, 2002, the new UtahRails.net web site became available for anyone in the world with a computer and an internet connection.

In the years since UtahRails.net was first made available, the journey along the road of ever-changing web technology has been bumpy at times, and the learning curves almost too steep.

(Read about the bumps and the steep curves at Tech Talk)

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