John W. Young’s Utah Railroads, Index


Marlowe C. Adkins, Jr. 

Scanned and reformatted for electronic publication by Don Strack, November 2003

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I. Background: Railroading and John W. Young

II. The Justification for More Railroads

III. Politics and Railroad Ambitions

IV. The Construction of the Railroads

V. Railroad Finances

Summary and Conclusions




List of Figures

1. Salt Lake City ca. 1880-1890

2. Proposed route, September to December 1883

3. Proposed route of May 13, 1884

4. Route to north of the city, May 1884

5. Approved proposal of September 1884

6. Salt Lake and Fort Douglas Railroad, January 1890

7. Route of the Salt Lake and Eastern Railroad

8. Graded roadbed of the Utah Western Railroad

9. Route of the Utah Central Railroad by 1893