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Total of 1,427 SD70M units (1,452 including the 25 ex SP units)

Beginning in April 2000, to fulfill the delivery schedule for the 1,000 SD70Ms in 2000, EMD spread the workload among three locations:

Of the units assembled in Canada, some units were sent for final painting to VMV Enterprises in Paducah, Kentucky, and to Coast Engine & Equipment (CEECO) in Tacoma, Washington. Units shipped to CEECO were in gray primer paint and were identified with GMDX 1000 series road numbers.

GMLG = General Motors Locomotive Group.

Formal name of EMD's assembly contractor in Mexico is Bombardier Inc., Domicilio Conocido s/n CD Sahagun, Mexico (BTM).

As of February 2005, the last Union Pacific EMD SD70M was officially delivered. With the FRA's Tier II Emissions mandate for locomotives built after January 2005, EMD started delivering the Tier II emissions compliant SD70ACe, which replaced the SD70M.

The new Tier II compliant locomotive for Union Pacific, the SD70ACe, began delivery in January 2005, numbered as UP 8309; deliveries continued to include UP 8823 delivered in March 2013.

Build Locations

Road Numbers Quantity Date Assembled and Painted
UP 4000-4074 75 units Apr-Nov 2000 GMLG, London, Ontario, Canada
UP 4075-4088 14 units Nov-Dec 2000 Bombardier-Concarril, Sahagun, Mexico
UP 4089-4118 30 units Aug-Nov 2000 GMLG, London, Ontario, Canada
UP 4119-4164 46 units Jun-Nov 2000 SuperSteel Schenectady, Inc. (SSSI), Glenville, N.Y. (note 1)
UP 4165-4274 110 units May-Nov 2000 Bombardier-Concarril, Sahagun, Mexico
UP 4275-4284 10 units Nov 2000 GMLG, London, Ontario, Canada
UP 4285-4522 238 units Dec 2000-Nov 2001 Bombardier-Concarril, Sahagun, Mexico
UP 4523-4849 327 units Oct 2001-Nov 2002 GMLG in London, Ontario, Canada
UP 4850-4999 150 units Dec 2001-Aug 2002 Bombardier-Concarril, Sahagun, Mexico
UP 3779-3822 44 units May-Jul 2004 GMLG in London, Ontario, Canada
UP 3823-3873 51 units Jun-Aug 2004 Bombardier-Concarril, Sahagun, Mexico
UP 3874-3973 100 units Jan-Sep 2003 GMLG in London, Ontario, Canada
UP 3974-3999 25 units Jun-Aug 1994 GMLG in London, Ontario, Canada (built as SP 9800-9824)
UP 5000-5089 90 units Aug-Nov 2002 Bombardier-Concarril, Sahagun, Mexico
UP 5090-5102 13 units Nov-Dec 2002 GMLG in London, Ontario, Canada
UP 5103-5126 24 units Sep-Oct 2002 GMLG in London, Ontario, Canada
UP 5127-5205 79 units Sep-Dec 2004 Bombardier-Concarril, Sahagun, Mexico
UP 5206-5231 26 units Dec 2004 GMLG in London, Ontario, Canada


  1. Some units were assembled by SuperSteel Schenectady, then were sent to Alstom at Hornell, New York, for final finishing and final paint.

SD70M Miscellaneous Information

UP4000 - first official unit delivered to UP

UP4526 - first unit delivered with smaller version of flag (no flares)

UP4635 - first test bed unit of five (5) Tier I emissions two-quandrant flared radiator units (UP4635-39)

UP2001 - first of two (2) Salt Lake City Olympic Games painted units (to become UP4690-91)

UP4710/UP4850 - first Tier I emissions two-quandrant flared radiator unit (non flag)

UP4735/UP4870 - first standard larger flag painted Tier I emissions two-quandrant flared radiator unit

UP4837 - first of thirteen (13) "notch-nose" FIRE screen control units (UP 4837-4849)

UP3971 - first of three (3) "notch-nose" FIRE screen control units (UP3971-73)

UP3928 - first production units with four-quadrant sectioned flared radiator units

UP5127 - first production "notch-nose" FIRE screen control units

UP3779 - lowest numbered unit delivered

UP5231 - highest numbered unit delivered

UP3985 - one number in entire fleet (UP3779-5231) to be skipped for "active" UP Challenger 4-6-6-4 Steam Loco UP3985

UP4242 - original UP repainted with mid-level wings

(Compiled by Ryan Martin; email dated February 28, 2005)

Wings, Flags and Flares

UP4000-4525 (Wings)

UP4526-4528 (Wings/Flags)

UP4529-4634 (Wings)

UP4635-4639 (Wings/Flares)

UP4640-4710 (Wings)

UP4710-4734 (Wings/Flares)

UP4735-4849 (Wings/Flares/Flags)

UP4850-4867 (Wings/Flares)

UP4867-4999 (Wings/Flares /Flags)

UP5000-5099 (Wings/Flares /Flags)

(Compiled by Sean Graham-White, email dated March 19, 2002)

SD70M Press Release

From a Union Pacific news release dated March 30, 2000:

SD70M Production on Schedule -- First Unit Expected in April

Production of the SD70Ms at EMD-London is proceeding on schedule, with the first of the 1,000-unit order scheduled to be delivered the last week of April, said Mike Iden, general director- locomotive engineering and quality.

The first unit, number UP 4000, underwent final tests March 23. "Units 2 through 9 are in the assembly lines," Iden said. "Numbers 2-5 are near-complete, 6-9 are platforms in various states of assembly. Cabs through unit 19 are assembled.

"Production is still on-schedule for delivery of the first five units during the last week of April," he said.

With EMD production under way, UP began making weekly inspections at London, including certification of all EMD test procedures for voice radios, event recorders and cab signals, Iden said.

"There were several specification compliance issues identified during visits, but no major issues," he said. "All variations were corrected. We also have identified several design changes with positive benefit to reliability and, in some cases, manufacturing efficiency, all of which are being processed with EMD."

Iden said an SD70M Integrated Service Team was formed, consisting of representatives from UP, EMD, Wabtec, and Harmon and Dayton-Phoenix. "They will focus specifically on SD70M reliability, availability, maintainability and parts issues on a daily basis in a proactive, quick-response manner," he said.

The team's overall goals are to: maintain availability at the required 93-95 percent level; address long-term reliability issues; address SD70M shop counts and dead-in-consist with UPRR shop management and Harriman Dispatching Center personnel; manage parts support to avoid deficiencies and units-held; manage warranty parts handling; and make SD70M maintenance proactive.

"All four suppliers readily and enthusiastically supported establishing the team," Iden said. "They all agreed to have each team member enter Six Sigma training so all have the same set of statistical analysis and root cause tools."

As of June 2004, UP had 1,454 SD70Ms, numbered from 3778 to 5231, including 25 ex SP units numbered UP 3974-3984, 3986-3999 (leaving an empty slot for UP's steam 4-6-6-4 3985).

(See "Union Pacific Locomotive Directory 2003-2004" by Paul K. Withers for additional information.)

Sorted By Road Number

Qty. Order
UP 3779-3822 44 20036559 London 2004  
UP 3823-3835 12 20036559 Mexico 2004  
UP 3836-3873 38 20036559 Mexico 2004  
UP 3874-3970 97 20006271 London 2003  
UP 3971-3973 3 20006271 London 2002 Equipped with newer cab design, to UP in 2004
UP 3974-3984 11 936438 London 1994 Ex SP 9800-9810
UP 3986-3999 14 936438 London 1994 Ex SP 9811-9824
UP 4000-4074 75 996164 London 2000  
UP 4075-4088 14 996172 Mexico 2000  
UP 4089-4118 30 996192 London 2000  
UP 4119-4164 46 996190 SSSI 2000 (UP 4141 is a specially painted SD70ACe.)
UP 4165-4274 110 996172 Mexico 2000  
UP 4275-4278 4 996164 London 2000  
UP 4279-4284 6 996168 London 2000  
UP 4285-4522 238 996188 Mexico 2001  
UP 4523-4634 112 996168 London 2001 UP 4526-4528 (3 units) have a slightly different version of the new flag decal
UP 4635-4639 5 20006233 London 2000 Pre-production flared radiators
UP 4640-4709 70 996168 London 2001  
UP 4710-4849 140 20006271 London 2002
  • UP 4837-4839 (3 units) equipped with newer cab design.
  • Flared radiators
  • UP 4735-4849 (115 units) have flag decals
UP 4850-5102 253 20006223 Mexico 2002
  • Flared radiators
  • From UP 4868 and up have flag decals
UP 5103-5126 24 20006271 London 2002
  • Flared radiators
  • Flag decals
UP 5127-5205 79 20036562 Mexico 2004  
UP 5206-5231 26 20036562 London 2004