Locomotive Builder Lists

By Robert H. Lehmuth

(Bob Lehmuth passed away in August 2019. The status of the builder lists he was offering is not known.)

Bob described his offerings as follows:

I have available very comprehensive compilations of US and Canadian locomotive builders - currently with over 50 lists available. These are NOT photocopies of lists that have been circulating, in various forms, for the last 30 to 40 years. These books are accurate and up to date compilations.

As an example. I have an Alco Diesel list (2 Volumes) that has any data about Alco diesels you might want - Construction Number, Gauge, Wheel Arrangement, Order Number, Prime Mover type, Prime Mover Serial Number, HP, Model, Date built, Which company built it, Specification Number and Sales Order Number.

Currently there are 65 books available with more being added on a regular basis. Right now I am updating my BLW steam listings to include the BLW Class data. These will be the ONLY books anywhere that include this information.