Union Pacific Cabooses

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AC&F American Car and Foundry Company
Barney & Smith Barney and Smith Manufacturing Company
Chicago Chicago Falls Car Company
LA&SL Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad
Mason Mason and Company
Mich. Pen. Michigan Peninsular Car Company
MC&F Missouri Car and Foundry Company
Mt. Vernon Mount Vernon Car Manufacturing Company (Mount Vernon, Illinois)
NCRR North Coast Railroad
O&W Oregon and Washington Railway
OR&N Oregon Railway and Navigation Company (The Dalles, Oregon)
OWR&N Oregon-Washington Railway and Navigation Company
PC&F Pacific Car and Foundry Company (Seattle, Washington)
PSC Pressed Steel Car Company
Pullman Pullman Car Company (Chicago, Illinois)
St. Charles St. Charles Car Company
Standard Standard Steel Car Company
UPRR Union Pacific Railroad Omaha Shops (Omaha, Nebraska)
USRS United States Rolling Stock Company
Utah Central Utah Central Railway (OSL subsidiary)
Western Western Steel Car and Foundry Company

Mt. Vernon

Mt. Vernon built six wooden CA-1 cabooses in 1916 for the LA&SL, then still a semi-independent road, as LA&SL 4281-4286. Under the UP numbering plan, they later became LA&SL 3345-3350. Mt. Vernon also furnished two wooden cabooses to Utah Railway through the Union Pacific Equipment Association in 1917 when the road took over the operation of its own trains. These cars were very similar to the UP CA-1 design.

In 1918, Mt. Vernon delivered 25 wooden CA-1s to UP numbered as UP 2525-2549. During 1923, the shops of Mount Vernon delivered a total of 50 CA-1s, including 30 to UP (UP 2645-2674), 10 to OSL (OSL 3163-3172), five to LA&SL (LA&SL 3376-3380), and five to OWR&N (OWR&N 3619-3623).

The last 168 CA-1s to be built came in 1924 from OWR&N's Albina shops in Portland, Oregon. This final group included 100 cabooses for UP, 20 cabooses for OSL, 40 for LA&SL, and eight for OWR&N. These totals show that the Albina shops built most of the CA-1s (168 cabooses), and Mount Vernon furnished the largest number from the commercial builders (81 cabooses). Union Pacific did not receive any additional new cabooses for another 18 years, with the delivery of the first steel cars in 1942.

For UP's steel steel cabooses. Mt. Vernon built the first 100 steel cars, delivered to UP in 1942 as UP 3700-3799. Three of these cars were wrecked, leaving 97 cars to be renumbered to UP 25000-25099 in 1959-1960.