Union Pacific Cabooses

Competing and Connecting Roads' Cabooses

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Southern Pacific Cabooses

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AT&SF Steel Cabooses

Santa Fe got its first steel cabooses from ACF in 1927, numbers as AT&SF 1500-1649. Between 1927 and 1931, the railroad purchased 501 steel cabooses from ACF. The railroad then built 400 similar cabooses in its own Topeka, Kansas, shops between 1942 and 1949. Most of these later cars were rebuilt into Classes CE-1, CE-2, CE-3, CE-4, CE-5, CE-7, CE-9, CE-10, and CE-12. None remained on the active roster by early 1996. (Information from Evan Werkema, e-mail dated March 13, 1996)

Great Northern Steel Cabooses

GN's first steel cabooses were built in 1947-48. These 44 cars, with numbers X250-X294, were built by the road's St. Cloud, Minn., shops. During the same time, cars X199 and X229 came in for repair of wreck and were rebuilt using the same design steel bodies.

Northern Pacific Steel Cabooses

NP's first steel cabooses were 20 cars in the 10000-10049 series and were built in using high cupolas. These cars were completed during 1951.

Burlington Steel Cabooses

CB&Q's first steel cabooses were built in 1930. The number series for these pioneering 25 cars was 13500-13524.