Union Pacific Caboose Painting, Lettering & Numbering

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The following information was compiled by Dick Harley in answer to questions concerning the paint used by Union Pacific for their cabooses. This was in aid of two projects that are restoring two separate Union Pacific cabooses: UP 25510, a steel CA-8 being done in Kansas City; and UP 25722 (UP 3576), as wooden CA-1 being done in Fife, Washington.

UP C.S. 22 was Union Pacific Common Standard 22, which defined UP paints and where they were applied.

These colors were used from 1947 to the end of cabooses in the 1980s.

The year is listed after the paint manufacturer's numbers.

All of these came from UP approved vendor lists. There were more vendors for a few colors, but these were the names most recognized.

The "Pantone match" is a best guess, but is often not an exact match.

Sides, Ends, Doors, Step Risers

Armour Yellow Freight Car Enamel,  UP C.S. 22 - No. 35,

Dulux 83-9356, Dulux No. 88-9356  (1950)

DuPont 89-8072  (1953)

DuPont 81-29030  (1966)

P.P.G. 60451  (1951)

P.P.G. 56521  (1966)

Sherwin-Williams F44-Y-C11  (1951)

Sherwin-Williams G-41 H(Y)-C10  (1966)

Pantone match:  124C or between 130C & 131C


Interior Floor, Cupola Platform, End Platforms and Step Treads

Maroon Floor Enamel,  UP C.S. 22 - No. 4,

Moore F-524  (1951)

Pacific 660720-A  (1951)

P.P.G. 4572  (1951)

Pantone match:  between 490C and 491C

End Platform Railings

Platform Railings, Hand Brakes, Ladders and Handholds (except Cupola Handholds)

Striping Red exterior,  UP C.S. 22 - No. 29,

DuPont 83-6491  (1951, 1963, 1966)

P.P.G. 56520  (1951)

Pantone match:  485C


Roofs of body and cupola, and running boards

(mulehide roofing not to be painted)

Red Freight Car Paint,  UP C.S. 22 - No. 33,

DuPont 613-8107  (1951)

DuPont 672-9007  (1966)

Glidden 94-R-975-A  (1951)

Glidden 94-R-992  (1966)

P.P.G. UC-33212  (1951)

P.P.G. 79418  (1966)

Sherwin-Williams F44-N-5  (1951)

Sherwin-Williams F-44-NC-148  (1966)

Pantone match:  1815C

Underframe and Trucks

Black Freight Car Paint,  UP C.S. 22 - No. 34


To 4-feet Above Floor

Wainscoting on side walls, lockers, etc.

Dark Green Interior Paint,  UP C.S. 22 - No. 30 [flat finish up to 10-'59, semi-gloss from 10-'59 to 3-'63, full gloss after 3-'63]

Cook 453-G-60  (1951)

Long  SD 1261  (1951)

Sherwin-Williams C40-G-1  (1951)

Pantone match:  553

More Than 4-feet Above The Floor

Including Cupola and Ceiling

Light Green Interior Paint,  UP C.S. 22 - No. 31 [flat finish up to 10-'59, semi-gloss from 10-'59 to 3-'63, full gloss after 3-'63]

Cook 453-G-61  (1951)

Long 3-613  (1951)

Sherwin-Williams C40-G-Z  (1951)

Pantone match:  slightly more yellow than 556