Mount Hood Railway Cabooses

This page was last updated on April 27, 2022.

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Mount Hood Railway was acquired by Union Pacific in November 1968.

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Wooden Caboose (Steel Underframe) - Class CA-1

UP 25999 built by OWR&N as UP 2701 in April 1924; renumbered to UP 3201 in May 1924; sold to Mount Hood Railway as their number 7 in May 1959.

Mount Hood caboose number 7 was renumbered to UP 7 upon UP's purchase of the railroad in November 1968; then renumbered again to UP 25999 in February 1969; retired in August 1970; briefly stored inside UP's Cheyenne roundhouse.

Mount Hood no. 7 was donated to Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer in Grand Island, Nebraska; displayed as Union Pacific 5280.

(It was reported in error that UP 2580, also a CA-1, was also at the Stuhr Museum. In fact, UP 2580 was renumbered to UP 25752, then later donated to the Smoky Hill Historical Society, Lenaxa, Kansas (near Kansas City); museum moved to Salina, Kansas.)

"UP 5280" was to be moved to Cheyenne in June 2017 for restoration.

UP's Equipment Record sheets (r1-0176) also show that LA&SL CA-1 25841 was sold to Mount Hood Railway in April 1966. Its disposition after being sold to Mount Hood (if it actually was) is unknown.

Steel Caboose - Class CA-5

UP 25249 was sold to Mount Hood Railroad in April 1986; built in August 1952 as UP 3949, renumbered to UP 25249 in May 1959, retired by UP on April 17, 1986. Numbered as Mount Hood 1040.