Steel Caboose Questions That Are Being Researched

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Q-S1: What about the stack heights on steel cabooses?  Were they all raised up higher at some point?  Were only the tallest stacks braced against the cupola?   (25222 vs. 25062 on page 256) (See chart on page 195 for original configuration)

Q-S2: When were the end platforms and steps painted black?  (See the cover photo or most any color photo of a CA-11 for examples.)

Q-S3: What numbers and how many cabooses got the truck generators like 25098 on page 141?

Q-S4: When did the steel doors show up on CA-3s and 4s?

Q-S5: When did tool boxes go away on steel cabooses? (25369 vs. 25370 on page 156)

Q-S6: Is there a way to tell a tool box from a battery box on a steel caboose?

Q-S7: Were the safety slogans different or the same on each side. Were they the same for some time period then changed to be different for each side at some point or visa versa?

Q-S8: CA-10s and 11s had "fire cracker" antenna.   Did other classes have whip antenna?   (very hard to see in photos even when they are there)