Wooden Caboose Questions

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(Page numbers are from the UPHS caboose book.)

Q-W1: What is the unusual stack, louver and fuel tank on 3251?  (Union Pacific Equipment by Kratville, page 81.)  Trains Inc. tried to model this on their HO scale CA-1 but got the stack wrong.   Is this a heater or generator?

Q-W4: Was there a program to change the type of stack on the CA-1s or were they replaced as needed?  (compare the stacks on page 45 vs. the stacks on page 51)

Q-W5: On 2438, pg.43, the middle end window on the cupola was a train number indicator. How did those work and when did they stop using them?  How about the light on the roof of the cupola. Was this a signal light or marker light?  How were they used and when did they stop using them?

Q-W6: Ever notice the three (maybe more?) of hand rail types on wood cupolas?  (2436, pg. 43, 798, pg. 44 and 3343, pg. 44)

Q-W7: Was there a rhyme or reason to the end window arrangements on CA-1s? (3187 vs. 2686 on page 56)

Q-W8: What were those things mounted on the end walls of some cabooses?  (2681 on pg. 57, on the right near the top hand rail on the end wall)

Q-W9: When were kerosene marker lamps last used?

Q-W10: When were tool boxes first used on CA-1s?

Q-W11: Was there a list of which conductor owned what "ownership" marker?  (2585, pg. 45, 3831, pg. 144, etc)