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Interstate 80N In Utah (I-84)

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Planning for what would be Interstate 80 and 80N began as early as 1962. The route of the two highways were to parallel Union Pacific's route throughout Weber and Echo canyons, and would replace U. S. Highway 30S. Interstate 80 paralleled the Union Pacific tracks from Evanston westward to Echo, where it turned to the south toward Salt Lake City. At Echo, traffic bound for Ogden was routed to the new designated highway, Interstate 80N, which also paralleled Union Pacific's line in Weber canyon, as well as replacing U. S. 30S.

(Based on newspaper reports)

(paralleled by Union Pacific Railroad)

Under construction from 1958 to 1973.

(1958) -- Morgan to Round Valley (Nov. 10, 1958, construction east of Morgan began)
(1959) -- Stoddard to Morgan (contract to be awarded in March 1959)
(1960) -- Echo to Devils Slide (completed as near Interstate specs; rebuilt later)
(1961) -- Round Valley to Devils Slide (improved U. S. 30S lanes, which later became I-80N eastbound)
1965 -- Round Valley to Peterson (opened February 1965)
1966 -- Devils Slide to Round Valley (awarded March 1965; began April 1965; opened August 1966) (two lanes, Taggarts to Devils Slide opened April 1966)
1966 -- Peterson to Gateway (awarded July 1964; opened October 1966)
1966 -- Gateway to Uintah (began May 1964; opened in October 1966) (included new bridge over UPRR at Gateway)
1969 -- Echo Junction (awarded January 1968; to be completed June 1969)
1970 -- Echo to Henefer (awarded June 1967; to be completed September 1969)
1973 -- Henefer to Devils Slide (awarded June 1970)
1973 -- Uintah to Riverdale (awarded February 1970)

I-80N (I-84) is part of I-15, Ogden to Tremonton


(West to East)


-- Riverdale to Uintah Junction (U. S. 89) - (6 miles) Started in October 1970; completed in 1972

-- Uintah Junction to Gateway - (4.5 miles) Started in July 1964; completed in October 1966

-- Gateway to Peterson - (4.2 miles) Started in (May 1965, 50 percent); completed by September 1966

-- Peterson to Stoddard - Started in June 1961; opened February 1962

-- Stoddard to Round Valley - Started in July 1961; completed in February 1962 (two lanes); completed in February 1965

--- (a photo from September 1961 shows eastbound lanes east of Round Valley, west of the railroad tunnels, completed and in use, and portions of the westbound lanes graded and ready for pavement)

-- Round Valley to Devil's Slide - (3.1 miles) Started in April 1965; completed in October 1966

-- Devil's Slide to West Henefer - (1.4 miles) Started in December 1970; completed in October 1972 (two lanes in September 1971), with detour through Croydon starting in June 1970

-- West Henefer to Echo Junction (I-80) - (7.3 miles) Started in November 1968; completed in October 1970

-- Echo Junction Interchange (I-80N diverges from I-80) - (1.6 miles) Started in January 1968; completed in October 1969 (Coalville to Echo section of I-80 completed in September 1969)

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January 2, 1964
Work on I-80N from Echo Junction to its intersection with I-15 at Riverdale began with the inital contract for the bridge structures was awarded for the portion between Unitah Junction and Gateway. The follow-on contract for the grading along the three-mile route itself was awarded on September 22, 1964. (Ogden Standard Examiner, January 3, 1964; Springville Herald, September 24, 1964)

July 1964
Construction started on I-80N between Uintah Junction, where it crosses U. S. 89, and Gateway, and the replacement of a dangerous horseshoe curve. (Ogden Standard Examiner, February 26, 1965)

February 26, 1965
The portions of I-80N from Peterson to Stoddard (6.5 miles), Stoddard to Morgan (3.3 miles), and Morgan to Round Valley (2.6 miles) had been completed. The work had been done in stages, between interchanges to allow traffic to keep moving on either the existing U. S. 30S, or on the new I-80N. (Ogden Standard Examiner, February 26, 1965)

April 1965
The 3.1 miles of route of I-80N between Round Valley (east of Morgan) and Devil's Slide was started after the bid was awarded in late March 1965. (Ogden Standard Examiner, February 12, 1965; February 24, 1965)

May 16, 1965
A total of 45 miles of Interstate highway was under construction or completed between the Wyoming line and the mouth of Weber canyon (I-80N), and from Echo Junction to Wanship (I-80). Not yet in work was the stretch between Devil's Slide and Echo Junction. The projects were to be completed by mid 1968. (Ogden Standard Examiner, May 16, 1965)

July 12, 1965
The portion of I-80N from Uintah Junction to the mouth of Weber canyon was 74 percent complete; from the mouth of the canyon to Gateway was 36 percent complete; from Gateway to Petersen was 78 percent complete. The one of the twin bridges that allowed Union Pacific tracks to cross U. S. 89 at Unitah was complete, and the other would be ready within 30 days. (Ogden Standard Examiner, July 12, 1965)

July 15, 1965
The portion of I-80N between Round Valley and Devil's Slide was 8 percent complete, due to extensive rock drilling and blasting and the need to rechannel the Weber River, and well as build a new bridge 950 feet long. The new interchange at Taggart's Camp was 5 percent complete. (Ogden Standard Examiner, July 15, 1965)

December 3, 1965
The first two lanes from Unitah Junction to Gateway (3 miles) were opened to traffic. The other two lanes would be open "next summer," at which time I-80N would be complete between Unitah Junction and Round Valley, just east of Morgan. (Ogden Standard Examiner, December 3, 1965)

A minor line change in Union Pacific's mainline in lower Weber Canyon took place in 1966 just east of the Devils Gateway bridges to accommodate the construction of Interstate 80 North. Construction continued on the new highway until it was opened for traffic in October 1970.

October 20, 1966
The portion of I-80N eastward from Uintah Junction to Devil's Slide was complete and open to traffic. The portion westward from Uintah to Riverdale was low priority and would not be opened until 1969. The portion eastward from Echo to Emory would not be ready until early 1967. (Ogden Standard Examiner, October 20, 1966)

February 27, 1967
The portion of I-80N from Devil's Slide, east to Echo Junction was delayed due to a Congressional freeze on highway funds. (Salt Lake Tribune, February 27, 1967)

July 4, 1967
An 11-1/2 mile section of I-80 through Echo canyon, from the Wyoming line to Castle Rock, was completed in early July 1967. (Ogden Standard Examiner, July 4, 1967) (The total distance from the Wyoming line to Echo Junction is 29 miles.)

November 27, 1967
A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held, with Governor Rampton in attendance, for the portion of Interstate 80, from Echo, eastward to near Emory. Construction began in September 1964, and total cost was reported as $6 million, or $528,000 per mile for the 11.4-mile stretch of new super highway. (The Park Record, November 30, 1967)

March 23, 1968
Work began on the interchange of Interstate 80 and Interstate 80N at Echo Junction. The work was being done by Peter Kiewit Sons Construction, and included a new bridge for Union Pacific's Park City Branch. The work was 75 percent complete by mid August 1969. (Ogden Standard Examiner, August 10, 1969)

December 1969
The portion of I-80 between Echo Junction and Coalville (3.6 miles) was completed in December 1969. The completion in December 1969 of the Echo-Coalville portion included the large interchange at Echo Junction (1.6 miles), and the new bridge for Union Pacific. (Park Record, December 25, 1969; Ogden Standard Examiner, December 29, 1969)

October 1970
Interstate 80N was opened in lower Weber Canyon.

A minor line change in Union Pacific's mainline in lower Weber Canyon took place in 1966 just east of the Devils Gateway bridges to accommodate the construction of Interstate 80 North. Construction continued on the new highway until it was opened for traffic in October 1970. On May 1, 1980, Interstate 80N was changed to Interstate 84, the designation used today.

October 29, 1970
The portion of I-80N between Echo Junction and Henefer (3.3 miles), was completed in mid October 1970. (Ogden Standard Examiner, October 29, 1970)

December 16, 1970
The portion through the narrow canyon between Round Valley and Devil's Slide was still under construction in late 1970, including a bridge 934 feet long, the third longest in the state. (Ogden Standard Examiner, December 16, 1970)

On May 1, 1980, Interstate 80N was changed to Interstate 84, the designation used today.