Chronology Of Beet Sugar Manufacturing Enterprises
In The United States

(Source not recorded)

Utah Factories only

The information contained in the following table has been compiled from several publications about the sugar industry. General sources used without specific credit are: Production and Marketing Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture Sugar Branch, March, 1950, "Beet Sugar Factories in the United States"; R. A. McGinnis, "Beet Sugar Technology", 1951, Reinhold Publishing Corp., N.Y.; Farr, Whitlock & Co., "Manual of Sugar Companies", 29th through 35th editions; individual company publications, and others.

The column heading entitled "Capacity (Original)" and "Capacity (Present)", refers to the factory's original daily slicing capacity in tons of beets and its present capacity. Where "builder" is not listed the factory usually was constructed by the sugar company; in some cases, however, the name of the builder was not listed in the original source material. ("Present" appears to be about 1960.)

Year Location Original Company Name Builder Capacity (Original) Capacity (Present) Final Disposition and Remarks
1853 Salt Lake City, Utah Deseret Mfg. Co.       Factory equipment imported from England and hauled by oxen across the plains. Factory abandoned, 1855.
1891 Lehi, Utah Utah Sugar Co.   300   Enlarged by Dyer, 1900, to 1200 tons. Auxiliary slicing stations at Springville, Bingham Junction and Provo pumped juice to factory. System abandoned because of pipe corrosion. Plant dismantled, 1937.
1898 Ogden, Utah Ogden Sugar Co. Dyer 350   Enlarged by Dyer, 1912, to 1000 tons. Machinery moved to Nampa, Idaho, 1942.
1901 Logan, Utah Logan Sugar Co. Dyer 350   One of first factories to use osmose process. Dismantled, 1936.
1903 Garland, Utah Utah Sugar Co. Dyer 600 2000 On July 18, 1907, the Utah Sugar Co., the Idaho Sugar Co., and the Western Idaho Sugar Co. consolidated to form the present Utah-Idaho Sugar Co.
1905 Lewiston, Utah Lewiston Sugar Co. Dyer 600 1800 Consolidated with The Amalgamated Sugar Co. (incorporated, 1902) January 15, 1915, to form present The Amalgamated Sugar Co.
1911 Elsinore, Utah Utah-Idaho Sugar Co. Dyer 500   Enlarged to 1100 tons. Dismantled, 1942.
1913 Payson, Utah Utah-Idaho Sugar Co. Dyer 500   Later enlarged to 750 tons. Dismantled, 1940.
1915 Layton, Utah Layton Sugar Co. Dyer 500 1300 Controlling interest acquired by Utah- Idaho Sugar Co., 1959. Factory did not operate during 1959-60.
1916 Spanish Fork, Utah Utah-Idaho Sugar Co. Dyer 750   Machinery from Nampa, Idaho Enlarged to 1750 tons. Dismantled, 1942 and site used for storage.
1916 West Jordan, Utah Utah-Idaho Sugar Co. Dyer 500 1600 Now equipped with bulk storage bins with combined storage capacity of 24 million pounds.
1916 Brigham City, Utah Utah-Idaho Sugar Co. Dyer 500   Later enlarged to 1300 tons. Dismantled, 1946 after being idle for a number of years.
1917 Smithfield, Utah The Amalgamated Sugar Co. Dyer 700   Machinery moved to Clarksburg, California, 1935.
1917 Moroni, Utah Peoples Sugar Co. James Stewart Co. 400   Machinery moved to Toppenish, Washington, 1937.
1917 Delta, Utah Great Basin Sugar Co. Stearns-Roger 1000   Machinery moved to Belle Fourche, South Dakota, 1927.
1917 Cornish, Utah West Cache Sugar Co. Cannon & Lynch 600   Built from equipment moved from Raymond, Alberta, Canada. Machinery moved to Missoula, Montana, 1927.
1918 Springville, Utah Springville-Mapleton Sugar Co. Dyer 350   Acquired by Utah-Idaho Sugar Co., 1937. Factory dismantled, 1940.
1918 Centerfield, Utah Gunnison Valley Sugar Co.   500 1500 Acquired in 1940 by Utah-Idaho Sugar Co. and incorporated as Gunnison Sugar, Inc.
1919 Hooper, Utah Hooper Sugar Co. Gutleben 600   Machinery originally erected in France. Factory dismantled, 1936.