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Power plant located between Lynndyl and Delta, Utah (rail service is from Lynndyl).

Rail car maintenance facility located near Springville, Utah.

IPP power plant is owned by a consortium of cities that includes Los Angeles, through its Department of Water & Power. LADWP bought the Nevada Northern Railway in preparation for the construction of rail-served power plants at Thousand Springs (north of Wells) and Cherry Creek (along the Nevada Northern), both in Nevada. The power plants remain in their permitting phase, and construction has not yet started. NN 401 was moved to IPP near Delta to allow its occasional use as an in-plant switcher.


P-401 EMD SD7 Aug 1952 16824 Used at power plant near Delta, Utah
IPPX 1 EMD SW1001 Apr 1985 847004-1 Used at car repair shop in Springville, Utah.

General Notes:

  1. P-401 was built as Nevada Northern 401; entire Nevada Northern Railway sold to Los Angeles Department of Water & Power in (?), including NN 401; moved from Ely, Nevada, location to the IPP power plant near Delta, Utah, in October 1988 (Locomotive Notes II, Number 119, page 7, reported by Ryan Ballard); shipped from Salt Lake City to Delta on October 20, 1988; in May 1993, in addition to its Nevada Northern lettering and number, the SD7 was also numbered as P-401, with a LADWP decal. (Locomotive Notes II, Number 173, August 1993, page 6, reported by Norm Metcalf)

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