Infobases Timeline


Infobases, Inc. formed by Paul Allen and Dan Taggart.

Infobases embraced the use of Folio's CD-publishing technology.

Initially a "two-man basement operation", Infobases' first product was the LDS Quad set of "Standard Works" scriptures, first available on floppy disk.

December 1995

Infobases released both a new DOS version and a new Macintosh versions of its popular LDS Collector's Library publications on CD-ROM.

May 1996

Infobases owners Paul Allen and Dan Taggart bought partial ownership of book publisher Ancestry, Inc., and created

June 1997

Infobases bought Bookcraft, Inc., a publisher of mostly LDS books, and became a separate division of the new company, which took the Bookcraft name.

Bookcraft had been an in-house user of Folio's LivePublish technology to manage its various documents.

December 1998 was formed by Bookcraft/Infobases owners Paul Allen and Dan Taggart.

April 1999

Bookcraft (including its Infobases division) was sold to Deseret Book (Deseret Management, Inc.)

Here is another Infobases/Folio crossover, in that Brad Pelo, one of the principles of the new-in-1999 NextPage (which bought the exclusive license to Folio from Open Market), was the president of Bookcraft.

November 1999 changed its name to Its three Internet genealogy sites were then called,, and

On December 19, 2006, the company changed its name to "The Generations Network."

On July 6, 2009, the company changed its name to "". (