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Today's Railroads in Utah

Today's railroad companies in Utah: Since we do not represent any railroad in any way, please do not contact us with any concerns or issues about today's railroad companies. They can be contacted directly:

BNSF Railway

Union Pacific Railroad

Utah Central Railway (Patriot Rail Corp., Ogden)

Utah Railway

Utah Transit Authority (TRAX light rail and Frontrunner commuter rail)

Union Pacific

Historical Union Pacific information.

Mike Clark's UP Photos

Brett Wirick's UP Web Pages -- Includes information and current photos on UP's Evanston Subdivision (Ogden to Green River), Lynndyl Subdivision (Salt Lake City to Milford), and Caliente Subdivision (Milford to Las Vegas)

OSL's Victor Branch (Idaho), Part 1 -- good information about OSL's West Yellowstone Branch in eastern Idaho.

OSL's Victor Branch (Idaho), Part 2 -- with reference material, maps, and brochures

Rio Grande

Historical Rio Grande information.

RGM&HS -- Rio Grande Modeling and Historical Society Home Page (broken link)

-- (View the steam locomotive rosters from the original RGM&HS web site at the Internet Archive at; dated from March 2002 to January 2017)

Online D&RGW Archive -- Scott Meier's web site

Colorado Railfan web site -- Kevin Morgan's web site

D& web site -- Nathan Holmes' web site

Desert Empire -- A Rio Grande promotional movie released in 1948. A very good public relations tour of Utah in the late 1940s.

Bingham Canyon

Hickman Family at Bingham Canyon

Hickman Family Bingham Photos

Mark Evans' Bingham Photos

Gene Halverson's Bingham Blog

USGS Copper Statistics and Information (1996 to current year, with archives going back to 1932)

Utah Railway and Carbon County

Carbon County on UTGenWeb -- Includes excellent histories of the towns of Carbon County.

Daughters of Utah Pioneers at

Daughters of Utah Pioneers has published a series of extremely useful "lessons", dating back to Kate B. Carter's "Heart Throbs of the West", first published in 1939. By 1989, there have been a total of 51 volumes of primary-sourced and secondary-sourced Utah history.

As of January 2020, the following links will lead you to searchable online editions at

The following are the remaining volumes:

Other Utah Railroads Sites

Save223 -- A link to the web site of the Golden Spike Chapter of Railway and Locomotive Historical Society, and their project to save and restore D&RGW narrow gauge 2-8-0 no. 223.

Jim Harrawood's -- An archived version of Jim Harrawood's web site, following his death in 2006.

UDOT Division of Right of Way Railroad Maps, 1900-1960 -- Rolled drawings from Utah Department of Transportation, showing railroads in Utah that paralleled Utah highways. These are drawings requested and received from the railroad companies with tracks in Utah, and the drawings were used as source material for surveying purposes. Don Strack was involved as a volunteer from March 2013 to March 2015, indexing and describing the 700 rolled drawings.

KUED's Promontory -- KUED's production of "Promontory," produced in 2002. The program gives a good background and discussion of the last spike ceremony at Promontory, Utah, on May 10, 1869, and attempts to answer the question of why Brigham Young did not attend the ceremony. Includes clips from an interview with Don Strack. Comments by Don Strack are at time stamp 10:03 and 17:48 (a total of about 15 seconds of air time).

Railroad Modeling

Sam McCall's HO Sam Home Page

NMRA -- National Model Railroad Association

Espee Modelers Home Page -- Richard Percy's SP web site.

Rivet Counters and Nit Pickers Page -- Nelson Kennedy's web site for prototype diesel dimensions.

Roofer Madness -- Craig Zeni's photographs of the tops of diesel locomotives.

Martin Nile's Youtube channel -- for model railroad animation projects

Locomotive Notes

The Diesel Shop

David Thompson's Locomotive Rosters

The UNofficial EMD Homepage! -- This is a site, so there are lots of pop-up ads.

Q Station -- Resource for BN, BNSF and AT&SF information

SP 9010 Restoration Project -- Photos and narrative of the restoration of the former SP Krauss Maffei ML4000 by the volunteers of the Pacific Locomotive Association.

AltoonaWorks -- Lance Meyers' web site about the Norfolk Southern Altoona Machine Shops and Juniata Shops at Altoona, Pennsylvania. -- Chris Toth's web site about Norfolk Southern locomotives.

Building a GE Locomotive, 2016 -- A Youtube video showing the building of a GE Tier 4 modern locomotive.


Amtrak Photos at AmtrakPix

Diesel Walk-Around Series -- Rob Sarberenyi's photos

LocoPhotos -- An excellent site for quality photos of locomotives (and rail cars, and trains, too)

Utah Railway Photos at Jeff Morris' NERail Photo Archive

Union Pacific Photos at Jeff Morris' NERail Photo Archive

Pilbara Railways, Roy Hill photos

Railroad Reference and Research

Poor's Manual of Railroads, at Pacific NG

Railroad Extra -- Thomas Ehenreich's archived web site; mirrored at Timothy J. Mallery's Catskill Archive -- An excellent web site showing maps of abandoned railroads.

Eric's Railroad Car History -- Eric Neubauer's research covering railroad cars. I find it especially useful for cars built by Pullman.

American Engineer and Railroad Journal -- A link to a query at; Volume 67 (1893) to Volume 85 (1911)

ICC Reports -- Catalog record listing of the ICC Finance Reports available from HathiTrust, as "Full View" PDF files; Volume 1 (1887) through Volume 366 (1983)

General Railroad Information

Glass Insulators -- A web site devoted to the glass insulators used on railroad (and other) pole lines.

(See also: Crown Jewels Of the Wire, a monthly magazine about insulators)

New York City Trains -- A history of NYC's transportation, but mainly focuses on it's trains and subways (to help Lucas with his project).

Reunited one last time -- The gathering in February 2014 of six of Britain's greatest steam engines.

Steam Locomotive at Wikipedia

Copyright Information

Google Books Law Suit Decision -- A New York Times article from November 2013 about the Google Books suit being dismissed.

The most recent copyright law, signed into law in December 2014, essentially says that anything and everything created after January 1, 1978 is automatically copyrighted, whether it is marked as "Copyright" or not. The general guidance is a publication is copyright-protected 95 years from date of first publication, or 120 years from date of creation. All that is needed to prove copyright, is proof of date of creation by an author/photographer, including a "work" created by an employee for a corporation. These same numbers also apply if the author/photographer signs over copyright to a publisher, which is very seldom done. In such case, the proof is the date of publication by a publisher. Of course, it makes it simpler if a work is actually marked as "Copyright," with a year. (

"Created by an employee for a corporation" means that every bulletin, instruction, or equipment roster listing created in a railroad office by an employee as part of his work responsibilities, for the benefit of railroad management or other employees can be considered by the employer as copyrighted material. Prior to the changes to the law in 1978, this wasn't the case, and only works where the author or owner went to the trouble to apply for copyright protection were so protected. This was universally true of books, magazines, and published photos, but relatively rare for other incidental railroad paper. Public timetables were meant for public use, whereas employee timetables were not.

Many have remarked that limited content can be digitally shared under the concept of "Fair Use." Under the U. S. Copyright law, a limited number of digital images (photos and text) can be used for non-commercial purposes and for educational reference and research. Digital preservation is also allowed under fair use, such as making your own digital backup (change of format) of a purchase of a copyrighted work that was published solely to paper. (U. S. Copyright Law, Sections 107 through 118, Title 17, U. S. Code.)

Both Google and the HathiTrust have benefited from recent court decisions concerning Fair Use:

Copyright Myths Explained

Abandoned Web Sites -- Archive versions of old GeoCities pages. -- Archive versions of old GeoCities pages. (As of October 2018, the entire Reocities web site is no longer available)

Web Site Tools

NoteTab -- My choice for a basic HTML editor. Loads much quicker and is not as complicated, and trying to be "all-things-to-all people" like so many other text editors.

UltraEdit -- From IDM Computer Solutions, which also makes a great file comparison tool, UltraCompare, that has saved my bacon on several occasions.

UltraFTP -- From IDM Computer Solutions. I usually use the open-source and free FileZilla, but it stumbles at times, and then I use UltraFTP.

Web Design Group (Old but still useful)

Rich In Style -- Cascading style sheets information. (Old but still useful)

HTML Dog -- Patrick Griffith's excellent reference for HTML and CSS.

CSS Guidelines -- Harry Roberts' thoughts on scalable CSS.

Learn About Domains & HTML -- Basic information about HTML coding and creating a web page, from (Thanks to Violet Bridges)

WAMP Server -- A software package for a local testing server (WAMP = Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

Web Page Validators

Online HTML Validators

W3C HTML Validator Validator -- W3C's "living" HTML 5 validator that changes to follow the equally changeable HTML 5 standard.

Online CSS Validators

W3C CSS Validator

Stand-Alone Validators

Total Validator

CSE HTML Validator (This is my choice of validators.)

Broken Link Finder

Xenu's Link Sleuth -- An online link checker and sitemap builder. Download and install the program. It really works.

Software Tools

SyncBackSE -- Backup software from 2BrightSparks, excellent functionality, cheap to buy, and easy to use.

Snag-It -- A screen capture program from TechSmith. Since buying the program back in late 2008, it has become an important part of my digital tool set. It allows me to capture images, or text that display on my monitor. The most important feature is that I can combine separate captures into a single image, then I can add a quick citation so that I don't forget where the information came from, which can be amazingly useful while doing newspaper research.

ShareX -- Open-source screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool. There is also a large online community of ShareX users.

Photo Scanning Tech

(Read more about how I scan and process digital images)

Vuescan -- I started using Vuescan in 2002 for slides.

Extreme Archival Scanning -- at The Imaging Resource

FastStone Viewer -- A free and truly useful and easy to use program for digital images.

PC Audio Tools

CDBurnerXP -- A community-supported, and free, program from Sweden, used to create ("burn") CDs and DVDs.

WavePad -- A program from NCH Software in Australia, used to edit audio.

SoundTap -- A program from NCH Software in Australia, used to capture streaming audio.

dBpoweramp -- A suite of nicely functional programs from Illustrate Software, used to convert audio formats, and to rip CDs.

YouTube Links

Information R/evolution

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Net Neutrality

We Will Rock You -- The long version of a classic Pepsi commercial.

What Needs Shredding -- SSI shredding videos

Hammel Shredders for recycling

Two Steps From Hell 2012 Show Reel -- Trailer music at its best. (Lots more great music at their Youtube channel)

National Archives YouTube Channel

Utah's Wasatch Fault on Google Earth, presented by the Utah Geologic Survey.

Alan King - Survived By His Wife -- The classic Alan King monologue.

Pandora Journey -- Epic orchestral music

Doors -- It's not you. It's the door.

Wild Bunch, Washers -- A clip of a classic scene from one of the best westerns ever made.

Rope and Hollywood -- Why Hollywood and rope in history don't mix.

GE Steam Turbine Electrics -- A film by GE promoting its new (in 1939) steam turbine electric locomotives built for Union Pacific.

Building Locomotives in Brazil (2022) -- A short timelapse of Wabtec (GE) building rail locomotives in Brazil.

70 Years of Thomas The Tank Engine

Building New Borax Wagons -- A playlist of 37 videos at Engels Coach Shop in Joliet, Montana, showing how they built new Borax 20-Mule Team Borax wagons in 2016-2017. First the two Borax wagons (15 videos), then two years later, the water wagon (22 videos).

Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me -- Pulls you up when when you are depressed.

Rail Beast -- When vandals repainted UP SD70 2519 on September 8, 2017 to look like a tiger. It was stored at Lund, Utah, at the time, and by the end of September was en route to UP's main locomotive shop in North Little Rock, Arkansas, to be repainted back to standard UP colors.

Did You Know?

Fantastic video series, also known as "ShiftHappens," all about the convergence of technology and the constant change going on around us every day.

2008 -- Version 3.0

2009 -- Version 4.0

2018 Remix

Balin' Wire Bob -- Presenting MP3 files of four of my uncle Bob Strack's music from when he was recording in Nashville in 1958.

Bingham Canyon Railroads -- Don Strack's "Bingham Canyon Railroads" book is mentioned in John Saltas' weekly editorial column in the City Weekly newspaper.

Halo -- An index page of items (mostly online videos) for the Halo video game series.

History, Digitized (and Abridged) -- A New York Times article from March 2007 about the reality of "everything" being digitized and available on the internet.

TechTalk -- Descriptions of some of the tech stuff used to make

Testing At UtahRails -- Links to various test pages.

Velociraptor In Melbourne -- A performance troupe and their "pet" velociraptor wander a public square in Melbourne.