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Message #1 on Tom Lundeen's group was dated February 3, 2004, when Tom posted the list's rules.

RR Rosters was started by Tom Lundeen in February 2004 when we as a locomotive roster keeper community were going to develop an online database of locomotives. But we soon found out that there were too many egos involved, and several people only wanted to add to their own private databases ("My data is my data, and I'll not share").

The first message after moving RRRosters to Google Groups, was from Tom Lundeen, dated October 8, 2007. The change was needed because the server Tom was using for his (the home of RRRosters) belonged to friend, and due to some health problems and unknown technical issues at the same time, the friend's server suddenly became unavailable. Tom gave lots of thought to the question of owning his own server and rebuilding the discussion group and all the attendent technical issues, then decided to simply start a new group on the Google Groups service.

I took over as list owner and administrator on January 1, 2008.

Tom Lundeen passed away in March 2008 from pancreatic cancer.

In August 2015, I asked for volunteers to take over the RRRosters group ownership and administration. My own activity with focused on the history of railroads in Utah, and my interest in locomotive rosters had diminished considerably. Don Strack wrote, "There are 46 members in this group, and less than five messages per month. One is always Sean Graham-White's UP update. Maybe its time to simply shut this group off."

I don't recall if I passed the list off to a new owner. The last messages I have are dated January 15, 2019, then August 8, 2019.


March 25, 2015
Bruce Mercer wrote in Message #1 of the new DieselRosterData discussion group:

It's only been 4 hours since the list was hatched and already there are 11 members! Wonderful, guys.

For those that have signed on, Welcome. For those that may follow, again Welcome. The "rules" are simple - and the idea is to exchange any data that you care to share. I hope by the weekend that we have 50 members. If that sounds somewhat exclusive, well perhaps it is. But what you share, or what you simply might read, is from a great cross-section of people, young & experienced, working or retired, who wish to keep learning.

DieselRosterData is still active (by invitation only), as of June 2024...

DieselRosterData at


I started LocoNotes in November 1998 as a forum for rail fans and locomotive fans to share information. In the fast moving world of computers and the internet, the LocoNotes discussion group from the time I started it, resided first on OneList (itself created in August 1997), then it migrated to eGroups in November 1999, then in June 2000 to YahooGroups.

In February 2001, I retained ownership, but passed the moderation duties to other persons. In October 2003, I passed the ownership of LocoNotes to the same persons. Yahoo was purchased by Verizon in 2016, and the stability and usefulness of the entire YahooGroups community began suffering from lack of support. On January 1, 2018, LocoNotes was moved from YahooGroups to

LocoNotes is still active, as of June 2024...

LocoNotes at