Newhouse Mines and Smelters Company
Newhouse, Copper Gulch & Sevier Lake Railroad

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(Based on research completed by George Pitchard.)

Lima Class C 65-3 Shay -- 1 locomotive

(Standard Gauge)

Builder Builder
Description Date
Newhouse No. 1 Lima 911 29 Aug 1904 Shay, Class C, 65 Tons, Three-trucks 1915

General Notes:

  1. ( photo)
  2. Newhouse Mines and Smelters (Newhouse, Copper Gulch & Sevier Lake Railroad) No. 1 was sold in 1915 to Cramer-Kay Machinery Co., a dealer in Salt Lake City, where it apparently sat for a year, before being sold in 1916 to the Eastern Railway & Lumber Co. at Centralia, Washington as their No. 1; sold to the S. A. Agnew Lumber Co., also as No. 1, at Centralia, Washington, in October 1942
  3. S. A. Agnew Lumber No. 1 was donated by Sam Agnew to the Puget Sound Railway Historical Society in 1964, and in May 1969, it was moved from storage to the society's site at Snoqualmie Falls, Washington (see report in Pacific News, Issue 94, August 1969). The society has since changed its name to the Northwest Railway Museum.
  4. Locomotive specifications:
  Cylinders Drivers Engine Weight
  (3) 12x15 inches 36 inches 130,000 pounds

Information from the Lima "drawing card index":

Locomotive No. 911 Plan No. 867  
Built for: Newhouse Mines & Smelters, Salt Lake City, Utah
Road No.: 1 Name: Newhouse, Copper Gulch & Sevier Lake R.R. Co.
Shipped to: (blank) Date Shipped: Aug. 29, 1904
Gauge of track: 56-1/2"  
Style of locomotive: 65-ton Shay, 3-truck Cylinders: 3 - 12x15"
Wheels, diameter: 36" (as built) Total empty weight: 108,800 lbs.
Working pressure: 200 lbs. Fuel: Coal (as built) Tank capacity: 3,000 gallons water

(Note: The Lima "Plan No." used the construction number of the first locomotive built to that particular plan, in this case construction number 867, which was the exhibition locomotive at the St. Louis ("Lewis & Clark") Exhibition in 1904.)