Stone, Gravel, Aggregates, and Utah's Railroads

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Milford Quarry (Twin Mountain Rock)

A report by way of email from Roger Beckett on March 30, 2006 mentioned that there was a gravel pit that furnished ballast for UP, via a long conveyor from the pit down to a UP spur, with a locomotive being used as a facility switcher.

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(View a Google Map of the UP spur serving the Milford quarry)

The quarry at Milford, known as Twin Mountain Rock, was first operated starting in 1998 by Peter Kiewit & Sons, which spun off its quarry business as Kiewit Materials.

Kiewit Materials was sold to Rinker Materials in September 2002. (Rinker Materials press release, dated July 10, 2002, sale to be completed on or before September 25, 2002)

"Rinker Materials Corporation, one of the largest producers of construction materials in the United States, has reached an agreement to acquire Kiewit Materials Company, the sixteenth largest aggregates producer in the United States, with operations centered in the West and Southwest." "The transaction is expected to be completed by September 30, 2002."

"Kiewit Materials' operations include 44 aggregates facilities, including eight hard rock quarries, which supplied 28 million tons of aggregate in 2001. Kiewit Materials also produced 4.7 million cubic yards of concrete in 2001 in 60 plants, and 3.4 million tons of hot-mix asphalt in 16 asphalt plants. Aggregate reserves at December 31, 2001 total over 800 million tons, with reserve life averaging over 30 years." "Approximately 80% of Kiewit Materials' operations are in Arizona..." Kiewit Materials' operations are also located near Portland, Oregon, near Vallejo and Sacramento, California, and in Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah and New Mexico.

"Kiewit Materials was spun off from the privately-owned Peter Kiewit Sons, Inc. in September 2000." "Rinker is part of the CSR Group, the world's ninth largest heavy building materials group, with sales revenue of Australian $7 billion, operating cash flow of Australian $1.4 billion and around 16,000 employees in over 600 sites across the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Asia." "Including the Kiewit Materials operations, Rinker will be the fifth largest aggregates producer in the U.S., supplying over 84 million tons per year, and the second largest producer of pre-mix concrete, supplying over 13 million cubic yards each year."

Rinker Materials was sold to Cemex in July 2007. Cemex purchased all of the interests of Rinker Materials. Cemex is one of the world's largest building materials suppliers and cement producers. Founded in Mexico in 1906, the company is based in Monterrey, Mexico. Cemex has operations extending throughout the world, with production facilities spanning 50 countries in North America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The sale was finalized after complying with U. S. Department of Justice antitrust requirements for Cemex to sell 40 percent of its newly acquired Rinker assets, which included ready-mix concrete plants in Arizona and Florida.

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