Union Pacific Steel Passenger Cars

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Official Railway Equipment Register

Until late 1915 or early 1916, the railroads of Union Pacific (UP, OSL, OWRR&N, SPLA&SL) were shown separately in the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER). At some time between August 1915 and May 1916, the equipment listings were consolidated to reflect the general 1915 Union Pacific System equipment numbering plan.

For unknown reasons, Union Pacific passenger car information was *not* included on ORER for 1938 through 1943, when the Official Register of Passenger Train Equipment (ORPTE) was first issued. Then from the March 1943 issue through the March 1971 issue, all passenger car data was published in ORPTE.

The following ORER issues were very graciously furnished by the following people.

Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER), digital copies on CD of UP (including OSL, OWRR&N, and LA&SL) pages for October 1919, December 1930, and July 1935 purchased from Westerfield.

Union Pacific
October 1905 Ed Workman
November 1906 Dick Harley
May 1912 Ed Workman
August 1915
(includes old number/new number)
Ed Workman
Oregon Short Line
July 1902 Ed Workman
January 1905 Ed Workman
March 1906 Ed Workman
November 1906 Dick Harley
July 1911 Ed Workman
August 1915
(old numbers only)
Ed Workman
Oregon Railway & Navigation Co./
Oregon & Washington/
Oregon Washing Railway & Navigation Co.
OR&N January 1905 Ed Workman
OR&N February 1905 Ed Workman
OR&N November 1906 Dick Harley
OWRR&N July 1911
(includes old number/new number
for O&W, OR&N, and NCRR )
Ed Workman
OWRR&N August 1915
(includes old number/new number
for OWRR&N and UP System )
Ed Workman
San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake/
Los Angeles & Salt Lake
SPLA&SL July 1902 Ed Workman
SPLA&SL August 1904 Ed Workman
SPLA&SL January 1905 Ed Workman
SPLA&SL February 1906 Ed Workman
SPLA&SL April 1908 Ed Workman
SPLA&SL April 1912 Ed Workman
UP System (includes OSL, OWRR&N, LA&SL)
May 1916
(includes old number/new number)
Dick Harley
September 1916
(includes old number/new number)
Ed Workman
October 1919 Westerfield CD
October 1922 Dick Harley
December 1922 Ed Workman
June 1924 Dick Harley
February 1925 Dick Harley
November 1925 ???
January 1926 Ed Workman
June 1926 Dick Harley
October 1927 Dick Harley
September 1928 Dick Harley
February 1929 Dick Harley
May 1929 ???
December 1930 Westerfield CD
May 1932 ???
July 1932 Dick Harley
July 1935 Westerfield CD
October 1937 ???