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This page was last updated on January 26, 2023.

UtahRails Photo Albums -- A collection of photos and photo albums, including photos of historical subjects and detail photos for modeling purposes.

Dave England Photos -- A collection of photos taken by Dave England, along with photos from his collection.

Emil Albrecht Photos -- Information about Emil Albrecht, and the wonderful photos he took of railroading in Utah. Includes a link to online photo albums.

Gordon Cardall Photos -- Information about Gordon Cardall and his photos. Includes links to six separate online photo albums with his photos.

Jim Ady Photos -- Information about Jim Ady and his photos. Includes a link to an online album of 207 Jim Ady photos.

Rick Burn Photos -- A collection of 122 photos by Rick Burn, taken during his time here in Utah in 1969-1972. The photos have previously been shared on Trainorders.com, and are shared here on UtahRails with permission from Rick Burn.

Vic Oberhansley Photos -- A collection of photos by Vic Oberhansley, taken in the period of the late 1950s through the 1970s. Includes a large set of amazing passenger car photos. The photos have been scanned from a wide variety of prints of all sizes, black & white and color negatives from 35mm to 616, and 35mm color slides. These photos are made available through the courtesy of Ralph Gochnour, a good friend of Vic's for many years, and who has kept Vic's photos safe after Vic passed away in 1987.

Tech Talk

Tech Talk - Photos -- How I scan color slides, and color and black & white photo prints.

Other Photo Sites

Rob Sarberenyi's Diesel Walk-Around Series

Dick Harley's Photos -- Photos of freight cars and freight car models, with a focus on Pacific Fruit Express. Also includes images of painting diagrams for Union Pacific locomotives and cars.