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Here at UtahRails.net, our aim is to provide in-depth historical information about railroading in Utah.

Of course, any story about Utah's railroads must also include background information about the industries the railroads serve, so you will also find information about mining companies, canning companies, and grain and flour mills and elevators, and eventually, any company that shipped anything in a railroad car.

You will also find extensive research and information about the various mining districts in Utah, and the railroads that served them directly.

Along with Utah's fascinating railroad history, we also have available lots of history of the equipment of Utah's railroads, such as locomotives, cabooses, passenger cars, and freight cars, for railroads that operated in Utah, including Union Pacific, D&RGW, Utah Railway, and Kennecott Copper.

At times it seems we've only scratched the surface, but progress is being made. This is truly a work in progress, so please come back often.

Index Pages

Utah Railroads -- Information about the history of railroading in Utah, along with other information about Utah's history, including railroad-related industrial and business history.

Union Pacific -- Information about Union Pacific Railroad, its history, its operations in Utah, and its locomotive and caboose fleets.

Rio Grande -- Information about D&RGW diesel locomotives and cabooses, and Rio Grande in Utah.

Utah Railway -- Information about Utah Railway, including full rosters of the road's steam and diesel locomotives. Also included is the history of Utah Railway as part of the coal mines that the company served beginning in 1912.

Southern Pacific -- Information about Southern Pacific in Utah, including some limited SP locomotive information.

Western Pacific -- Information about Western Pacific in Utah, including some limited WP locomotive information.

UTA's TRAX and Frontrunner -- Information about Utah Transit Authority's TRAX light rail and Frontrunner commuter rail, including information about older street railroads and buses.

Streetcars and Street Railroads -- An index page for Street Railroads, Streetcars and Trolleys in Utah, including the streetcars of Salt Lake City, Ogden, Logan, and Provo, along with information about the bus systems in Utah (Salt Lake City Lines, UTA, etc.).

Bingham Canyon -- "To Move A Mountain" A web page with narrative history and research notes about railroads and mining in Utah's Bingham Canyon, including Kennecott Utah Copper's railroad locomotives.

Utah Coal -- "Utah Fuels The West" A web page with narrative history and research notes about Utah's coal mining industry, and the railroads that served it.

Manuscripts -- An index page of electronic versions of the important academic dissertations and theses that have been completed about Utah railroads, including Reeder (1970), Johnson (1947), and Adkins (1978).

Locomotive Notes -- Information about diesel locomotives, including information about the history of EMD and Alco.

Andre Kristopans GM Data -- The main index page for Andre's former "GM Locomotive Serial Numbers Page," previously hosted at MSN TV (formerly WebTV).

Andre Kristopans Bus Data -- A separate index page for bus data compiled by Andre Kristopans.

On-Line Articles -- On-line versions (text-only) of many of my books and magazine articles, up/dated and edited for publication to the web.

Passenger Cars -- An index for passenger cars and passenger trains.

Print Publications -- Information about the books and magazine articles that I have had published.

Rosters -- Rosters of locomotives and other equipment, including UP locomotive, UP, cabooses, UP passenger cars.

Buses -- Index page for bus information.

Highways -- Information about the highway projects that affected the railroads of Utah.

Maps -- Maps of locations for railroads in Utah.

PDF -- An index page for PDF files that relate to Utah railroads.

Other Information

Western Railfan Publications -- An informal commentary about the rise and fall of print-to-paper railfan publications.

This and That -- Thoughts and comments about random subjects, previous published in 2007-2015 on the now-retired UtahRails blog.

AAR Reporting Marks -- Information about AAR reporting marks, past and present.


Utah Digital Newspaper project -- One of the leaders in the effort to digitize newspapers. Based in Salt Lake City, at University of Utah.

Google News, Deseret News Archive -- Change the yyyymmdd from 19840627 to your desired date.

Newspapers.com -- A subscription site for digital newspapers. based in Lindon, Utah; affiliated with Ancestry.com.

NewspaperArchive.com -- A subscription site for digital newspapers. Based in San Diego, California.


UtahRails Photo Albums -- A collection of photos and photo albums, including photos of historical subjects and detail photos for modeling purposes.

Other Photo Albums -- An index page of links to additional photo sites

Emil Albrecht Photos -- Information about Emil Albrecht, and the wonderful photos he took of railroading in Utah; includes a link to online photo albums.

Tech Talk - Photos -- How I scan color slides, and color and black & white photo prints.


Audio -- An index page of links to songs and sounds available at UtahRails.net.

Railroad Audio -- Information about the variety of vinyl LPs, cassettes and CD products that have been available, reproducing the sounds of railroading.

Tech Talk - Audio -- How I do audio.


Videos -- An index page of links to videos available at UtahRails.net.

Tech Talk - Video -- How I do video.

Links -- Links to other web sites that I recommend and that I use on a regular basis.