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Removal of Plate 'C' Stenciling

During a recent business car trip, F. D. Acord observed that many outfit cars were stenciled with 'Place C' markings, and issued an instruction on September 24, 1973 that said stenciling was to be removed immediately.

This applied specifically to cars in the derrick consists at all terminals. Following (incomplete) list shows the derrick consist location, and the date of completion.

Location Date Note
Los Angeles September 25, 1973  
Nampa September 28, 1973  
Spokane September 25, 1973  
Las Vegas September 25, 1973 UP 909334, 904204, 904237
Hinkle September 25, 1973  
Ogden September 25, 1973  
Pocatello September 25, 1973  

On October 12, 1973, an additional instruction was issued to remove the 'Plate C' stenciling from all "MOFW" cars. Following (incomplete) list shows each car's number and location at the time it was reported as having the stenciling removed.

(These 28 cars are former arch-roof heavyweight Baggage cars, rebuilt to heavy duty flat cars in the F-70-26 class.)

Car Number Location
UP 909401 Spofford
UP 909402 Seneca
UP 909403 Valley
UP 909404 Heppner
UP 909405 Valley
UP 909406 Valley
UP 909407 Wamsutter
UP 909411 Spofford
UP 909414 Los Angeles
UP 909415 Ogallala
UP 909416 Ogallala
UP 909419 Portland
UP 909420 Chatcalet
UP 909421 Marysville
UP 909423 North Platte
UP 909425 Chatcalet
UP 909427 Pocatello
UP 909428 Namorf
UP 909431 Kansas City
UP 909432 Ogallala
UP 909436 Point of Rocks
UP 909437 Salt Lake
UP 909438 Black Wolf
UP 909440 Salt Lake
UP 909441 Ogallala
UP 909442 Cozad
UP 909443 Chatcalet
UP 909444 Pocatello

On November 2, 1973, instructions were issued to remove the 'Plate C' stenciling from "MOFW" baggage cars. The following list shows the cars completed during late January and early February 1974, and their locations.

(These 27 cars are former passenger Baggage cars in the 5600 and 5700 series, converted to Roadway use in 1970.)

Car Number Location Note
UP 904209 Pocatello  
UP 904210 Idaho Falls  
UP 904211 Emmett  
UP 904212 Idaho Falls  
UP 904217 Pocatello  
UP 904221 Pocatello  
UP 904229 Laramie  
UP 904237 Archer MP&M Derrick Service
UP 904238 Quigley MP&M Derrick Service
UP 904239 Cheyenne  
UP 904240 Rawlins MP&M Derrick Service
UP 904242 Sandpoint Communications Dept.
UP 904248 North Platte  
UP 904249 Fairbury  
UP 904250 Salt Lake Communications Dept.
UP 904251 North Platte  
UP 904253 Kansas City MofW Dept.
UP 904256 Blackfoot  
UP 904260 Topeka  
UP 904266 Columbus  
UP 904268 Valley  
UP 904276 Soda Springs  
UP 904277 Dunn MofW Dept.
UP 904278 Weiser  
UP 904279 Grand Island  
UP 904283 Council Bluffs  
UP 904284 Grand Island