Cheyenne & Northern Railway

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The Cheyenne & Northern Railway Company was incorporated under the laws of the Territory of Wyoming on March 1, 1886. It proposed to build and operate a railroad from Cheyenne to Fort Laramie and beyond, through Wyoming and Montana Territories to connect with the Northern Pacific Railroad, and on to the United States-Canadian border.

The first fifty miles of track was laid and placed in operation in 1886. Another seventy-five miles of track was completed the following year to Wendover.

The line was owned and operated by the Union Pacific from 1887 to 1890. The line was part of the 1890 consolidation from which emerged the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf Railway Company.

As part of the UPD&G, the Cheyenne & Northern was extended from Wendover to Orin Junction, where it connected with the Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railway (later the Chicago & Northwestern).

In 1898 the former Cheyenne & Northern became part of the Colorado & Southern Railway Company.

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The Cheyenne & Northern is part of this steam locomotive roster because of the five former Denver Pacific 4-4-0s that were sold to the Cheyenne & Northern in 1887.