Union Pacific Subsidiaries

Coalmont Branch, Wyoming Division

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Laramie, North Park & Western Railroad

The following comes from Union Pacific Steam, Eastern District, by James L. Ehernberger and Francis G. Gschwing:

UP's Coalmont Branch was built in 1901 by the Laramie, Hahn's Peak & Pacific Railway; completed between Laramie, Wyoming and Centennial, Wyoming in 1907; extended to Coalmont, Colorado in 1911; total distance of 111 miles; reorganized as Laramie & Routt County Railroad; reorganized as Colorado, Wyoming & Eastern Railroad in 1914; reorganized as Northern Colorado & Eastern Railroad; reorganized as Laramie, North Park & Western Railroad in June 1924.

On January 1, 1936 as part of the overall lease of OSL, LA&SL and OWRR&N, to which Laramie, North Park & Western Railroad and Pacific & Idaho Northern Railway protested, the ICC forced UP to purchase 24,964.4 of the 25,000 shares of LNP&W, along with 100 percent of Pacific & Idaho Northern Railway. (Moody's Transportation Manual, 1959, page 840) (Read more about the P&IN)

As part of the application, when UP applied for control of the St. Joseph & Grand Island, it was protested by the Pacific & Idaho Northern Railway, and Laramie, North Park & Western Railroad; UP was forced to purchase both the P&IN and the LNP&W. The UP purchased 99.7 percent (24,946.4 of the 25,000 common shares) of the LNP&W and the OSL bought 100 percent of the shares of the P&IN. (The Streamliner, Volume 2, Number 1, January 1986, page 37, Q&A 4)

LNP&W was controlled by Union Pacific after 1936. The line was operated as UP's Coalmont Branch beginning on December 1, 1951. The portion of line between Walden and Coalmont was abandoned in 1955. Purchase and operation of Laramie, North Park & Western Railroad by UP was approved and authorized by the federal Interstate Commerce Commission on September 26, 1951. (ICC Finance docket No. 17331)

In November 1987, Union Pacific sold the 92-mile Coalmont Branch to Wyoming Colorado Railroad (WYCO) and short line service between Laramie and Walden started on December 19, 1987. For its first motive power, WYCO leased three former Alaska EMD carbody F units. The two cab units were numbered as Alaska 1510 and 1512, and they kept their numbers WYCO units. The cabless booster unit was Alaska 1511, as well as WYCO 1511. The units were leased from Mountain Diesel Transportation, and later purchased the three locomotives. (Railfan & Railroad magazine, September 2015)

November 30, 1987
Union Pacific made its last run on the Coalmont Branch.

Laramie, North Park & Western Railroad 2-8-2 -- 5 locomotives

Builder Builder
LNP&W 4 LHP&P 4 CW&E 4 Baldwin 36661 Jul 1911 Jun 1947
LNP&W 5 LHP&P 5 CW&E 5 Baldwin 36786 Jul 1911  
LNP&W 6 LHP&P 6 CW&E 6 Baldwin 37120 Oct 1911 Jun 1947
LNP&W 7 LHP&P 7 CW&E 7 Baldwin 37121 Oct 1911 Jun 1947
LNP&W 8 CW&E 8   Baldwin 47486 Jan 1918  


  • Drive Wheel Diameter: 48 inches
  • Cylinders: 20x28 inches

General Notes:

  1. Union Pacific Coalmont Branch
  2. Built as Laramie, Hahn's Peak & Pacific Railway in 1911; to Colorado, Wyoming & Eastern Railroad in 1914; to Laramie, North Park & Western Railroad in June 1924.