Union Pacific Diesel AFEs, 1940-1957

Union Pacific Diesel Authority For Expenditure (AFE), 1940-1957

Compiled by Don Strack

Notes from Omaha research trip, May 3-5, 1995

AFE = Authority For Expenditure, the final approval from New York for Omaha to spend money.

Accounted for under ICC Class 36 - New Equipment, and ICC Class 43 - Improvements to Existing Equipment.

March 1940
Purchase one 1,000 horsepower diesel switch locomotive. Total cost of $86,000. To be used at Omaha and Council Bluffs. (AFE 11, approved March 4, 1940)

(UP 1000 delivered October 1939; sold to UP March 1940)

April 1940
Proposed to purchase 15 diesel locomotives. EMD letter of March 21, 1940 offered 10 or 15, "including the one which we now have," with 96 monthly (8 years) payments, with 1-3/4 percent interest (not a lease or an equipment trust). President Jeffers recommended purchase of 10 locomotives, with an estimation that they would allow at least a 10 percent greater availability than steam. (1940 budget item 152, approved April 2, 1940)

(UP 1000-1014)

May 1940
Purchase nine 1,000 horsepower diesel switch locomotives. Total cost of $82,071 each. To be used in the Omaha terminal. (AFE 28, approved May 15, 1940)

(UP 1001-1009, delivered in May 1940)

July 1940
Purchase five 1,000 horsepower diesel switch locomotives. Total cost of $81,912 each. (AFE 76, approved July 24, 1940)

(UP 1010-1014, delivered in July 1940)

August 1940
Purchase three 4,000 horsepower diesel locomotives, consisting of two 2,000 horsepower units back to back. Total cost of $186,201 each; eight years to pay. Purchase approved July 25, 1940. (AFE 100, approved August 20, 1940)

(EMC E6As 7-M-1A, -2A to 9-M-1A, -2A, delivered in August 1940)

December 1940
Purchase 10 1,000 horsepower diesel switch locomotives; $78,500 each. (AFE 147, dated February 2, 1941, approved December 3, 1940)

(UP 1015-1024, delivered December 1940 to March 1941)

December 1941
Purchase 25 1,000 horsepower diesel switch locomotives. (AFE 308, approved December 3, 1941)

(UP 1025-1035, delivered October 1941 to July 1942; 11 units delivered, remaining 14 canceled by War Production Board.)

Wartime restrictions
The War Production Board allowed General Motors to build only nine units of this order (UP 1027-1035); in addition to two units (UP 1025, 1026) already delivered in October 1941, before the wartime restrictions were put into place. By the time the restrictions came in late May, five units, UP 1027-1031, had already been delivered, in May and early June. The remaining four units were to be delivered by June 1942. (UP 1032-1035 were actually delivered in July 1942.) The original 25-unit purchase was approved the UP Executive Committee on August 12, 1941, and the purchase agreement signed with EMD on October 6, 1941. (Letter, Jeffers to Charske, June 6, 1942)

February 1945
Purchase 26 1,000 horsepower diesel switch locomotives. Ten units from Alco (UP 1119-1128), 15 units from EMD (UP 1036-1050), and one from Fairbanks-Morse (UP 1300). Total cost of $2,080,000. (AFE 44, approved February 23, 1945)

(UP 1119-1128 delivered in June - July 1945)
(UP 1036-1050 delivered May - July 1946)
(UP 1300 delivered June 1945)

May 1945
Purchase 13 2,000 horsepower diesel passenger locomotives (six E7As and seven E7Bs): three for City of San Francisco (UP 907A, 908B, 909B); three for City of Los Angeles (UP 927A, 928B, 929B); two for the new City of Portland (UP 930A, 931A); and five for Kansas City to Denver, plus a spare (UP 959A, 960A, 961B, 962B, 963B). (AFE 159, approved May 6, 1945)

(All units delivered August 1946)

June 1945
Purchase 25 1,000 horsepower diesel switch locomotives from Alco. (AFE 234, approved June 26, 1945)

(UP 1129-1153, delivered August 1945 to January 1946)

August 1945
Purchase one 6,000 horsepower combination freight and passenger locomotive from Fairbanks-Morse, for service between Salt Lake City, Utah, and Los Angeles, California, to eliminate the use of helper locomotives. Total cost of $600,000. Purchase approved based on satisfactory performance in high speed passenger service. Locomotive geared too high for freight service, and too low for passenger service; convert to 104 mph gearing for passenger service. (AFE 282, approved August 31, 1945)

(UP 50-M A-B-A set delivered December 1945, converted to passenger service in May 1946)

October 1945
Purchase one 6,000 horsepower combination passenger and freight locomotive from Baldwin, consisting of two units, for service between Salt Lake City, Utah, and Los Angeles, California. Total cost of $600,000. Expected delivery in third quarter 1946; promised for August 1946, changed to August 1947. Order canceled in April 1947 after a representative found, upon visiting the Baldwin factory in March 1947, that no material was marked for the locomotive, or that there were any "lay down plans." (Ordered by Jeffers, canceled by Ashby, after Jeffers' retirement in January 1946)(AFE 314, approved October 24, 1945)(Baldwin Centipede locomotives)

January 1947
Purchase 29 1,000 horsepower diesel switch locomotives, 25 from EMD and four from Fairbanks-Morse. (AFE 5, approved January 12, 1947)

(UP 1051-1075 delivered February to June 1947; UP 1301-1304 delivered January-February 1947)

January 1947
Purchase 133 diesel locomotives: 42 EMD freight A units; 30 EMD freight B units; five EMD passenger A units; 10 EMD passenger B units; 24 Alco freight A units; 16 Alco freight B units; four Alco passenger A units; and two Alco passenger B units. Total cost of $20,480,000. Purchase approved on December 16, 1946. (AFE 6, approved January 12, 1947)

(UP 1400A-1409A delivered May and October 1947)(reduced from 42 units to 10 units)
(UP 1442B-1451B delivered May and October 1947)(reduced from 30 units to 10 units)
(UP 964A-968A delivered September - October 1947)
(UP 969B-978B delivered September - October 1947)
(UP 1500A-1523A delivered June 1947 - February 1948)
(UP 1524B-1539B delivered June 1947 - February 1948)
(UP 994A-997A delivered September 1947)
(UP 998B, 999B delivered September 1947)

April 1947
Purchase three 480 horsepower one-man diesel switch locomotives. One has been testing on UP for 30 days. (AFE 97, approved April 29, 1947)

(UP 1399 delivered March 28, 1947, sold to UP May 8, 1947; other two units not delivered)

April 1947
Purchase one 1,500 horsepower six axle road switcher from Alco. Already on railroad as a 60-day test. Tested at Laramie and on the Laramie, North Park & Western, and on the branches in Washington. Purchase of locomotive will allow retirement of LNP&W coal and fuel facilities, and four steam locomotives. This locomotive can handle 450 tons more than the steam locomotive, and reduce the necessity of doubling on grades. (AFE 98, approved April 29, 1947)

(UP 1190 built February 1947; sold to UP March 19, 1948)

September 1947
Purchase five 1,500 all-purpose diesel locomotives and five 2,000 heavy-duty diesel locomotives from Fairbanks-Morse. Two of the 2,000 heavy-duty locomotives (UP 1365, 1366) were already built and in demonstration service. (AFE 227, approved September 1, 1947)

(UP 1325-1329 delivered April - May 1948)
(UP 1360-1364 delivered August 1947)

October 1947
Diesel operations were proving to be so successful that Ashby recommended the purchase of additional diesel power for the earliest possible delivery. Orders for new locomotives were spread among the builders based on their ability to make early delivery. Thirty-two additional 6,000 horsepower freight locomotives would allow diesel operations west of Green River, Wyoming, and between Salt Lake City, Utah, and Pocatello, Idaho. Six 6,000 horsepower passenger locomotives would allow diesel operation of all regular and extra passenger trains west of Green River, Wyoming. Twenty-five 1,000 horsepower switching locomotives would allow substitution of steam in North Platte, Nebraska, and Denver, Colorado, and UP's share of Ogden, Utah, operations. (Letter, Ashby to Charske, October 10, 1947)

January 1948
Purchase 188 diesel locomotives; 15 Alco road switch units; 48 Alco freight units; eight Alco passenger units; five Baldwin switch units; 36 EMD freight A units; 44 EMD freight B units; 20 EMD switch units; six EMD passenger A units; six EMD passenger B units. Purchased approved on October 23, 1947. (AFE 302, approved January 15, 1948)

(UP 1180-1189 delivered March - April 1948)
(UP 1191-1195 delivered February 1948 - January 1949)
(UP 1624-1643, 1616B,C-1642B,C delivered February - September 1948)
(UP 604-607, 604B-607B delivered January 1949)
(UP 1206-1210 delivered September 1948)
(UP 1410-1441 delivered January - March 1948)(Quantity changed from 36 to 31)
(UP 1410B,C-1458B,C delivered January - September 1948)(Quantity changed from 44 to 49)
(UP 1076-1095 delivered March - September 1948)
(UP 905-910 delivered May - June 1948)
(UP 905B,C-909B,C delivered May - June 1948)

January 1948
Add dynamic braking to five 2,000 horsepower heavy duty locomotives assigned to Kelso and San Bernardino, California, helper service. To reduce brake shoe wear and hazard of wheel failures due to overheating, when returning light on heavy descending grades. Total cost of $20,000. (AFE 3, approved January 5, 1948)

February 1948
Purchase one 1,500 horsepower road switch locomotive from Baldwin. Locomotive to be shipped at once from Parsons, Kansas, to Omaha, Nebraska, between January 25 and February 1. Total cost of $137,000, reduced to $134,000 after painting and minor repairs to be done by Omaha shops. Locomotive demonstrated on UP during summer 1947 and performed well. Baldwin would not sell it to UP right away due to commitments already made to test the unit on other roads. (AFE 24, approved February 18, 1948)

(UP 1250 built February 1946; sold to UP January 1948)

December 1948
Acquire exclusive ownership of 39 jointly owned units of streamlined passenger trains, and retire UP's undivided interest in 21 jointly owned units. Acquire 14 diesel power plants, two extra main propulsion engines, and 23 cars. Retire six power units, two extra main propulsion engines, and 13 cars. Settlement based on values as of August 31, 1948. C&NW was paid an additional $124,987. The City of Denver remained as jointly owned with C&NW because its equipment was not interchangeable with the other trains. (AFE 266, approved December 13, 1948)

February 1950
Purchase five passenger A units (UP 926-930), five passenger B units (UP 926B-930B), and 25 1,200 switchers (UP 1800-1824). Passenger units to be assigned to Trains 37-38 between Denver, Colorado, and Ogden, Utah, and Trains 3-4 between Green River, Wyoming, and Ogden, Utah. Switchers to be assigned to fully dieselize principle terminals on Northwestern District, and augment diesel units already assigned to Eastern District. (AFE 17, approved February 9, 1950)

(UP 926-930, 926B-930B delivered May - August 1950)
(UP 1800-1824 delivered August - November 1950)

April 1950
Convert 20 EMD locomotives (UP 1400-1463) from 62:15 gear ratio to 65:12 gear ratio, to increase tonnage rating on 1.1 percent grade from 875 tons to 1,165 tons. (AFE 48, approved April 14, 1950)

July 1950
Convert 20 EMD locomotives (UP 1400-1463) from 62:15 gear ratio to 65:12 gear ratio, to increase tonnage rating on 1.1 percent grade from 875 tons to 1,165 tons. (AFE 258, approved July 20, 1950)

August 1950
Purchase three 1,600 horsepower road switching locomotives from Fairbanks-Morse. Total cost of $138,000 each. Purchase of these locomotive would permit the release of 2,000 horsepower switchers to heavier service at the retarder yard at North Platte, Nebraska. (AFE 294, approved August 16, 1950)

(UP 1340-1342 delivered August 1950)

October 1950
Convert 20 EMD locomotives (UP 1400-1463) from 62:15 gear ratio to 65:12 gear ratio, to increase tonnage rating on 1.1 percent grade from 875 tons to 1,165 tons. (AFE 411, approved October 27, 1950)

October 1950
In an AFE to add two-channel radios, it was stated that the Fairbanks-Morse H20s were "proving to be quite satisfactory" on the North Platte, Nebraska, and Pocatello, Idaho, retarder yard humps. (AFE 387, approved October 15, 1950)

November 1950
Purchase 15 1,500 horsepower freight units (five A units and 10 B units) from EMD. Ordered from General Motors on November 20, 1950. To be delivered in March 1951. Price increase for the A units from $164,222 to $172,392, and for the B units from $150,147 to $157,531. To replace steam locomotives between Pocatello, Idaho, and Green River, Wyoming, and between Pocatello and Salt Lake City, Utah. Diesel locomotives will permit increased tonnage from 1,200 tons per train to 1,500 tons per train, eliminating one train per day in each direction, and "to more or less round out our Northwestern District assignment. They will go into the Pocatello pool to fill out Pocatello to Salt Lake, and Pocatello to Green River assignments." (AFE 421, approved November 9, 1950)

December 1950
Purchase ten 4,500 horsepower GTE locomotives. For service between Green River, Wyoming, and Ogden, Utah. (AFE 432, approved December 7, 1950)

(UP 51-60 delivered January 1952 - August 1953)

February 1951
Purchase six Baldwin 1,600 horsepower heavy duty diesel road switching locomotives. For heavy switching in retarder yards and principle terminals. (AFE 19, approved February 16, 1951)

Two Baldwin 1,600 horsepower heavy duty diesel road switching locomotives were to be assigned to North Platte, Nebraska, two were to be assigned to Pocatello, Idaho, and two to St. Joseph, Missouri, to Marysville, Kansas, service. The two units to be assigned to St. Joseph service would allow the retirement of steam locomotives, saving $100,000 over the first year in steam locomotive maintenance and facilities. St. Joseph Terminal was using diesel switchers and AT&SF had replaced their steam locomotives in the St. Joseph area with diesels. The Fairbanks-Morse 2,000 horsepower units at the North Platte retarder yard were not performing with satisfaction, as their starting tractive effort of 63,000 pounds was the same as a 1,000 horsepower unit. The new Baldwin units would have 97,500 pounds starting tractive effort and should be ideal for hump service, and would release four 1,000 horsepower switchers for assignment to other important terminals, which in turn will release eight steam locomotives. (Letter, Stoddard to Charske, February 26, 1951)

(UP 1260-1265 delivered December 1951 to January 1952)

March 1951
Purchase eight 2,400 horsepower two-unit diesel locomotives, with 65:12 gear ratio. To release eight steam locomotives assigned to helper service between San Bernardino and [Cajon] Summit, California, and between Kelso and Cima, California. Six of the steam locomotives were in the 5000-class, rated at 1,050 tons on the 2.2 percent grade to Summit. Six of the new diesel locomotives are to be assigned to San Bernardino to replace these six steam locomotives. Two of the new diesel locomotives are to be assigned to Kelso to release three 2,000 Fairbanks-Morse units to local service on the Idaho Division, in turn releasing additional steam locomotives in that assignment. The helper assignment at Kelso required two 2,000 horsepower units. Replacing them with two 2,400 horsepower units would result in additional economies. Total cost of $1,720,000. (AFE 34, approved March 1, 1951)

(UP 1870-1877B delivered September - October 1951)

April 1951
Purchase 30 1,500 horsepower diesel locomotives (10 A units and 20 B units) to replace steam locomotives between Milford and Provo, Utah, and between Salt Lake City, Utah, and Pocatello, Idaho. (AFE 42, approved April 2, 1951)

(UP 1471-1480 delivered October 1951; 1476B,C-1494B,C delivered October - November 1951)

December 1951
Convert two F3A units and one F3B unit to F7 locomotives, by changing from 62:15 gear ratio to 65:12 gear ratio, and by upgrading the transition on each unit. All three units had been wrecked at Orchard, Idaho. (AFE 348, approved December 14, 1951)

(UP 1504, 1553, 1530B, 1558B wrecked at Orchard, Idaho, November 25, 1951; rebuilt to F7s by EMD as UP 1464, 1465, 1464B, 1464C in March - April 1952)

April 1952
Convert 54 F3 locomotives to F7 locomotives by changing from 62:15 gear ratio to 65:12 gear ratio, and by changing from manual transition to automatic transition. This conversion would make the tonnage handling capacity of these 54 locomotives operating in the Huntington district equivalent to 14 additional locomotives, as determined by actual tests. (AFE 54, approved April 3, 1952)

April 1952
Install dynamic braking on eight 2,400 horsepower two-unit helper locomotives. To increase power availability by permitting these locomotives to return light on heavy descending grades at 40 mph instead of 20 mph, and to reduce brake shoe wear and reduce damage to wheels resulting from excessive braking. Total cost of $72,000. (AFE 65, approved April 17, 1952)

(Dynamic braking added to UP 1870-1877 in August - September 1952)

April 1952
Increase ballast on 84 EMD F3 locomotives, and change manual transition to automatic transition. This change will increase each unit's tonnage rating, equivalent to eight additional locomotives for the entire 84 unit fleet. (AFE 75, approved April 25, 1952)

May 1952
Add multiple unit controls to six 1,500 horsepower Alco road switcher locomotives. To avoid the use of helpers from Spokane, Washington, to Kellogg, Idaho, and from Spokane to Mica, and from Kellogg to Watts, all in the Spokane-Wallace-Tekoa pool. Estimated savings of $4,000 per month. (AFE 115, approved May 19, 1952)

(Apparently, only four units were actually completed: UP 1281, 1282, 1287, and 1289.)

June 1952
Acquire one 2,250 horsepower E8 locomotive rebuilt from serviceable parts reclaimed from a wreck-damaged 2,000 horsepower E7 locomotive. UP settled with C&NW on the value of the wrecked unit. Later examination found usable components. EMD offered to rebuild the unit, with a new E8 warranty. Cost of $277,000, including $62,789 in value of parts re-used. (AFE 145, approved June 5, 1952)

(C&NW E7A 5007B wrecked on UP in September 1951 at Wyuta, Utah. UP E8A 925 delivered June 1952.)

June 1952
Rebuild three 1,500 horsepower F7 locomotives (one A unit and two B units) wrecked at Green River, Wyoming, on March 24, 1951. Cost of $527,000, including $76,147 in value of parts re-used. (AFE 154, approved June 17, 1952)

(UP 1466, 1466B, 1466C delivered March 1951; wrecked March 24, 1951; delivered June 1952)

June 1952
Add auxiliary uncoupling levers to 55 Alco, 11 Baldwin, and five F-M switchers. (AFE 172, approved June 26, 1952)

September 1952
Purchase four 1,500 horsepower F7 units (two A units and two B units). Total cost of $703,000. (AFE 277, approved September 13, 1952)

EMD advised that the units were under construction and "after a couple weeks of demonstration in the latter part of the month, it can make delivery of the four units to us during the first week of October." (Letter, Stoddard to Charske, September 13, 1952)

(UP 1481, 1482, 1596B, 1496C delivered October 1952)

September 1952
Purchase 15 4,500 horsepower GTE locomotives. (AFE 280, approved September 15, 1952)

(UP 61-75 delivered March - October 1954)

October 1952
Purchase 22 2,250 horsepower E8 passenger locomotives (eight A units (UP 931-939) and 14 B units (UP 931B-944B); 10 1,500 horsepower GP7 road switch locomotives (UP 100-109); and 22 1,200 horsepower SW9 switch locomotives (UP 1825-1846). (AFE 301, approved October 13, 1952)

(UP 931-939 delivered March - April 1953)
(UP 931B-944B delivered February - March 1953)
(UP 700-709 delivered February - March 1953)
(UP 1825-1846 delivered April 1953)

December 1952
Purchase one 1,500 horsepower F7A. Total cost of $179,500. EMD constructed the unit for experimental purposes and it has had little road use, and would be sold to UP with a new locomotive warranty. (AFE 346, approved December 5, 1952)

(UP 1483 delivered January 1953)

February 1953
Purchase 10 1,500 horsepower EMD SD7 locomotives. Total cost of $2,150,000. (AFE 12, approved February 3, 1953)

The 10 SD7 locomotives would be used for handling Iron Mountain to Milford, Utah, business, and for heavy switching at the Geneva steel plant. Seven units were to be assigned to the South-Central District, and three units were to be assigned to effect economical operation of various branches, other than on the South-Central District. (Letter, Stoddard to Charske, February 3, 1953)

February 1953
Purchase nine 2,250 horsepower EMD E8 locomotives (four A units and five B units). To eliminate steam power on Trains 5-6 between Omaha, Nebraska, and Salt Lake City, Utah, and on Trains 23-24 between Omaha and Ogden, Utah. Additional power was needed because C&NW had elected to stop run-through of power on the Streamliners. (AFE 13, approved February 3, 1953)

(UP 940-942 delivered May 1953)(Reduced from four units to three units)
(UP 945B-949B delivered April 1953)

February 1953
Add metal running boards over cooling fans on 172 Alco and 37 F-M road and switching units. To prevent walking on the netting, per a request of the ICC inspectors after an employee of another company was injured when welds holding the netting came loose. (AFE 16, approved February 11, 1953)

March 1953
Convert eight freight 1400-class F3 units and 27 passenger 900-class F3 units to freight 1400-class F7 units, including improved traction motors, heavier wiring, heavier ballast, and upgraded transition. All units currently assigned to passenger service. Change of service made possible by purchase of 31 E8 passenger units. (AFE 37, approved March 13, 1953)

May 1953
Purchase 10 1,500 horsepower EMD GP7 locomotives. Total cost of $1,720,000. To effect economies in operation. (AFE 97, approved May 8, 1953)

Ten GP7s would be assigned to the Nampa (Idaho) Branch. Ten GP7s would be assigned to through trains between North Platte, Nebraska, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, and between Denver, Colorado, and Salina, Kansas, to enable the retirement of all steam facilities. (Letter, Stoddard to Tracy, May 11, 1953)

(UP 710-719 delivered June - August 1953)

July 1953
Purchase 10 1,500 horsepower EMD GP7 locomotives. Total cost of $1,720,000. To effect economies in operation. (AFE 184, approved July 1, 1953)

(UP 720-729 delivered October 1953)

August 1953
Purchase 20 1,200 horsepower yard switchers. Total cost of $2,120,000 ($106,000 each). (AFE 256, approved August 19, 1953)

(UP 1847-1866 delivered October - November 1953)

October 1953
Purchase 15 2,250 horsepower EMD E8 (changed to E9) locomotives (five A units and 10 B units); 190 1,500 EMD GP7 (changed to GP9) locomotives (115 A units and 75 B units). Ordered on October 17, 1953, order accepted by EMD on October 26, 1953. Models changed to E9 and GP9 as they would not be built until after January 1, 1954, when the new models were to begin production. UP accepted the change on November 2, 1953. (AFE 306, approved October 7, 1953)

Explaining why EMD locomotives were being purchased in AFE 306, rather than locomotives from other builders, Stoddard cited his November 4, 1952, letter to Harriman, saying that Alco locomotives cost 41.7 percent greater than EMD; EMD was more dependable; and that Alco locomotives require changeout of 75 percent of their components after 150,000 miles, taking 10 days of shop time, compared to EMD locomotives requiring only an engine change after 445,000 miles, taking just 20 hours of shop time. (Letter, Stoddard to Lovett, October 22, 1953)

November 1953
Based on an article in the November 9 issue of Railway Age, Lovett asked Stoddard why UP was sticking with an obsolete model. (Letter, Lovett to Stoddard, November 11, 1953)

(UP 943-947 delivered May - June 1954)
(UP 950B-959B delivered May - June 1954)
(UP 130-204 delivered February - April 1954)(75 units)
(UP 130B-204B delivered February - April 1954)
(UP 205-244 delivered January 1954)(40 units)

December 1953
Add multiple unit controls to six 1870-class 2,400 horsepower two unit locomotives, for possible reassignment to the Northwestern District. (AFE 326, approved December 3, 1953)

February 1955
Purchase 16 2,400 horsepower EMD E9 locomotives (nine A units and 7 B units). Total cost of $4,159,000. (AFE 27, approved February 3, 1955)

(UP 948-956 delivered May - June 1955)
(UP 960-966B delivered May - June 1955)

February 1955
Purchase 20 1,000 horsepower Alco switch locomotives. Total cost of $2,160,000 ($108,000 each). (AFE 34, approved February 15, 1955)

(UP 1154-1173 delivered June - July 1955)

February 1955
Purchase 14 2,400 horsepower EMD E9 locomotives (six A units and 8 B units). These 14 units, plus the 16 units from AFE 27, would allow the conversion to freight service of 14 Alco and 13 Fairbanks-Morse locomotives which had not proven to be satisfactory in passenger service. (AFE 37, approved February 17, 1955)

(UP 957-962 delivered September - October 1955)
(UP 967B-974B delivered September - October 1955)
(Alco PA/PB units, UP 600-607 and 600B-607B, converted to freight service in 1958)
(F-M Erie-built units, UP 650-657 and 650B-656B, converted to freight service in February 1953)

October 1955
Purchase 25 1,000 horsepower Alco switch locomotives. These switching locomotives would enable UP to completely dieselize certain yards and branch lines. (AFE 238, October 2, 1955)

(UP 1174-1198 delivered November 1955 - March 1956)

October 1955
Fifteen 7,000 horsepower GTE locomotives were to be purchased to handle through freight operations on the South-Central District, with each 7,000 horsepower GTE locomotive replacing four GP9 locomotives, at a savings per train per year of $100,000. (Letter, Stoddard to Lovett, October 2, 1955)

October 1955
Install four new radiator fans and additional louvers and filters on engine hood doors on 50 GP9s. (AFE 237, approved October 2, 1955)

January 1956
Install four new radiator fans and additional louvers and filters on engine hood doors on 190 GP9s. (AFE 7, approved January 19, 1956)

February 1957
Purchase 100 1,750 horsepower EMD GP9 locomotives (50 A units and 50 B units). (AFE 10, February 8, 1957)

These locomotives would allow UP to "get by next fall with very little use of steam power." Delivery of 30 8,500 horsepower GTE locomotives would allow to "get by during heavy traffic periods without some of the older diesel power that were becoming too expensive to operate regularly." (Letter, Stoddard to Lovett, February 8, 1957, attached to AFE)

(UP 300-349 delivered July - October 1957)
(UP 300B-349B delivered September - October 1957)