Union Pacific Diesel Locomotive Special Paint Schemes

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This page was last updated on August 9, 2023.

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Commemorative Paint Schemes

As of 2023, Union Pacific has created a total 19 commemorative diesel locomotives in the period of 1975 to 2021.

UP Heritage Locomotives

Model Subject Year
UP 1982 EMD SD70ACe Missouri Pacific Railroad 2005
UP 1983 EMD SD70ACe Western Pacific Railroad 2005
UP 1988 EMD SD70ACe Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad 2005
UP 1989 EMD SD70ACe Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad 2006
UP 1995 EMD SD70ACe Chicago & North Western Railroad 2006
UP 1996 EMD SD70ACe Southern Pacific Railroad 2006

Olympic Locomotives

1996 Olympic Locomotives

Union Pacific transported the Olympic Flame more than 3,500 miles during the Olympic Torch Relay for the Atlanta 1996 Centennial Olympic Games.

Model Subject Year
UP 1886 EMD SD40-2 1996 Olympic Games 1996
UP 1996 EMD SD40-2 1996 Olympic Games 1996

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2002 Olympic Locomotives

In 2002, in addition to being carried by more than 11,500 Torchbearers, and a special train powered by two Union Pacific locomotives on the torch's nation wide tour, the Olympic Flame traveled via automobile, airplane, boat, dogsled, skier, horse-drawn sleigh, snowmobile, ice skaters and covered wagon.

The Olympic Flame traveled by railroad on a specially designed train for the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay, operated by Union Pacific Railroad. The train featured a specially created Cauldron Car for the Olympic Flame, two 2002 Olympic Winter Games custom-painted locomotives and 18 cars incorporating the Look of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

Model Subject Year
UP 2001 EMD SD70M 2002 Olympic Games 2001
UP 2002 EMD SD70M 2002 Olympic Games 2001

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Other Special Locomotive Paint Schemes

Model Subject Year
UP 951 EMD E9 Preamble Express 1975  
UP 1111 EMD SD70ACe Employee Pride 2019  
UP 1943 EMD SD70ACe The Spirit, honoring U.S. Armed Forces 2017  
UP 1979 EMD SD70ACe "We Are One" Employee Resource Group 2021  
UP 2010 GE C45ACCTE Boy Scouts of America 100th Anniversary 2010 Retired
UP 3300 EMD SD40-2 United Way 1994 Retired
UP 3593 EMD SD40-2 Desert Victory 1991 Retired
UP 4141 EMD SD70ACe Tribute to President George Herbert Walker Bush 2005 Retired
UP 7400 GE C45AC Pink Ribbon, Breast Cancer 2010  

UP 3301 had a special plaque added to the handrails to honor the Jenks Shops' emoployees. Not a complete paint job, but special.

Three SD40-2s (UP 3459, 3626, 3798, received large "Operation Red Block" logos on the end of their long hoods. The locomotives retained their normal yellow and gray schemes.

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