Union Pacific's New Salt Lake City Service Unit

Salt Lake City Area Timetable #1 (October 25, 1998)

New Subdivision Name Old Subdivision Name Description
BMI Subdivision UP BMI Branch Boulder Jct., Nevada, to Henderson, Nevada.
Cache Valley Subdivision UP Cache Valley Branch Cache Jct., Utah, to Preston, Idaho
Caliente Subdivision UP Caliente Subdivision (Note 1) Milford, Utah, to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Cane Creek Subdivision D&RGW Cane Creek Branch Brendel, Utah, to Potash, Utah
Cedar City Subdivision UP Cedar City Branch Lund, Utah, to Cedar City, Utah
Cima Subdivision UP Los Angeles Subdivision (Note 2) Las Vegas, Nevada, to Yermo, California.
Comstock Subdivision UP Comstock Branch Iron Springs, Utah, to Iron Mountain, Utah
Evanston Subdivision UP Salt Lake Subdivision (Note 3) Green River, Wyoming, to Ogden, Utah
Green River Subdivision SP Green River Subdivision (ex D&RGW) Grand Jct., Colorado, to Helper, Utah
Lakeside Subdivision SP Ogden Subdivision Ogden, Utah, to Alazon, Nevada.
Lynndyl Subdivision UP Caliente Subdivision (Note 1) Salt Lake City, Utah, to Milford, Utah
Malad Subdivision UP Malad Branch Brigham City, Utah, to Malad, Idaho
Mead Lake Subdivision UP Mead Lake Branch Moapa, Nevada, to Mead Lake, Nevada.
Ogden Subdivision UP Ogden Subdivision McCammon, Idaho, to Ogden, Utah
Pleasant Valley Subdivision D&RGW Pleasant Valley Branch Colton, Utah, to Skyline, Utah
Provo Subdivision SP Provo Subdivision (ex D&RGW) Helper, Utah, to Grant Tower (SLC), Utah
Salt Lake Subdivision UP Salt Lake Subdivision (Note 3) Ogden, Utah, to Salt Lake City, Utah
Shafter Subdivision UP Elko Subdivision (ex WP) Smelter, Utah, to Elko, Nevada.
Sharp Subdivision UP Provo Subdivision Provo, Utah, to Lynndyl, Utah
Sunnyside Subdivision D&RGW Sunnyside Branch Mounds, Utah, to Sunnyside, Utah


1. The former UP Caliente Subdivision included Salt Lake City, Utah, to Las Vegas, Nevada.
2. The former UP Los Angeles Subdivision included Las Vegas, Nevada, to Los Angeles, California.
3. The former UP Salt Lake Subdivision included Green River, Wyoming, to Salt Lake City, Utah.