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UTA History

Utah Transit Authority -- History 1970 to 1988 (Motor Coach Age magazine, October 1988) (also available as PDF, with photos; 15 pages; 26.8MB)

UTA Bus Rosters

Utah Transit Authority Buses -- Roster listings of UTA buses, 1970-1987, and since 1988.


March 1, 1946
Salt Lake City Lines purchased the stock, equipment, and interests of the Airways Motor Coach Lines.

June 26, 1953
Bamberger Railroad on June 26, 1953, sold its bus subsidiary, Bamberger Transportation Co., to the Lake Shore Motor Coach Lines Co., newly organized for the purpose. Lake Shore's president and organizer, Dale Barratt, was general manager of Salt Lake City Lines, the local bus company that had taken over the streetcar lines in Salt Lake City. Barratt was also regional director of the parent company, National City Lines. The sale of Bamberger buses and routes to Lake Shore became effective on July 3, when Lake Shore took ownership of Bamberger's 17 buses. (Salt Lake Tribune, June 27, 1953; Motor Coach Age, June-July 1987, pp. 4-6)

Dale Barratt sold Lake Shore to Salt Lake City Lines in 1965 and left Utah. In August 1968, Barratt returned and purchased all interests in Salt Lake City lines, which he sold to the new Utah Transit Authority in August 1970. The former Lake Shore (ex-Bamberger) operations were split off from Salt Lake City Lines in May 1969 and sold to Cook Transportation of Logan.

February 18, 1975
Utah Transit Authority took over the franchise of providing transit service west of Redwood Road. The franchise was previously held by Lewis Brothers Stages, which sold the franchise to UTA following arbitration. UTA would provide bus service to Kearns, Granger, and Taylorsville. (Ogden Standard Examiner, October 5, 1975)

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