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Bamberger Diesel Locomotives

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Diesel Locomotives -- 3 units

570 Alco RS-1 May 1943 70820   1959 1
601 EMD SW8 Jun 1952 17229 6443-1 1959 2
602 EMD SW8 Jun 1952 17230 6443-2 Feb 1958 3

General Notes:

  1. Bamberger 570 operating weight was 238,000 pounds
  2. Bamberger 601 and 602 operating weight was 210,000 pounds
  3. Bamberger 570 had Alco order number S-1901.
  4. Sources: Railroad Magazine's Diesel Locomotive Rosters, pages 129, 130; Bamberger rosters compiled by Ryan Ballard and Allen Copeland; Alco RS-1 roster and article in Extra 2200 South, Issue 58, October-November-December 1976.


  1. Bamberger 570 was the road's first diesel locomotive, arriving in late July 1943; a builder's photo is available from Alco Historic Photos (see Extra 2200 South, July/August/Septemer 1976, page 31); re-engined by EMD in December 1951; sold to UP in 1959, renumbered to UP 1270; retired by UP in February 1972 and traded to EMD on new SD40-2s.
    January 1960 -- "New Home For The Hybrid. Union Pacific, a railroad known for variety in motive power, has picked up an odd one: Bamberger Railroad diesel 570, now UP 1270. Bamberger (which folded last year ) got the early road-switcher from Alco-GE in 1943. Although the few units built up to that time had been partly requisitioned for wartime use in Iran, the Utah electric rated One complete with heating boiler (and a trolley pole to throw signals ) for its troop trains. The Alco's silhouette became truly unforgettable in 1951, when upgrading at La Grange gave it an EMD hood." (Trains magazine, January 1960, page 14)
  2. Bamberger 601 was sold to Chicago Short Line number 601 in 1959; in about 1968 moved to Cargill number 601 at Gibson City, Illinois; in about 1973 moved to Cargill's facility in Port Allen, Louisiana.
  3. Bamberger 602 was sold to Yreka Western number 602 in February 1958 (photo in Pacific News, March 1979, page 27); then in late 1978 to Kyle's Oregon Pacific & Eastern Railroad at Cottage Grove, Oregon; sold in 1994 to Mollala Western Railway 602 at Canby, Oregon (south of Portland); Mollala Western merged into Oregon Pacific Railroad in 1997, in service as Oregon Pacific 602. (Norm Metcalf confirmed that Oregon Pacific 602 was frame number 6443-2)
    The following comes from Oregon Pacific's web site (includes photo)
    By the early 2000s, the 602 was largely removed from service and languished in the weeds at the Liberal yard. By the spring of 2010, the OPR struck an agreement with Western Rail (WRIX) to trade the 602, along with the 803 in part trade for a GMD-1 that would later become OPR 1413. The 602 was loaded onto a flatcar and departed OPR property to its new owners (Western Rail) in July 2010.