Ogden Union Station Locomotive and Equipment Rosters

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Steam Locomotives

Date To
Date From
D&RGW 223 Grant 2-8-0 (three-feet gauge) 1881 Grant 1436 1992   1
UP 833 Alco 4-8-4 Oct 1939 Alco 69174 1999   2
SP 1297 Baldwin 0-6-0 Jan 1921 Baldwin 54392 1993 Jul 2002 3
UP 4436 Baldwin 0-6-0 Mar 1918 Baldwin 48200 1993   4


  1. D&RGW 223 was leased to Salt Lake City, Utah, in July 1941 and displayed in Salt Lake City's Liberty Park until March 1980; ownership transferred to State of Utah and moved to former D&RGW/WP Salt Lake City union station; displayed there until 1992; moved to Ogden Union Station.
  2. (Read more about D&RGW 223)
  3. UP 833 was retired by UP in January 1962; held for historic purposes at Cheyenne, Wyoming until donated to Salt Lake City, Utah in August 1972; moved for display to Salt Lake City's Pioneer Park on October 24, 1972, with the formal donation ceremony taking place on October 25, 1972; moved to Ogden Union Station in February 1999. (Deseret News, October 24, 1972, with a photo of UP 833 on 400 West; Union Pacific INFO, December 1972, page 13, with photos of the donation ceremony)
  4. The cost of the move from Salt Lake City's Pioneer Park, to Ogden was reported as $110,000, which was appropriated by the Utah state legislature as part of the state's support of the state railroad museum being at Ogden Union Station. The move of the 605,000-pound locomotive took place on February 22, 1999, and was done by Intermountain Heavy Haul. (Deseret News, October 12, 1998)
  5. SP 1297 was built as Texas & New Orleans Railroad 146; renumbered to SP 1297 (2nd) on June 10, 1952; retired by SP at Bayshore, California on October 2, 1957; donated to City of Ogden, Utah, on September 30, 1958; displayed with UP 0-6-0 4436 at Affleck Park; moved to Ogden Union Station in 1993; sold in July 2002 to Bollack Electromechanical Museum, Farmington, New Mexico after being declared surplus in Ogden; moved from Ogden on July 10, 2002, arriving in Farmington on July 12. (2002 update from Trains magazine, October 2002, page 83)
  6. UP 4436 was originally a coal-burner and was originally equipped with 4,500 gallon slope-back tender, like the other Class S-5 switchers. At some point after January 1938 and before January 1943, its tender was swapped for a 7,000 gallon Vanderbilt, the type which it currently has. Gordon McCulloh's research suggests that at the time of the tender swap, this engine was also converted to oil fuel. The standard "switching oil tank" (narrowed at the top for visibility) holds 2,420 gallons of oil.
  7. UP 4436 worked in Nebraska until the WW II era when it was moved to the Portland, Oregon area; moved to Evanston, Wyoming, after 1949 at the same time that most other steam locomotives were moved east from the Northwestern District; still in operation Evanston as late as October 1957 (likely the last steam locomotive assigned to Evanston); retired by UP in February 1958; donated to City of Ogden, Utah, and displayed with SP 0-6-0 1297 at Affleck Park (display dedicated on July 18, 1959); moved to Ogden Union Station in 1993.

Diesel Locomotives

Date To
UP 26/26B GE GTE 8500 Feb 1961 GE 34085/34086 Jul 1987 1, 2
Utah 401 Alco RSD-15 Jul 1959 Alco 83482 May 1998 3
USA 1216 D-B 44 ton Jun 1953 D-B 3364   4
USAF 1236 GE 44 Ton Jan 1953 GE 31874 1990 5
UC 1237 GE 44 Ton Jan 1953 GE 31875 1990 6
USA 1258 BLH RS4TC Oct 1953 BLH 61213 aft 1991 7
USAF 1607 GE 80 Ton Mar 1953 GE 31817 1990 8
SP 3769 EMD GP9 Jan 1957 EMD 22922 Jul 1987 9
D&RGW 5371 EMD SD40T-2 Aug 1975 EMD 756046-16 Jan 2009 10
Cargill 6751 EMD SW-1 Sep 1940 EMD 1111 Apr 2011 11
UP 6916 EMD DDA40X Nov 1969 EMD 34542 Oct 1985 12
USAF 7277 Alco S-1 May 1941 Alco 69469 1990 13
SP 7457 EMD/SP SD45R Aug 1966 EMD 31991 Feb 2002 14

General Notes:

  1. Four USAF units were donated to Ogden Union Station late 1990; included were USAF 1236, 1237, 1607, and 7277 (Locomotive Notes II, Number 143, mailed mid-December 1990, page 11)


  1. UP 26/26B was retired by UP in February 1970; sold to Continental Leasing Group in September 1971; shipped to Intercontinental Engineering Co., Riverside, Missouri; donated to Ogden Union Station Museum, Ogden, Utah on 20 March 1986; moved from Kansas City via BN in March 1987; arrived at Ogden in July 1987; painted during April 1989; painted in April-June 2019
  2. GTE tender 23-GTE-30 was donated ca. 1987, displayed with 26/26B.
  3. Utah 401 was built as ATSF 823; renumbered to ATSF 9823; retired by ATSF in May 1975; sold to Precision National; sold to Utah Railway in September 1975; retired by Utah Railway in May 1982; sold to Industrial Salvage & Metals (Salt Lake City, Utah), November 1983; traded to Promontory Chapter, NRHS, for scrap value in four donated former Kennecott locomotives, January 1984; stored at Salt Lake City, Utah; sold to Chuck Weart, of Wyoming & Colorado Railway, for lease service; leased to Broken Arrow Inc. (Tooele, Utah), used at Clive, Utah, to switch rotary dumper for inbound cars hauling hazardous waste; sold to Herzog before April 1990, still used at Clive location; donated in May 1998 to Utah State Railroad Museum, Ogden, Utah.
  4. U. S. Army 1216 was assigned to the Army's Twin Cities Arsenal in New Brighton, Minnesota, prior to being moved to Hill AFB, which later donated the unit to Ogden Union Station.
  5. U. S. Air Force 1236 was built in 1953 as U. S. Army 1236, assigned to New Cumberland Depot, Pennsylvania; moved for storage at end of Korean War to Ogden Arsenal, Utah; transferred U. S. Air Force 1237; assigned to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio; moved for storage to Hill Air Force Base, Utah; retired by the U. S. Air Force and donated to Ogden Union Station at the same time as USAF 1237, in late 1990; stored on a flat car for easy movement; by February 2003, USAF 1236 was in very sad shape, and as of mid 2013, has been used as parts source for other projects.
  6. Utah Central 1237 was built in 1953 as U. S. Army 1237, assigned to New Cumberland Depot, Pennsylvania; moved for storage at end of Korean War to Ogden Arsenal, Utah; transferred U. S. Air Force 1237; assigned to Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri; assigned to Westover Air Force Base, Massachusetts; moved for storage to Hill Air Force Base, Utah; retired by the U. S. Air Force and donated to Ogden Union Station at the same time as USAF 1236, in late 1990; leased to Utah Central Railway, Ogden, Utah, used during its initial startup in September 1992; returned in April 1997 and displayed at Ogden Union Station.
  7. U. S. Army 1258 was displayed at Ogden Union Station May 1994, painted in fresh red USA paint; the locomotive was later sold to Fluor Daniel Fernald by April 1999, and used in cleanup of former DoE Fernald uranium refinery near Cincinnati, Ohio (known as Fernald Environmental Management Project); moved in 2007 to site near Moab, Utah, moved in 2011 to Crescent Junction, Utah; sold in August 2012 to Rocky Mountain Railcar Repair at Tooele, Utah. (Read more about ex USA 1258)
  8. U. S. Air Force 1607 was briefly leased to Utah Central during June 1997.
  9. SP 3769 was built as SP 5733; renumbered to SP 3574 in 1965; remanufactured to SP GP9E 3769 in September 1974; retired by SP on May 28, 1986; donated to Ogden Union Station on July 23, 1987.
  10. D&RGW 5371 was the last remaining former D&RGW unit still in full D&RGW black and gold paint; last operated on February 29, 2008, on UP local train LDP45 between Helper and East Carbon City, Utah; retired by UP on December 5, 2008; donated to Ogden Union Station, Ogden, Utah, on January 6, 2009, stored at Cheyenne, Wyoming, pending movement to Ogden; arrived at Ogden on August 17, 2009; the locomotive was formally dedicated on August 19, 2010 and is displayed at the Ogden Union Station.
  11. Cargill no. 6751 was built as B&O no. 213, to B&O no. 8413; to Arco Petroleum no. 8413, at Carson, California, renumbered to Arco Petroleum no. 6971 (same location); to GATX no. 6971 at Colton, California, lease expired and unit stored at GATX facility until sold via Western Railway Supply (dealer) to Cargill, moved to Ogden in mid August 1993, repainted and lettered as Cargill no. 6751; replaced by a Trackmobile; donated in April 2011 to Utah State Railroad Museum at Ogden Union Station; moved on May 21, 2011 (very soon after, copper thieves cut and removed the traction motors cables, making the unit inoperable).
  12. UP 6916 was retired by UP in May 1985; donated to Ogden Union Station, Ogden, Utah in October 1985, delivered in January 1986.
  13. U. S. Air Force 7277 was built in 1941 as U. S. Army Transportation Corps 7277 and was initially assigned to Day & Zimmerman as they built and operated the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant in Middletown, Iowa; moved at the end of the war for storage at Ogden Arsenal (possibly cocooned at Defense Depot Ogden). Transferred to U. S. Air Force and assigned to Elgin Air Force Base, Florida, as part of bomb targeting train; returned for storage at Hill Air Force Base for storage; assigned to Loring Air Force Base, Maine, as part of Strategic Air Command bomb targeting train; returned for storage at Hill Air Force Base; donated to Utah State Railroad Museum, Ogden, Utah
  14. SP 7457 was built in August 1966 as SP 8800, the first of SP's 357-unit fleet of SD45s; donated to Utah State Railroad Museum, Ogden, Utah, on February 5, 2002 (UP's two SD70M Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics were displayed during the donation ceremony).


The following list of cabooses at Ogden comes from Roger Kirkpatrick's listings:

Other Equipment

Ogden Union Station was leased to the City of Ogden (Union Station Development Corporation) in October 1978; the official dedication ceremony was held on October 21, 1978.

Ogden Union Station was designated as the official Utah State Railroad Museum on February 26, 1988.

May 23, 1991
Hill Air Force base donated 35 separate pieces of railroad equipment to the railroad museum at Ogden Union Station, including four mobile simulator cars, along with eight locomotives. The museum paid $500 for the 12 pieces of equipment. An additional 23 pieces of equipment was purchased for $250 each, and these will be scrapped with the proceeds being used to renovate the other 12 pieces. (Ogden Standard Examiner, May 23, 1991)

Merci Train 40 & 8 Car

Known as a 40 and 8 car because it could hold 48 men or 8 horses, the cars were built in the 1870s or 1880s by Chantier de la Buire (Builders of Buire) at Lyons, France. They were used in World Wars I and II.

In 1947, citizens of the U. S. sent aid to France through a private relief effort. the French responded in 1949 with the "French Gratitude Train" or "The Merci Train". The gift consisted of 49 box cars sent to each state filled with items donated by the people of France.

The car that was given to the people of Utah was displayed for 52 years in Memory Grove in Salt Lake City, near the state capitol building. The car received minor damage by a tornado on August 11, 1999. The car was removed from Memory Grove and stored at the Utah State Parks Department storage lot. A group of local veterans, calling themselves the "40 & 8", were able to obtain the car and move it to the Ogden museum for restoration on June 22, 2002.

The cosmetic restoration of 2002 lasted almost 20 years. In June 2023 the Ogden city council voted $175,000 to fund a new restoration.

(Read more about the 40 & 8 cars at Wikipedia)

(Read more about the French Merci Train at Wikipedia)

(Read more about the Utah Merci Train car, at MerciTrain.org)

(Read more about the Merci Train at MerciTrain.org)

(Read the 1999 article "The Merci Train, 1949", lifted from The Railroad Press)

Snow Plow and Wreck Derrick

The rotary snow plow and wreck derrick shown below were donated by Union Pacific in 1978, and were the first pieces of equipment for the new Ogden railroad museum.

Type Road
Date To
Snow Plow OWRR&N 900061 Jan 1913 51167 Sep 1978 1
Tender OWRR&N 907827 Sep 1923 13-C-124 (Sep 1978) 2
120-ton Derrick OSL 903037 Feb 1910   16 Oct 1978 3
Tender OSL 902207 1923 12-C-337 16 Oct 1978 4
250-ton Derrick UPX-250 1967     5


  1. OWRR&N Snow Plow 900061 was built in 1913 by American Locomotive Company as OWRR&N 061; renumbered to OWRR&N 900061 in October 1959; donated to City of Ogden, Utah, (with tender 907827) in September 1978; displayed at Utah State Railroad Museum, Ogden, Utah.
  2. The following comes from the museum's web site:
  3. This piece of equipment was obtained from Spokane Washington. Built by Alco-Rogers in 1912. It was originally Oregon, Washington Railway & Navigation Company No. 61 and was based out of Pocatello, Idaho. It spent its working life in the Pacific Northwest, and was heavily rebuilt over the years, receiving a new steel carbody and an elevated pilot cab during a major overhaul in 1951, at which time it also was given a large Vanderbilt tender from a scrapped UP 2-10-2. Retired and donated to the museum in 1978, it is preserved as it appeared at the end of its career, with a six-digit UP MOW number (900061), silver carbody, and red blades. It is an oil fired steam powered device with a fuel and water tender. It did not have traction power, which required it to be pushed in front of a locomotive.
  4. OWRR&N Tender 907827 was built in 1923; last assigned to LA&SL 5510 (retired in November 1949); tender removed and assigned to company service; tender renumbered to OWRR&N 907827 in October 1962; assigned to Snow Plow 900061, donated to Utah State Railroad Museum, Ogden, Utah, (with Snow Plow 900061) in September 1978.
  5. UP Derrick 903037 was built in 1910 as UP Derrick 02781; renumbered to UP 03037 in May 1918; renumbered to UP 903037 in May 1959; donated to Utah State Railroad Museum, Ogden, Utah, (with tender 902207) on October 16, 1978.
  6. OSL Tender 902207 was built as an extra tender in 1923; last assigned to OSL 4-6-2 3129 (retired in August 1952); tender removed and assigned to company service; renumbered to OSL 902207 in October 1962, assigned to Derrick 903037; donated to Utah State Railroad Museum, Ogden, Utah, (with Derrick 903037) on October 16, 1978.
  7. UPX-250 was built as Missouri Pacific X-250; renumbered to UPX-250; built by American Hoist and Derrick Co. in 1967; originally assigned to North Little Rock, Arkansas; moved to Salt Lake City in late 1988; removed from service and stored; sold to Durbano Metal Salvage; donated by Dennis Durbano to Utah State Railroad Museum, at Ogden Union Station in Ogden, Utah.

Ogden Union Station Museum

Ogden Union Station Museum -- Information about the Utah State Railroad Museum at Ogden Union Station, updated from the originally published portion of the "Ogden Rails" book.