Ogden & Northwestern Railroad

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February 23, 1904
A new Porter engine was to arrive in eight days. Two 30-foot excursion cars were purchased from Oregon Short Line "last fall" and have been repainted. A spur was added at Five Points to connect with Oregon Short Line to allow "beet and tomato raisers and fruit growers in the northern part of the county" to get their products to market. (Ogden Standard, February 23, 1904)

March 12, 1904
The new Porter engine was shipped from Pittsburg on March 5, and was expected to arrive at Ogden on March 20. (Ogden Standard, March 12, 1904, "Random References")

H. K. Porter serial number 3000, March 1904, 12x18 cylinders, Ogden & Northwestern no. 5. (Locomotive Notes II, No. 115, October 1988, page 3)

April 2, 1904
The new Porter engine "is expected to arrive late this afternoon or tomorrow." (Ogden Standard, April 2, 1904, "Random References")

April 8, 1904
The new Porter engine had arrived and was expected to make its first trip "next week." (Ogden Standard, April 8, 1904, "Random References")

April 12, 1904
The new Porter locomotive made its initial trip on the afternoon of April 12, 1904. The first public trip was to be the following Sunday, when the engine was to be put with the new 60-foot cars. (Ogden Standard, April 12, 1904, "New Locomotive for the Ogden-Northwestern")

April 17, 1904
The new Porter engine made it first public trip on Sunday, April 17, 1904. The trip was well patronized. (Ogden Standard, April 19, 1904, "North Ogden News Notes")

Ogden & Northwestern Railway Locomotive Roster

5 Porter 0-4-4T Mar 1904 3000 Standard gauge, 12x18 cylinders (Locomotive Notes II, Number 115, page 3)