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As part of its own efforts to celebrate the Centennial, Union Pacific made arrangements to borrow (from Paramount Pictures) the former V&T 4-4-0 No. 18 "Dayton" to use as a temporary stand-in for Union Pacific No. 119, and V&T 4-4-0 No. 22 "Inyo" as a temporary stand-in for Central Pacific No. 60 "Jupiter". Both locomotives were leased from Paramount Pictures for the purposes of display as part of Union Pacific's Golden Spike Centennial Expo display train. Union Pacific took the two locomotives into its East Los Angeles shop and did a full cosmetic restoration as well as making the needed changes to make them appear as UPRR No. 119 and CPRR Jupiter. The two locomotives were loaded onto flat cars for display purposes, and sent to Salt Lake City. (Later arrangements were made that allowed the two locomotives to be placed on display at the Promontory site.)

As part of their multi-state tour during 1969 as part of Union Pacific's Golden Spike Centennial Expo train, the locomotives and vintage cars were to be on public display in 100 cities, including Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and points in Utah. (Ogden Standard Examiner, May 5, 1970)

The Union Pacific Centennial Expo train was presented to the press on March 4, 1969, at East Los Angeles. The train was "opened" by actor Joel McCrea who starred in the Cecil B. DeMille 1939 epic "Union Pacific," 30 years before. (UP Info employee newsletter, March 1969)

Based on newspaper reports, and schedules taken from the UP INFO employee newsletter, Union Pacific's Golden Spike Centennial Expo train was on public display in the following cities:

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