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Abbreviations used on the charts listing remaining railroad/railway structures are as follows:

C Railroad combination depot ICb Interurban/trolley carbarn Cd Locomotive coaling station (coal dock) IC Interurban combination depot
F Railroad freight depot IF Interurban freight depot IP Interurban/trolley passenger depot IPh Interurban/trolley powerhouse
P Railroad passenger depot IS Interurban substation M Miscellaneous Railroad Building O Railroad Office Building
ISh Interurban/trolley shop Rh Roundhouse Sh Railroad shop building Y Railroad yard structure
    Tt Turntable        

The List

City Railroad Current Location Type Current Use Date Built Bldg. Mat. Current Railroad Notes
Brigham City Un. Pacific (Oregon Short Line) 833 W. Forest Street C museum 1906-7 brick UP Brigham City Depot Museum
Cache Jct. Un. Pacific (Oregon Short Line) freight end relocated on north side of S.R. 23 in Newton; passenger end relocated to Logan C     wood none Field checked 3/09
Cedar City Un. Pacific 200 North at Main Street P business/restaurant 1923 brick/stone none restored, Field checked 8/06
Coalville Un. Pacific relocated one block east of Main Street/Center Street C senior center   wood none depot from Echo, Field checked 9/07
Corinne Un. Pacific moved to Heber (City) C unused   wood Heber Valley depot originally from Honeyville, then moved to Corinne, to be moved??
Deweyville Ogden Logan & Idaho (OL&I) (Utah-Idaho Central)   C vacant   wood none  
Echo Un. Pacific moved to Coalville, Utah C business   wood none senior center on Center St.
Eureka D&RGW relocated to Main Street next to old Carnegie Library C museum   wood none part of Tintic Historical Society, Field checked 7/06
Fairview D&RGW just off U.S. 89 C     wood none depot from Mt. Pleasant
Fillmore Un. Pacific relocated to 100 West Street C storage   wood none in poor shape, Field checked 8/06
Freeport D&RGW/UP   F rr   conc. UP modern building
Green River D&RGW on site P rr   brick UP Field checked 10/08
Heber (City) D&RGW on site  C business   wood none  
Heber (City) Heber Valley   C ticket office/gift shop 2002 wood Heber Valley site also has two turntables laying upside down in field
Heber (City) Un. Pacific near D&RGW depot C unused   wood Heber Valley depot from Honeyville by way of Corinne, to be moved?? Field checked 4/08
Helper D&RGW   C     brick UP  Field checked 9/07
Honeyville Un. Pacific moved to Heber, Utah C unused   wood none to be moved??, Field checked 4/08
Hyrum Ogden Logan & Idaho (OL&I) (Utah-Idaho Central) on site IP apartments   brick none  
Kaysville Oregon Short Line (Un. Pacific) moved to Farmington's Lagoon amusement park, in Pioneer Village C museum   wood none  
Layton Un. Pacific 200 S. Main Street C restaurant   wood UP Field checked 9/07
Lehi Un. Pacific 225 East State Street C   museum 1873 wood UP restored,Railroad Depot Museum/Chamber of Commerce
Lewiston Ogden Logan & Idaho (OL&I) (Utah-Idaho Central)   IC residence   brick none  
Logan Un. Pacific (Oregon Short Line) 600 West Center Street or Sixth West Street? P business 1890 brick/stone UP restaurant
Logan Oregon Short Line (Un. Pacific 75N, 600 W C business 1873 wood UP became freight station upon opening of new passenger depot, Field checked 4/09
Logan Un. Pacific (Oregon Short Line) relocated to Hyrum/Wellsville split P     wood none depot from Cache Jct., passenger end only, addition to be added, Field checked 3/09
Martin Utah Ry.   O offices     UTAH Field checked 9/07
Mendon Ogden Logan & Idaho (OL&I) (Utah &Idaho Central)   95 N. Main Street IP town hall 1916 brick none on National Register, Field checked 2008
Milford Un. Pacific   P   modern  stucco UP  
Morgan Un. Pacific 98 N. Commercial Street C vacant 1926 stucco UP Field checked 9/07
Morgan Un. Pacific 1 block to NW of depot C     wood UP original depot, later converted to freight station
Mt. Pleasant D&RGW at U.S. 89/950 S C business   wood none Field checked 11/08
Newton Un. Pacific (Oregon Short Line) relocated off S.R. 23 C     wood none depot from Cache Jct., freight portion only, Field checked 3/09
Ogden Union Station, UP, SP, D&RGW 2501 Wall Aveenue P museum 1924 brick UP Utah State Railroad museum
Park City Echo & Park City RR (UP) Heber/Main C business 1886 wood none  
Provo Amtrak 300 West/600 South P rr 2002 brick UP  
Provo D&RGW near E 600/S 500  Y rr   brick UP yard office, Field checked 9/07
Richfield D&RGW Center Street/700 East C storage   wood none Field checked 5/08
Richmond Ogden Logan & Idaho (OL&I) (Utah-Idaho Central) 196 W. Main Street IC business 1915 brick none  
Salt Lake City D&RGW 600 W. 300 South P rr/bus     Amtrak former freight trahsfer complexconverted to Salt Lake City Intermodal Transportation Center, Field checked 4/08
Salt Lake City D&RGW/WP Third South/Rio Grande P museum 1910 brick/stone none  Utah Historical Society Museum/headquarters, Field checked 10/06
Salt Lake City Emigration Canyon RR relocated on Fifth South, next to Utah stadium parking lot C residence   wood none Field checked 7/06
Salt Lake City Un. Pacific South Temple at 400 West P museum 1909 brick none Art Museum
Salt Lake City Un. Pacific next to Intermodal Center F vacant     UTA Endangered!, Field checked 4/08
Salt Lake City Utah Light & Ry. Co. Fifth South/Seventh East Street ICb business 1908 brick none former carbarn on Trolley Square
Salt Lake City Utah Light & Ry. Co. just south of I-80 on Highland Drive IS power company use 1908 brick/stucco none Substation
Salt Lake City UTA across from UP depot. P rr     UTA many passenger shelters throughout town, Field checked 9/07
Smithfield Ogden Logan & Idaho (OL&I) (Utah-Idaho Central) Main Street IC business   brick none  
Smithfield Oregon Short Line (UP) relocated to 300 West Street C private storage   wood none  
Spanish Fork Union Pacific on site C unused   wood UP Field checked 6/09
Thompson Springs D&RGW on site  C   rr   wood UP Field checked 9/07
Tintic Un. Pacific relocated slightly C garage and business   wood none depot cut in half, two story
Tooele Tooele Vy. 35 N. Broadway C museum 1909 brick/stone UP Tooele County Railroad Museum
Transfer D&RGW North end of Ogden Yard F     brick/shingle    
Tremonton Un. Pacific relocated C     wood none  
Wellsville Ogden Logan & Idaho (OL&I) (Utah-Idaho Central) on site IC office   brick none  
Willard Utah Idaho Central on site C residence   brick none  


Railroad Station Historical Society's page, compiled by M. J. Camp.

Contributions from Jolly Goodfellow's former website, Jim Dent, Stan Jennings, Andrea McCulloch, Norm Metcalf, Shanda Mitchell, Donald Peters, Job and Lia Luning Prak, John Rothwell, Stephen Smith, Tim Watkins. Published sources include Utah Ghost Rails by Stephen L. Carr and Robert W. Edwards.