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Union Pacific Cabooses

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By Don Strack

Spokane International Railway

Union Pacific acquired control of the Spokane International Railroad on October 6, 1958. Spokane International Railroad was formally merged into Union Pacific Railroad on December 31, 1987. UP originally held about 99 percent of SI stock, and gradually acquired the remainder. In 1959, Spokane International's equipment (including the 11 RS-1s and four remaining cabooses) was first leased, to UP, then later actual ownership passed to UP.

Spokane International Wooden Cabooses

Spokane International owned at least ten wooden cabooses with steel underframes, numbers C-8 through C-17. SI C-9 was a former GN caboose; SI C-13, C-14, and C-15 were former NP cabooses; C-10 may have been either an ex-GN, or an ex-UP caboose; and C-17 was a former UP CA-1 caboose. These cabooses were all retired, between June 1959 and February 1966, with the arrival of the steel ex-UP cabooses.

In outward appearance of Spokane International's wooden caboose fleet, C-1 through, C-6 were similar in appearance; C-9 and C-10 were similar in appearance; and, C-13, C-14, and C-15 were similar in appearance.

SI C-17 may have operated briefly as SI 3240 (its former UP number) upon its arrival.

Date, Built
(or acquired)
(or acquired from)
C-3, (2nd)       Home built, by SI using a 40-foot flatcar, equipped with Andrews swing-hanger trucks.
C-4, (2nd)       Home, built by SI using a 40-foot flatcar, equipped with Andrews swing-hanger, trucks.
C-5   Haskill, & Barber   Equipped, with archbar trucks
C-6   Haskill, & Barber   Equipped, with archbar trucks.
C-7       Three, windows, end cupola, equipped with archbar swing-hanger trucks.
C-8 1942 Ohio, Match Co. Apr, 1961 Three, windows, equipped with Bettendorf swing-hanger trucks, rebuilt from ex-ATSF, long caboose
C-9 1950 GN Dec, 1962 Three, windows, equipped with Andrews swing-hanger trucks
C-10   GN Jun, 1959 Three, windows, with one cupola side window, C-9 and C-10 were all alike in, appearance, equipped with Diamond swing-hanger trucks. UP equipment record book, shows built by UP
C-11   GN Jun, 1959 Short, with four windows and two cupola side windows, equipped with Andrews, swing-hanger trucks
C-12 1954 U. S. Army Jul, 1963 Two, windows, equipped with Diamond swing-hanger trucks
C-13 1954 NP Dec, 1963 Short, with two windows and one cupola side window, equipped with Andrews, swing-hanger trucks
C-14 1954 NP Jul, 1963 (Same, as C-13)
C-15 1954 NP Jun, 1962 (Same, as C-13)
C-16 1957 U.S. Army Feb, 1966 Four, windows and two cupola side windows, ex-ATSF, long caboose, rebuilt from C-4
C-17 Oct, 1924 UP 3240 Jun, 1962 C-17 was a former UP CA-1 wooden caboose, purchased, from UP in August 1959; operated with its UP number from 1959 to 1962.

Spokane International Steel Cabooses

Spokane International Railroad operated four ex-UP CA-3 steel, cabooses, C-18 to C-21. Cabooses C-18 and C-19 were purchased in June 1962. Cabooses C-20 and C-21 were purchased in July 1963. The retirement dates of, some of the wood cabooses reflect the arrival of these steel cabooses.

C-18 May 1942 UP 25001 Jun 1962 11 Jul 1985 Removed from service on 27 March 1985 at Hinkle, Ore.
C-19 May 1942 UP 25002 Jun 1962 9 Aug 1985 Removed from service on 6 August 1985 at Omaha, Neb.; renumbered back to UP 25002; preserved behind business at 89th & J, streets, Omaha, Neb.
C-20 May 1942 UP 25005 Jul 1963 11 Jul 1985 Removed from service on 11 July 1985 at Pocatello, Idaho; donated to City of Stanfield, Ore., April 1986; displayed in Pasco, Wash.
C-21 May 1942 UP 25008 Jul 1963 27 Jan 1984 Removed from service on 23 November 1983 at Pocatello, Idaho; moved to Omaha during 1984; preserved on public property at Sandpoint, Idaho, last seen at that location on July 11, 2004. (Update for 2004 from Sheldon Perry, by way of Robert Ulberg and Roger Kirkpatrick.)