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Union Pacific Streamliners, The City Trains

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City Of Salina

Train Dates Motive Power
1st Train Jan 31, 1935 to Dec 16, 1941 M-10000

Built in 1934, UP's M-10000 was a three-car version of Pullman's "Railplane," a single car self-propelled streamlined test vehicle, built in 1933. (Read more about Railplane) (Read more about Railplane)

Roster information for M-10000.

City Of Portland

Train Dates Motive Power
2nd train June 5, 1935 to June 1939 M-10001
3rd Train June 1939 to July 1941 M-10002
4th Train July 1941 to February 1947 LA 4A and LA 4B
  February 1947 to May 1, 1971 (daily) general service pool

City Of Los Angeles

Train Dates Motive Power
3rd Train May 15, 1936 to August 18, 1938 M-10002
4th Train August 1938 to July 1941 LA 4A and LA-4B
7th Train December 27, 1937 to January 28, 1947 LA 1-2-3 (to 900 series, August 1946)
9th Train July 1941 to January 28, 1947 LA 4-5-6 (to 900 series, August 1946)
  January 28, 1947 to May 1, 1971 (daily) general service pool

City Of San Francisco

Train Dates Motive Power
4th Train June 14, 1936 to January 1938 M-10004 (to LA 4A and LA-4B in July 1938)
8th Train January 1938 to January 28, 1947
(substitute train, August 1939 to August 1941)
SF 1-2-3 (to 900 series, August 1946)
10th Train August 1941 to January 28, 1947 SF 4-5-6 (to 900 series, August 1946)
  January 28, 1947 to May 1, 1971 (daily) general service pool

City Of Denver

Train Dates Motive Power
5th Train
6th Train
June 18, 1936 to January 10, 1954
(second section added, June 1939)
M-10005 (to CD-05 series, June 1937)
M-10006 (to CD-06 series, June 1937)
  July 1937 3rd train set added (CD-07)
  July 1939 to August 1941 CD-05 substituted for COLA, which was temporarily assigned to fill in for the wrecked COSF
  December 1939 all three trains expanded (3rd locomotive unit added to each train)
  October 1947 to February 1948 Cars from the 4th Train, with M-10002 motive power were used in place of one of the three CD train sets as each was refurbished
  December 1953 to May 1, 1971 Streamliner train sets retired; general service pool (other sources say January 10, 1954)
(CD-05, CD-06 and CD-07 locomotives retired in March 1953)

The City of Denver trainsets were replaced by a pool of general service cars in December 1953. The following cars were part of the pool for less than a year before being replaced.


Dream Lake 4 compartment/1 drawing room/4 bedroom; from COSF
Boulder 12 section; from COSF
1501 club/lounge


Bear Lake 4 compartment/1 drawing room/4 bedroom; from COSF
Greeley 12 section; from COSF
1500 club/lounge

"City Of Seattle" Portland-Seattle Connection, Train 457/458

Train Dates Motive Power
  April 12, 1942 to March 1943 M-10002
  June 18, 1950 to May 1, 1971 general service pool (Train of Tomorrow)

"City Of Las Vegas"

Train Dates Motive Power
  December 18, 1956 to September 15, 1957 (GM AEROTRAIN)
  September 15,1957 to August 7, 1967 general service pool

"City of St. Louis"

(See "The Streamliner" Union Pacific Historical Society, Volume 13, Number 4, Fall 1999; 14 pages)

The City of St. Louis was a passenger train in the United States that was inaugurated June 2, 1946 between St. Louis, Missouri and Cheyenne, Wyoming, where its cars were switched to other Union Pacific trains to continue west to the Pacific coast. In April 1951 it became a separate train from St. Louis to Los Angeles, California, skipping Cheyenne; it still carried some cars to switch to trains to other coast cities. In 1964 it was combined with the City of Los Angeles west of Ogden, Utah, and in 1968 with the City of San Francisco from Cheyenne to Ogden. Between St. Louis and Kansas City, the train was operated by the Wabash Railroad, and later the Norfolk & Western, which leased the Wabash in 1964. This part of the run on N&W became a separate train on June 19, 1968, retaining the City of St Louis name until its discontinuance in April 1969; after June 1968 the Union Pacific train was the City of Kansas City, which lasted until Amtrak took over on May 1, 1971. (Wikipedia entry, accessed July 10, 2013)

Train Dates Motive Power
  June 2, 1946 to 1964 general service pool
  1964 -- combined with the City of Los Angeles west of Ogden, Utah general service pool
  1968 -- combined with the City of San Francisco from Cheyenne to Ogden  

Art Gibson writes that the City of St. Louis was not steam powered. However, that are always some steam powered helpers (such as Sherman Hill) and for sick diesels. There were some regular steam runs, such as the 800s (4-8-4) being used Denver-Chian when the Wabash diesels were turned back at Denver to leave back on #10. Also, the Wabash 700s (4-6-4) were used from Mobeley, Missouri, to St. Louis, when the UP power (on #10) was turned back at Mobeley to go back on #9. But the first and the last runs of #9 and #10 were diesel powered. (Art Gibson email dated June 16, 2013)


Research by David Seidel, including portions orignally presented in a different format in his book, "Union Pacific Passenger Equipment". (Read more about David Seidel's book)

Additional information came from "The Official Pullman-Standard Library, Volume 13, Union Pacific 1933-1937", published in 1993 by RPC Publications.

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