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Southern Pacific

This page last updated on July 22, 2012.

SP in Utah

SP in Utah -- A chronology history of Southern Pacific in Utah.

SP Stations in Utah -- A summary of SP stations in Utah, everything east of Montello, Nevada, by way of the Lucin Cutoff and Salt Lake Causeway

SP's Promontory Branch -- A summary of SP stations along SP's Promontory Branch in Utah. Other historical information about the branch is also included.

SP in Ogden -- A narrative history of SP in Utah, including history of SP in Ogden, SP's Promontory Branch, and SP's Lucin Cutoff, both trestle and fill.

Southern Pacific and the Great Salt Lake -- An article by Lynn D. Farrar, first published in Western Railroader.

Recollections at Lakeside -- A collection of personal memories of Fred Crawford, who worked at Lakeside on the west shore of Great Salt Lake from 1904 to 1905 as a train dispatcher, during the construction of SP's Lucin Cutoff. First published in Western Railroader.

SP Corporate History -- General notes on SP's corporate history.

SP - AT&SF Merger -- Information about the proposed SP - AT&SF merger that resulted in the purchase of SP by Rio Grand Industries in 1988.

SP and Sprint -- Research notes about how SP created the Sprint network.

SP Locomotive Information

SP R8 and GRIP Locomotive Rebuild Program -- An on-line article about SP's locomotive rebuild programs, from 1970 to 1989.

SP's Speed Lettering -- A brief review of the D&RGW-inspired speed lettering applied to SP units after the October 1988 control of Southern Pacific by D&RGW's Rio Grande Industries parent company.

SP Locomotive Retirements, 1995-1997 -- A listing of SP locomotive retired between April 1995 and May 1997.

SP Locomotive Roster After UP Merger -- An index listing of SP locomotives after the 1996 merger with Union Pacific.

SP's Train Masters -- Recordings of what SP's Train Masters sounded like.