Duro Dakovic Yugoslavia

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DURO DAKOVIC (Yugoslavia) (now Croatia)

Duro Dakovic (or Dijuro Dijakovich) is an old (since 1920s) Yugoslav heavy industrial concern supplying among other products, military vehicles, power plant equipment, railway equipment, and steam and diesel locomotives. During the early 1980's, DD became a licensee of General Motors. At least three orders for GM locomotives were erected by this works, all for the Jugoslav Federal Railways, then a major operator of GM diesels.

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645.001-645.030 1125-1154 02/81-12/82 GT22HW-2 (o/n 789800)

645.031-645.034 1249-1252 08/84 GT22HW-2 (o/n 829811)

664.101-664.120 1253-1272 11/84-01/85 G26HCW-2 (o/n 809800)

Disposition when Yugoslavia was split up is as follows:

645.001,002,004,006,008,010,012,014,016,018,020-022,024,028-030 to Croatia Rys 2044.001-017
645.003,005,007,009,011,013,015,017,019,023,025-027,033 to Croatia Rys 2044.018-031
645.031,032,034 remained with Jugoslav Rys (aka Serbia), same numbers

664.101-120 to Slovenia Rys, same numbers

In addition, 20 G22W's were produced 01-11/82 for Iran as numbers 60.159-60.178 (order # 809810)